New RPC United Kits


It became clear to me today that we have taken our Adult Men’s Thursday Night Division D Indoor Soccer Team (aka AMTNDDIS) too far and yet the quality of organization is one of the details that make being apart of it so much fun. The others are soccer, fellowship, goofy stories and competition.

Last night following our 4-3 victory over WAC (no idea…) we were given our new home jerseys (kits for brits) which are amazing. To put this in perspective half the teams simply have a shirt that is similar. It is as though someone said, “hey wear a redish shirt tonight.” Not us though, we only do quality and as such we now have home and away jerseys with our new logo (yes second logo in 6 months of existence) on both of them. We have a website that includes stats for just about everything. For the record Tony is 14-10-3 as head coach while Tomi is 2-0 as head coach. Tony does however hold the only championship as player/coach. Tony, Brian, Jose, Mr Busenitz, and Tomi all have blue cards (2 minute penalties) with Tomi receiving 2 and Brian 4. What can I say, I like the color, go Wizards.

Not only that though, RPC United has an official lawyer in Lenin Guerra. An official unofficial sponsor in Freddy T’s, an official official in Gaston, a father son pair of players Wes and Gordon. With Tomi at the helms we have broken gender barriers as a girl recruited for one game (whose name I don’t know) scored for RPC United three weeks back. One of our previous players is now playing minor league baseball, the rest of our team is currently out of shape. We play every Thursday night and rabid fans are welcome.

As for the new jerseys, Tony was able to score those patches cheap via The Kansas City Wizards, the logo was designed by Matteo, the same man who designed the Cauldron’s logo (official fan club of the Wizards). Follow link for another photo of the new kit.

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A Real Map

I wanted to share this map of Texas with all of you who may not have taken Texas history three times during your time of education. I hear in Kansas the map looks different. 

Go 'Stros!

My parents took Todd, Ashley, Sadie Piper, Beckham and I to the Astro’s game Saturday night. Becks had a blast, mainly because of all the “nummies” though! SP did so great, even though she didn’t get Ashley and her on TV like Ashley was hoping…sorry Ashley!

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Vicki Visits Greggy

My (Brian) brother Greg is a surgeon in the Air Force. This past month he and his wife, Rachel,  moved to Alaska where he is based for the next four years. Last week my mom, Vicki, flew up to visit Greg and Rachel before taking a cruise down the coast. Here are some of the pictures of that trip. More pictures if you click on keep reading. Continue reading “Vicki Visits Greggy”

Hangin' out in Texas

Dad and I decided that once you get used to her, Sadie seems like she’s normal sized! She sure looks chubby here though!

We were eating dinner out here and I look over and there’s Becks…just laying there. Weird-o.