Same parents, two very different children

Here’s a picture of both SP and Becks’ first pair of shoes (which are also their shoes when they learned to walk). Yes, Beckham has big feet and she has small ones, but even taking that into account, her’s are a size 2, his are a 6! Beckham was 15 months, SP was 11. Becks is cautious and is content to watch first, Sadie Piper will jump into anything head first…literally.


Three Things I'd Steal From Jay Bennett

While at Jay’s house a few weeks back a made a list of the three things I’d take if I was required to take three things from his house. Here they are.


Bobblehead Yoda. Christmas version.


Thin ESV Calfskin Bible, I’d prefer they make it out of one of those elephants George Deines pays to feed, but Calfskin is so soft.

Finally the General Lee toy car. The flag disturbs me a bit, but the nostalgia is hard to deny.

Hanging out with Grandma!

I think Greg’s picking his nose. Yeah, we’re going with that.



Sadie Piper is great at her sign language…except that she thinks “thank you” is “please”…oh well, we figure at least she’s communicating it! So this is her “please” that’s really “thank you”…make sense??


Two cameras at the same time is never a good idea!



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Freebirds roadtrip stop

We’ve always known there was a Freebirds in Norman, OK, but we decided this time to find it on our way down to Houston. It was so worth it! It’s the best burrito place ever! Not comparable to Chipotle cause it’s so different (refried beans, spanish rice, fajita meat, BBQ sauce, options like that). And when you are finished people make things with their foil and display it. Not thinking they are coming to KC anytime soon…they tend to stick to college towns.




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Texas Exit

This is for people in KS : This is so common in Houston…making your own exit, no matter where you are. Tired of being on the highway? No problem, just get off.