A friend who goes to New Hope recently gave me to retro Apple logos. I’m still not sure what to do with the big one, but noticed the little one is just the right size to fit on my MacBook. So here it is. Laura also made a couple of iCookies today showing her MacLove.












Here it is with Flash on. More inside post.

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Beckham's Birthday Week


We like to make big deals out of birthdays around here, in fact we don’t celebrate birthdays, but rather birthday weeks. Today begins Beckham’s 3rd Birthday Week. So we gave him a present form his Uncle Todd and Aunt Ashley. It is a cool stuffed bear that vibrates when you push a button it. Here are some pictures from his opening it. Thank you Todd and Ashley! More photos after the link.

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Christmas Videos

Deep thoughts from Beckham about our 4 a.m. trip to the basement due to the wind making a train like noise.

Beckham Singing and what not.

George's Parents?

Ruthie Wedding

Our Texan friend (george) parents’ were at one of our students’ wedding this weekend. Turns out George’s Dad is a cousin of some sort of Ruthie’s dad. So here is a picture of us all together without George. Plus this picture will be my weight lose motivation for the coming year.

Few Random Pictures

Beckham and Anya

This is Beckham with one of his best friends, Anya.

Beckham and Advent Tree

This is Beckham with his advent tree, a gift from the Burtons. This is a while ago. It is covered now. It is a visual way to take children through the Bible at Advent/Christmas time leading up to the coming of Christ. Awhile back he came home from Christmas Pageant rehearsal where he was supposed to be a shepherd who takes care of the sheep. He walked around all morning pretending to have a sheep in his hands he was taking care of. As we were talking about Isaac and the ram which is stuck in the bushes to be the sacrifice in Isaac’s place he asked what a ram is. I told him a ram is like a sheep so he tells me that God is going to take care of the ram. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that God is going to take care of the ram like Italians “take care” of people, so next year we may need to clear that up. More Photos after link. Continue reading “Few Random Pictures”

Best Cookie in Kansas City / Laura's Dream Day

Connie's Cookies Kansas City Overland Park - 04

Since moving to Kansas Laura and I have been in search of the best food in a few different categories. One area of great importance to Laura is where she can get the best cookie in Kansas City. After trying out every place in town we can confidently say that the best cookie in Kansas City is Connie’s Cookies located on Metcalf avenue just north of 95th street near MicroCenter and Borders. Runner up is Blue Chip, don’t bother with 3 Ladies and an Oven.

Laura first learned of Connie’s during the Summer Olympics when the Vos’ hosted a Gymnastics watching party (I assure you I did not attend this “sporting” event, Laura did.) to root on Shawn Johnson (there is a butter statue of her in Iowa, weird place). At the party were Connie’s Cookies which Roxie, Renae and Julie had been raving about. Laura came home and couldn’t tell me who won the gymnastics, but described every detail of some cookie she ate. A day later she drove to Connie’s Cookies and bought a box herself. We’ve been hooked ever since. They are simple iced sugar cookies and yet uniquely better than any cookie I’ve ever tasted.

Today was a special day for Laura though. We went into Connie’s to get some cookies as a gift and while we were there asked if we could take a picture as we’ve been meaning to blog about this for awhile. We took a picture and the owners Julie and CIndi invited Laura behind the counter to learn how to ice the cookies. It was like she ran into a famous singer, actor or athlete for Laura to be able to do this. To understand better you must know that Laura has been trying to ice cookies like Connie’s for some time. In fact when discussing this with Sarah it was decided that they must have a machine that does the icing. No machine, just the world’s greatest cookie-icer. She ices 1200 cookies a day and has a brace on her wrist to prove it. Below are more photos of Laura’s best day ever. Notice her face when they tell her she can keep the cookie she iced. Anyway if you have not tried these cookies yet quit wasting your time and go grab a box of them. Best served with a tall glass of milk. Follow link to see Laura learn to ice a cookie. Continue reading “Best Cookie in Kansas City / Laura's Dream Day”

Hat 'n the Cat

Saturday was the youth’s Christmas program at the retirement home. This is the third one we’ve gotten to be a part of, and each year they have gotten better as more youth join and others improve in their musical gifts. Becks was most interested in the cat and “finding his mommy” with Hat!

So sweet!