Park Picture

Just a cute pic Brian snapped with his phone at the park. Sadie Piper was barefoot, hair down and in a super cute dress; we thought she was very “simpler times” looking!

Sticker Fun

Laura: “You can’t take the stickers off the pages and just throw them away, you have to do something with them or leave them on there.” (All he was doing was taking them off and tossing them.)

5 Minutes later I walk in to this and a “Mom, will you put these on my back too?”:


Proof Blue Bell is the best

We get a lot of flack here for thinking Blue Bell is the best ice cream. Ever. There are people we know that have never tried Blue Bell. I know, crazy. Why?? Same reason the pope wears a funny hat: I have no idea! Here’s proof (from Southern Living magazine, of course) that it’s the best and if you haven’t tried it, you need to.


Notice the statements, “We started with some of the best vanilla ice cream this side of your granddaddy’s hand-crank freezer” and then, “We used Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream.” (and they gave you other beer options, but no other ice cream options.) Proof.

Backyard fun

We LOVE our swing set outside. It was one of the highlights of my week when we went out last week and all three kids got a swing! Some great friends, when they moved gave us the set, but also gave us the baby swing for “Lula Roo,” their name for unborn Berkley. How fun to finally be able to put our Lula Roo in it!




And poor Berkley loved it so much that she got left to enjoy it herself when everyone else moved on!


Nature or Nurture?

It is moments like this when you wonder the question how much is nature and how much is nurture. This is Jackson Shanahan hanging out on our couch. Looks a bit like Al Bundy.

Yay for Spring!

Despite the 6 inches of snow we got on Saturday, it’s been a great week for playing outside! Thursday is Brian’s day off, so we loaded up the kids for another bike ride! I broke my record and rode 16 miles. Not as hard as it sounds, but I was glad to see home when we finished!

We rode on the great trails, and stopped at a park!



Berkley’s first time swinging.




Baby Dripping! As usual.




Funny shirt Brian’s mom sent! Hilarious!


Check out SP’s pose/smile. Nice.



When we were loading up, Becks wanted to hold Berkley. They both loved it. And yes, Becks wears his helmet when he rides in the buggy. Not cause he has to, the boy wants to!