Taking one for the team

In Texas you take a Texas history class at least three times in school before you graduate. We didn’t realize until we moved to Kansas that this isn’t the case in all states. I honestly just assumed every state took state history every few years. (Who are we kidding…honestly, I didn’t even think about other states! ūüôā )

One of the “facts” you learn is heartbreaking: Texas is not in fact the largest state. Alaska is.¬†Well, we can’t have that, so I very clearly remember my teacher teaching us that “if you melted all the ice in Alaska, Texas would be bigger.”

That settles it. Loophole for the win!

So since our kids aren’t taking Texas history obviously, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to teach them. And we’ve passed that little tidbit on to them of course.

Beckham came home from school one day and said “I put on my work today that Texas was the biggest state cause of the ice in Alaska. I’m going to get it wrong, but it was worth it!”

We couldn’t have been prouder!



Just as of lately

Odd Squad Live came to town, and SP’s birthday was a few days before, so we got her tickets for her birthday and took her out just the three of us! (we really should do this more, none of us could remember a time when it was just her and us. Oops)

Crystal Pepsi makes a showing every now and then, and since that’s a blast from our past, we had to get some! We found it really really yummy, but that also led to a taste test. Cause we love a good taste test. (For the record, Crystal Pepsi won)


Sadie Piper apparently discovered “pranking”

Dec 2016

This was under Brian’s pillow:

Dec 2016

We have the old house that when you flush the toilet the water in the shower gets hot!

Berkley’s school music program¬†was all about Kansas!

Her and her BFF. They are two peas in a pod.

Afternoon entertainment after school one day was a car fire and watching the brave firemen put it out! 


Mashed Potato Bites: changing the world?

Brian saw these at the store and had to have them. Pretty sure he said they were going to change the world.

Me: Isn’t a breaded potato just a french fry?

Brian: No! These are circles!!

Me: Ok, so…a tatertot?

At this point he walked away muttering something about how I’m going to regret making fun of mashed potato bites.

You should have heard the cheers from the kids (and Brian) when these babies came out of the oven.

So exciting!!!

So disappointing! (Berkley was in the middle about them)

I’m not going to say I told you so, but I told them so.


When I leave to run an errand and leave everyone at home with Brian, sometimes I get a video like this texted to me:


And then when I get home, sometimes I see this:

Dec 2016

It’s Brian making the pre-made cookie dough (that “slipped” into the basket when he ran to the store), but pretending he’s been working¬†on them from scratch.

He seriously put flour on his face too.

Dec 2016

And then sometimes he goes to Walgreen to pick up ONLY good lotion Kleenex (poor SP had a snotty nose and was getting chapped!) and sends me this pic.

And claims the heart is a steal of a deal cause it’s only $7 but it used to be $15.

This. This is how I feel.

Ross King has been a very favorite of ours since our college days. He led the worship at a large group gathering we loved. We’ve followed him and bought every album he’s ever put out since. He’s honest, humble, and so articulate. Here’s a song from his most recent album that is spot. on.

Mini Maker’s Faire

One of Aggieville’s newer traditions is a mini-maker’s faire. It’s basically a gathering of people who have really cool hobbies or talents. We’ve gone every year, but this year’s was by far the best one yet!

Mini Maker faire

These people make bridges with only rope and wood.
Mini Maker faire

Mini Maker faire

I can’t remember the exact weight they said it would hold, but it was more than we weighed, so Brian and I got a turn too!
Mini Maker faire  Mini Maker faire
Mini Maker faire  One station was play dough making! Mini Maker faire

And making a book mark on a hand press!Mini Maker faire Mini Maker faire
We must not have gotten a picture (shocking, I know!) but Beckham made a marshmallow shooter gun from PVC pipe!

Mini Maker faire

Varsity donuts did Coke fountains…and their famous candy shooter!


Christmas break happenings

One of our bathrooms has been the only room I hate in our house. It’s needed new texture on the walls since we moved in…3 years ago. But I kept putting it off cause who wants to take that on??

The only before pics I could find were when we looked at the house before buying it (Beckham!!!!). The texture was cracking and peeling off, so it wasn’t just something a good coat of paint would fix either.


So I finally bit the bullet and took it on over the break. Here’s how I felt about this project:

Here’s what happened to the laundry when it was neglected because of this project:Dec 2016

It was every bit as horrible as I thought it was going to be, so I feel justified in my procrastination. But the end result I love!

Fixing this room also meant many trips to Home Depot. One trip the Bigs got to stay home, but Berkley’s just too small unpredictable to be able to stay home yet, so she had to come. She brought her babies.

Dec 2016

And she got to wear her footies. (Perks of being the youngest…I so would have made Becks put on clothes)

Dec 2016

What happened between the picture above and this one??

Dec 2016

For Christmas Berkley got a kick in the face AND stitches! She was one tough girl!

Boo stitches

We spent a full 24 hours getting only yogurt in her and only via a medicine syringe!

Dec 2016

But once she felt better, she played Doctor and gave her kids stitches!

Dec 2016

Dec 2016

We baked cookies, cause you have to over Christmas break!!


SP did Elf on the Shelf one day. She used her best Elf handwriting!

It says: Yay! Look me and my friends are in the white rectangle that is a mini North Pole” (the fridge!) ¬†Dec 2016

The day after Thanksgiving we realized we didn’t have Christmas tree anymore. I had made enough decisions¬†and told Brian to pull the trigger on something. Three days later this came in the mail:

Dec 2016

Dec 2016

Brian’s mom got the kids this awesome swing for our front yard!!


And Sadie Piper got a significant hair chop!

Sadie getting bangs at 8. Sadie hair

Remember that time…

Remember that time there was a bird in the church and Craig and Brian teamed up to save the day?

Craig scared it up and Brian’s job was to “shoo” it out the door that Craig would hold open.

 Dec 2016

Instead, Brian just grabbed it and walked it to the door…

Dec 2016

That’s weird.

Christmas crafting

Berkley made Santa (in his coffee filter sleigh!)

Dec 2016

He was being pulled by his reindeer!

Dec 2016

Brian introduced the kids to the “Double Decker Taco” and it may be Berkley’s new favorite meal cause it’s pretty much a craft…where refried beans are the “glue”…

Dec 2016

She also made her monkey Santa!

Dec 2016

These were hung all around “town” (aka our house)

 Dec 2016

These are also all around the house. They had cards they swipe through the bottom part and then enter their “number”

The girls got clothes from Yayay and Duck, so Brian made Becks a shirt so he didn’t feel left out!! (which he didn’t…but even before the “shirt”) ūüôā¬†Dec 2016

Funny Book

Boys FC Dallas

Me: “Berkley, we do this same thing every day!!” (I’m frustrated at her for having to tell her to put something away and not on the floor)

Berkley: “It’s a title sequence” (as in, it happens every time the same way on a TV show…)
Dec 2016
Brian asked his mom is if she met any boys at the family reunion
“No”Brian: “Mom, it’s a family reunion, I’m kidding!”
Dec 2016
SP: this is the worst foot falling asleep ever. I think it’s having a nightmare.
Dec 2016

Laura: who pooped in the toilet and didn’t flush it?

Berkley: Um, I’m pretty sure it was me
SP: No, it was me
Berkley: Yeah, it was her.

Oct 2016

We were talking about the state of Idaho. Beckham got the giggles: ¬†“Idaho!¬†It sounds like a bad word, or an inappropriate body part!”
Star Wars

We draw on the kids napkins every day they have a packed lunch. Brian was on napkin duty today:

Dec 2016