This week in pictures

SP watching the WCA soccer game, crusty nose and all!

Hanging with Dad

Women’s Retreat last weekend–Susan Hunt was our speaker and did an amazing job of explaining our roles as women biblically. It was super fun! Brian and Becks ate pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Another reason Dad is cooler than Mom.

Sadie Piper stood in her crib for the first time–check out that tongue- that’s typical for her!

Cute for church

Becks was playing outside and came in and told me he found a bunny! It really does look like a bunny, huh?!

Becks with Roxie


Roxie is a Sophomore in High School and Beckham has the best time when he gets to hangout with her. So much in fact that he named his stuffed monkey Roxie and takes it every place he goes.

Video of Sadie Piper…her first one…at 7 months…

Sorry this took us so long SP!

This is her slurping her food (that’s how she eats, weird!), then getting a Gerber snack stuck to her hand and isn’t sure yet how to get it to her mouth, crawling (with commentary by Beckham and then him answering a question from Talladega Nights that the youth do) and then her just being Sadie Piper!)

Labor Day picnic-ing!

Thanks Janey and Shari for planning such a fun day!! Let’s do it again!!

I think it’s a good sign when you spend your day off with the people you see everyday already!

What would SP do with any less attention? (Becks is just there cause Jordan is!)