It's good to be Beckham

Beckham and Tiny spent a week with their grandparents this summer while we were at camp with the youth. I’d have to say they had a pretty good time! Tiny never had to touch his dog food (“Only real meat for me, thank you.”) and Beckham pretty much ran the place. They both had a blast!

Berry Pickin' With Becks

This past Tuesday when Laura and Beckham woke up we headed south a few miles to The Berry Patch. It is a farm for picking Blackberries and Blueberries. Unfortunately the blueberries are scarce this year due to global cooling. In April the bushes all thought it was spring and grew little flowers which will turn into blueberries later. Then as a result of Al Gore’s global warming it froze here for a few days even leaving snow on the ground. This killed the flowers and left The Berry Patch with few berries to be picked. We were able to buy fresh picked blueberries from Michigan that are driven down every few days. As for blackberries, they bloom later and survived the threat of global cooling. We were a week or so too early for tons of them, but found a pound worth of giant plump blackberries. Becks really learned how to pick only the black ones which was better than his mother was able to do. Today we had blueberry muffins Laura made and have eaten some really great blackberries. I think we will begin doing this on a regular basis due to the close proximity of the place.

That guy! no, that guy!

A few weeks back we went to an FC Dallas vs Pre David Beckham LA Galaxy game in Dallas. At half time we got up and went to sign up to win whatever it was you can win, I believe a jersey. Anyway at this point George realized that his wallet was missing and suddenly remembered that a man had bumped against him earlier. As a result George knew this man had stolen his wallet. We alerted the cops to look for everyone meeting this man’s description. They looked for him and Laura and I circled the stadium looking for this man. We did find someone who we thought might be him, but then realized the chances of us making a citizens arrest based on a guy looking as we’ve been told he should look was not the best idea. We went back and the cops gave George his wallet. So what happened? We thought maybe the cops found him on security cameras. As we finally settled back into our seats to watch Toja’s awesome mullet win the game for FC Dallas the people in the row in front and down from us asked if we lost a wallet. They informed us they turned it in to security. After George thanked them, I offered for George to buy him something, he wanted a beer. He got a beer after George got the nerve to walk past his swim team student’s parents with one. Afterwards he realized the parents all had beers. What a night.