Backfired on us

I was supposed to video Brian scaring Becks. Instead when Brian yelled it startled me! On a side note, through the whole thing you can hear Sadie Piper saying, “Bippin! Bippin! Bippin!” (dripping) cause Berkley was drooling.

Funny Book

A snapshot of our life:



Beckham saw Brian’s mouth guard (for night so he doesn’t grind his teeth) and asked, “Can I wear Daddy’s teeth?”


All about the Ardiles!!!

When we were praying for them:

Brian: “…for thier joy in Phoenix”

Becks (repeating): …for their joy in Kleenex”

Beckham to Tio Tomi’s accent, “You have funny words.”

Becks: “Mom, that stuff you’re making…ummm…”

L: “Lasagna?”

B: Yeah, lasagna sounds like Anya. Anya is my friend. We should pray for her when I go to bed.”

May 2009 - 16


Becks when I was tucking him in to bed: “I can’t wait ’til I’m a grown up and never sleep.”


I gave Beckham a pink sippy cup to drink in the car on the way to Kids Day Out (aka “school”). When we pulled up he asked me if I packed him a drink in his lunch. I told him I did. “Good, cause I don’t want to have to take this girl one in.”


And introducing, for the first time ever: Sadie Piper! We had a feeling she’s going to start making a lot more appearances as she learns to talk! She’s stinkin’ hilarious!

Sadie Piper tells me often, “Baby bippin! Baby bippin!” She’s saying, “Baby’s dripping” meaning she’s drooling!


Brian: “Are you crazy?”

SP: “No, I Sadie Piper.”


Laura: “I love you!”

SP: “I love me too!”

Sadie Piper at two years

At two, Sadie Piper is already a jokester. She gets humor in a way that Becks didn’t at this age.

Her favorite things to say:

“Oh tay” (ok)

“In a minute.”

“I’m humming” (I’m coming)

“Of tourse” (as in, yes, of course)

“Help me me” (help me please)

“Me too!”

She’ll bust out in a random song: either “Holy Holy Holy” “Jesus loves me” or “Happy Birthday” at least 3 times a day.

Her favorite games: anything in the nursery, stealing noses and putting them on hers or eating them, throwing them, etc. (she has this weird way of keeping track of whose nose is where too, it’s impressive)







Fireman Food

I didn’t exactly get Brian excited about dinner the other day when I told him I was trying something new, but I wasn’t convinced of it. He’s a great sport about trying new recipes, and really, since we’ve been married, I’ve only made “poopoo” meals twice (that’s what we call it when we need to find something else to eat that night): poopoo chicken once and poopoo pork once. One was the year we got married, and one was a month ago!
This one ended up being a keeper though. Beckham named it.

The altered, healthy recipe after link Continue reading “Fireman Food”

Happy Birthday, Lara!!

Lara and I met in 2000 when we were working at a kids’ summer camp on Lake Travis. We bonded over weeks of intensive life guard training, driving boats pulling 3rd graders learning to ski and road trips to our friend’s ranch. We’ve never lived in the same city (more than those 8 weeks that great summer), but Brian aside, she knows me better than anyone! From day one, she’s been a true friend–in her actions, her words and her prayers. She’s taught me how to be a true friend.

From knowing Lara for 10 years, I’ve learned that a friend is:

  • Someone who points us to Christ and His power in every situation
  • Someone who remembers things about you that you didn’t
  • Someone who sees something cute at the store, and buys two: one to send to you
  • Someone who doesn’t keep “tabs”
  • Someone who listens to you whine, sympathizes, then shows you the good in it
  • Someone who nothing is off limits with
  • Someone who cares what color your toenails are painted…and cares what you think of that color

This is exactly the kind of friend Lara is to me. She challenges me every day in my walk with God, encourages me in my struggles and genuinely rejoices with me in my blessings.

Since we’ve never lived in the same city, we’ve had to make big efforts to plan trips to see each other. We’ve both moved a few times since we met, but no matter where we live, we’ve always made it a point to see each other: driving, flying, whatever. It’s not easy, but the reward is so worth it. Our husbands are both so great about it, for that we thank God–if we haven’t planned a trip in a while, one of them will ask, “You haven’t seen Lara/Laura in a while, you need to plan a trip.” Thank you Jared and Brian for encouraging out friendship!

Now, Lara, after you get a Kleenex, scroll down and remember at all the fun we’ve had! I love you! Happy Birthday!

Our most recent visit this summer:


lara and laura

Lara visiting us in Dallas after Becks was born

Becks disc 4 536

Celebrating Jared’s birthday, one great year when all 4 of us got to be together!



Lots more pictures, click link!

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Redneck Headquarters of the World

If only we had been able to watch a NASCAR race this day would have been perfect. We had to pick up a jacket at Cabela’s and thought Beckham would love seeing the animals. Best moment, which I immediately pulled out my camera and asked him about on video was just 10 seconds after we walked in and he told us it looks like Duck and YayYay’s house (my Dad’s house). Anyway the video shows fake George W Bush, real bowhunters and a man fish.

Ice skating in our backyard, who knew?

The only day last week it was warm enough to go outside (you know, mid thirties!), Becks and I went in the backyard to get some of his four-year-old energy out. It’s been a long, cold winter, and just being out there was enough to keep him busy for hours; outdoors has become a novelty! He came up to me and asked if he could play hockey.
Me: “Sure, where are you wanting to play?”
B: “In our pool. There’s ice and snow in it. So, can I play hockey?”
We were given this great plastic pool. It’s usually propped up during the winter, but I guess it blew over, cause I rounded the house to find this: