Happy Reformation Celebration!

October 31st is also the day Martin Luther nailed the Ninety-Five Theses to the door of the All Saints’ Church, which served as a notice board for university-related announcements. These were points for debate that criticized the church and the Pope. The most controversial points centered on the practice of selling indulgences and the church’s policy on purgatory. This event sparked what we call the Reformation as the church returned to the Biblical understanding of forgiveness of sin by Grace through Faith in Christ alone. Our church, Redeemer, celebrates this event each year with games, snacks, cake walk, costumes (supposed to be dressed like Reformation period, but some people break the rules, evidence of that below), a soccer game between The Reformers and the Cardinals.


Becks was in the spirit of the day dressed as a monk.

b the monk

One of the games: throw a bean bag and knock down the bad theology!

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Mr. Fix it (plus some “bonus” screws)

About a year ago our Wii became so loud that it could wake the kids up from naps. Today Brian took it apart to fix it.

DSCN0820And he did! Impressive actually. All it took was a trip to Microcenter to get a three-pronged screwdriver (I guess cause Nintendo doesn’t want you to get in there?). And then he told me, “I have a lot of screws I didn’t use [meaning ones he took OUT of it!], so I’m gonna need a ziploc bag.”

Treasures From the Great Mall

There is a mall near our home that is at about 20% occupancy. As a result there are some really strange stores. We went there to walk today and snapped a few photos of things we saw.

Great Mall

This is a baby shirt. Weird.

Great Mall

This was in the window of the Seen on TV store. Yes, a Barack Obama Chia Pet.

Great Mall

This is at a lingerie store. Divorcee registry? Divoree registry for lingerie?

Great Mall

This was just awesome, Laura dug it too, but $50 so we left it there.

Red Barn Farm

It was just Hough girls on the Red Barn Farm trip (Becks was at school). We went with a group from church and Karyn and Presley came too! It was a cool place and Sadie Piper had a good time, even though she mostly just wandered.

Karyn’s a photographer (check out her website, she’s amazing!! She has this gift of capturing such personality, not to mention she’s incredibly great with kids!) and got some cute pics of the girls.


Told ya she was good!!


This is SP telling Pres to look at the camera! I think she might have enjoyed being the older one for once!


Picking apples!


Here’s what I mean about Sadie wandering. Notice all the other kids being interested in learning about and looking at the bees. SP comes out of the crown with this flower that the tour guide had just used in an illustration.


Berkley slept.

Recent Bigfoot Siting

bigfoot Above is the photo of Bigfoot taken on October 20th 1967 by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin. My guess is Gimlin was in the suit. Below is a more recent Bigfoot sighting. There is now too much credible evidence to deny the existence of Bigfoot. Happy Birthday Momo.


It doesn't get much more Kansas than a Corn Maze

We took the youth to a corn maze on Friday. I’d never even heard of this before last week. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a field of corn with a maze plowed out. It looks like this from the sky

But it really looks like this
We took Becks with us so he could be a good Kansan too. He was a little concerned at first cause Brian told him not to be scared if someone jumped out of the corn at us. 🙂

Then after walking a lot, he needed a lift. Dads make good ones. I took picture # 1 and Becks blinked.
“Becks, you blinked, let me take another one” Picture #2:
“Becks you blinked again” So this is what I got with picture #3:
I deserved that. I gave up on capturing that Daddy-Son moment!
This one works too:


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