Famous People From Klein High School

Every once in awhile I see people from my High School on TV, it’s an odd feeling. Here is a list of some who have made a name for themselves from my high school, Klein High School in Spring, Texas. Keep in mind, I’ve kept up with none of these people.

Matt Bomer

Matt went to church with us at Northwest Bible Church, now he stars in the TV show, White Collar on USA network. Past roles include the main character on Traveler (ABC), TV show Chuck, All My Children, Guiding Light, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and upcoming movie called Nashville.

Lee Pace

I was in many classes with Lee in Junior High and High School. His most well known role was that of the Pie Maker in Pushing Daisies with the girl from Wicked, but has also had roles in Law & Order, The Good Shepherd, When in Rome and more.

Derek Webb

Derek was a friend of my brother Brad, he was in the band Caedmon’s Call for many years before going solo and now is back in the band.

Lyle Lovett

He was a bit before my time, country singer most famous for being married to Julia Roberts for awhile. I never saw them, but apparently they were in town often.

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Baby Broccoli Video

When Berkley was born, Becks asked “Why did we name our new baby the green food you eat?” We didn’t correct him, we knew he’d grow out of way too soon by himself! I’m glad we got it on video, it only lasted about a week.

Btw, that brownie WAS as good as it looks! (Chris and Tammy made them!!)

“Baa guy scaawr me…”

We didn’t anticipate the conversation we had with SP at dinner the other day. It was a struggle to get her to eat with a “bad guy” in her bowl! She started in with, “Baa guy!! Baa guy!!” We looked, and this is what she was looking at:

The shark from Finding Nemo was staring her down

Brian: “Yep, it’s a bad guy.”

SP: (now she’s got her arms up to her chest, scared) “Baa guy scaawr (scare) me! Baa guy hurwt me?”

B: “No, he’s not real, he’s pretend, he won’t hurt you.”

SP: “Oooh. Baa guy not hurwt me? Baa guy ‘tend?”

B: “Yes”

SP: “Baa guy ‘tend. Baa guy no hurwt me.”

Still took a while to get her to eat dinner though. Decided the non-cartoon bowls are best for her!

Basketball games and crushes

On Saturday we got to go to a friend’s basketball game! Sadie Piper has a huge crush on Nico (she calls him “Inco”). She wants to hold his hand, sit in his lap, be picked up, all things Nico! You can’t blame the girl, he’s quite the catch! (Funny: when he carries her, she’ll look up and tell him, “I heavy”) And Becks really looks up to him and his brothers (again, we are glad for this!), so they both were pumped to watch him play basketball!

Pre-game. SP was loving her Nico time.

Picnik collage

He was fun to watch!

Picnik collage


Although, I think Sadie Piper and Becks prefer him playing with them

Picnik collage

When Nico came and played close to where we were Becks kept trying to have a conversation with him. After we explained to him why that wasn’t going to work, he decided to just yell, “Go Nico, Go Nico, Go Nico…” over and over. And over.

After the game Nico met with his team. After Sadie Piper cried cause she had to leave him…


…she waited patiently for him to be finished.


I like this picture cause Becks is sitting just like the big kids!


My two favorite boys!!



Happy 2nd Birthday, Sadie Piper!

Sadie Piper’s a pro at birthdays! That’s what we learned today! She grinned ear to ear when we sang to her:

Even sang along:

Blew out the candles in one blow without even having to be prompted:

Took a bite of the cake:

And then ate a BIG piece (yes, our daughter has a Batman place mat! She loves him!):

And broke out into a random “Party in the USA” (really):

Then tore into presents:

Becks’ face in this is awesome!

A few things about Sadie Piper at TWO:

She is not the people-pleaser that Becks is, and for that we are glad. Our prayer is that this will make following Christ without worrying what people think easier for her in her life. While she’s an excellent follower (especially of Becks), she’ll do her own thing most days. She marches to her own beat in life! She makes everyday more fun for all of us!

If Brian dresses her, she comes and tells me, without fail, “Coot” (cute) and points to herself.

She recently discovered the Crocs I bought that are too big and she tells me, “Shoes, Bum Bum” and want to put them on. She just wants to wear them cause Becks has some. She’s still obsessed with all this Beckham. She loves that boy more than anyone!

For this entire year, the first two things she asks for when she wakes up have been “BumBum” (Beckham) and “driiiiiink.”

Sadie Piper LOVES to sing! Veggie Tales Sunday Morning Songs are always a hit. She’s adorable singing along!

When you tuck her in, she makes you come back and give her one more “hugs!” And she doesn’t do hugs without puckering up for kisses!!

Loves shoes. But not wearing them for very long. She’s the first one to have shoes when she hears we are going somewhere, and she has then off again within minutes of getting to where we are going.

Girl has some funny sayings, “I’m humming!! (coming)” “Be ri back” “I stinky” and the thing she says more than anything, “Me too!”

I get to giggle at this three times a day…

I showed this to Brian the other day cause I thought it was so funny and he asked me, “Why isn’t that on camera yet?” Brilliant! I hadn’t even thought of that! So, here it is. Three times a day, after every meal, when she sees that wet paper towel hurling towards her face. Priceless.

Blind Dates & Lemonade

In my quest to be less fat I’ve tried a ton of healthier foods and drinks these last few months. I’ve realized reading the term the “diet” is very similar to hearing the words “she’s got a great personality” before a blind date. She may indeed have a great personality, but things may not work out like your well intentioned friend hoped. In the same way, diet products usually are low in calories, but you still won’t wish to spend much time them after giving it a taste.

So while Diet Sunkist Sparkling Lemonade does have “a great personality” that is not why I’m telling you about it. There are a mere 10 calories per can and it taste fantastic! I’ll continue to drink this even if I find myself needing to gain weight. I highly recommend you try it out. If you know of anything that else like this please let me know.