June pictures

So Sadie Piper has the cutest real smile…and then she has this “cheese” smile. Thought she’s outgrow it pretty quickly, but it’s been about a month now. It’s funny to see her turn it on as soon as she sees a camera. And yes, she does say “cheese” with it! It’s pretty funny, but makes for interesting pics in the meantime!




And finally there’s the sweet smile!


This is a typical progression when they are near each other:




These were at a friend’s birthday party. Becks had a rough day, but did have a good time riding the pony.




Youth were right, Sadie is a horse name…bummer…


Wouldn’t be a Hough without bedhead. Check out those piggies…Brian will be proud!


It's Texas hot here…what's up with that??

It’s supposed to feel like 110 today. That’s ridiculous. So we went to the mall to walk since even at 9 it’s 90 and humid outside. I guess someone forgot to tell Becks we were inside. I didn’t realize he had them on until about 20 min. in.


Did you hear the one about the Texan who went to Kansas City to eat BBQ?

Sadie Piper fell asleep on the second leg of both of our flights to Texas last month, and since there were extra seats, she was in her car seat. That gave me unexpected down time on the flights. I hadn’t packed anything to read, so I was stuck with either SkyMall or the American Airlines magazine. I went with the AA mag and this was it’s cover story…of course I had to read this!


“But seriously, y’all, it’s hard to have a food rivalry when you’re busy wiping to-die-for sauce off your chin.

Clutching my tray, fragrant with smoky meat but top-heavy with a tumbler of sweet tea, I gingerly edge my way through an exuberant lunchtime crowd packed into Oklahoma Joe’s Barbecue and Catering, a jumping joint in Kansas City. Someone bumps me, and my tea nearly drenches a teenage girl who, blissfully unaware in cupcake pajama bottoms and a Kansas City Royals T-shirt, is plowing her way none-too-daintily through a sizable rack of pork ribs. After saving the tea from spillage, I nab the last open seat in the place, parking myself roughly two inches from the next customer at a tight counter lining the front window, where the view is of gas pumps serving Joe’s adjacent convenience store.

Tucking into my sublime barbecued-pork sandwich, I’m pulled midswoon back to my surroundings as the dude with the waist-length braid next to me tells his buddy, through a mouthful of sliced beef brisket and crunchy french fries, “Me and my brother are buying a cow. Yep, she’s only eleven hundred dollars.”

The same conversation could have been overheard back home in Fort Worth, and in truth, the whole scene could have been plucked from any number of meat palaces around the Lone Star State. But my palate told me I really wasn’t in Texas anymore.

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Funnest baking project ever!

It took Brian a good 15 seconds to get up the courage to take a bite. It really messes with your head! It’s yummy once you can make yourself take a bite, but they sure look like mini burgers! Found these online and knew I had to try them out!

Cupcake, brownie and icing!!!


Life before kids

We will get mocked for doing this, but it was so fun! Living in Dallas (pre-kids) Brian saw advertised that Petco was searching for the “World’s Fastest Chihuahua” and they were coming to the park right by where we lived, so we signed Tiny up (cause he’s really fast and all!)!


One owner puts them in these box things which weirds them out to start with, and then the other person stands by the finish line (all of 30 feet away) coaxing them to come.


Then the fun part! 8 Chihuahua’s running around! None towards the finish line…and I’m serious when I say none! Tiny advanced to stage 2, but then the non-real Chihuahuas beat him out! Here are a few of the funniest dogs!





Why are dogs in goggles so funny? It was so worth it!