They want to ride their bicycles…

The cooler weather here (one of the reasons I love Kansas!) has made us all want to be outside more! We’ve been riding our bikes to the park most evenings and playing in the cul-de-sac most afternoons. Sadie Piper’s new word is “bike” and if you mention one, she gets so excited and heads for the door! Every toy in the garage is used most every day! Becks rides one, then switches it out for as long as we are out there!



SP has a big wheel thing she rides, but when Brian’s home she prefers to ride! Yes, that is Brian on a girl (my) bike! It’s super cute! 🙂



Still hasn’t outgrown the cheese smile.


It was worth a try…

We decided to move Sadie into her new room last night. Sundays are long for the little girl and when we got home after 9 from the cookout she was already out. Figured we at least knew she’d fall asleep in her new bed! She did great, crashed right away! It was all fine until 6:30 this morning when we heard the thud. Poor thing fell off the foot of the bed. Apparently she’s a roller.


So, plan B is a toddler bed! Much better:



Sadie Piper's big girl room

This has become our favorite room in this house! It turned out super cute (probably cause I saw Karyn’s nursery, thought it was adorable and copied it…thanks Karyn, and Angela!)! It’s not totally ready yet, but here’s what we do have done.




Who Is Our Cool Friend?

Brian had a shirt in college that said “Stop Plate Tectonics” and it got a lot of comments! It was hilarious especially in college cause we were fresh off of learning about it! He even had offers (from geology majors) to buy it from him. We aren’t sure where that shirt went (or honestly where he even got it from to begin with!), but it doesn’t matter anymore, cause we have a really fun friend who send us another one from Cafe Press. But not just a replacement for Brian, but one for me and baby Hough too! How fun! But…we aren’t sure who they are from cause it didn’t say anywhere in the package. I need to know who to thank…

It was perfect for Funny Tshirt day at River Ranch!

200907242000.jpg 200907242001.jpg

RiverRanch 2009

We are at RiverRanch this week with the youth and it’s been a great time! We have to go home tomorrow and back to normal life, but it’s been a great week! Here are some highlights!

This wasn’t even part of the reply races, she was just a good sport!


Brian throwing the frisbee as far as he can (that was NOT the object of the game, it was precision, but he didn’t seem to care), not sure why he’s still holding onto the Wiffle Ball bat though.

The Turtle Hunters. That’s all they do on the canoeing part is catch turtles. Before today’s trip they are at 34 turtles caught. It’s a little bit of an obsession.
This is the cutest one!
And there’s always a game of Wiffle Ball going on during free time!
Washing off in the river after the relay race

Deanna Rose with Mimi

My mom came up to get the kids this week and spent the day with us! Of course Becks wanted to take her to the petting zoo, our favorite place! So fun!DSCN0164.JPG

Sadie Piper was sticking her whole face in the wires


Watching the cow be milked!
Sadie wanted to feed the baby goats, Becks did not….
Until Sadie had the bottle. Then he wanted one too…
Then he didn’t want to anymore after he realized they try to take it!

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