More bikes and parks

Yes, we ride our bikes to parks a lot. It’s our favorite thing to do!

Sadie Piper discovered this hat and she wanted to wear it cause she thinks it’s her helmet, which makes her more like Becks who insists on wearing his helmet cause it makes him more like his dad…








Berkley’s little. The two things people comment most about her are her striking blue eyes and that she’s just so tiny. She gets called a “peanut” a lot by strangers. πŸ™‚




Katy Trail Trip Plans 2010

Last year Tomi, Bob Albright, Tony and I traveled a little shy of 200 miles (Tony about 20 more than the rest of us). This year the plan was for Tony, Ubuntu and I to ride from St. Charles to our front doors, but our Cubs loving friend has to be in Denver next week leaving just Tony and I on the 2010 edition of the Katy Trail.

Here’s the plan

Sunday: Drive to St. Charles after preaching, ride 26.9 miles to Augusta, Missouri where we’ll stay in the Red Brick Inn, fruity picture below. We’d fight over the manly bed if there was one.

Monday: Ride from Rhineland Β to Jefferson, 76.8 miles (plus a few more if our shuttle doesn’t show up). We’ll stay at some hotel that night.

Tuesday: Ride from Jefferson to Pilot Grove, only 60.1 miles so we’ll be able to recover a bit. We’ll stay with Deloris and her family again.

Wednesday: Ride from Pilot Grove to Clinton, 61.3 miles on the day.

Thursday: This is where it gets crazy. The Katy Trail ends in Clinton. The plan is to use google maps bike directions to ride from Clinton our homes in Olathe. About 82 miles. We don’t know what the roads are like, hilly, busy, etc.

If we make all the way that will be 305.4 miles. Not sure how it will end, but my plan is to ride 100 yards further than Tony no matter what.

Sadie Piper buried

In the cart:


Oh, and looking at this reminded me that I had a weak moment and bought DOUBLE STUFF Oops Oreos. I didn’t think they were as good as the normal ones. Shocking.

My Blessings on Fridays

I have been really blessed to get to do a Bible Study on Fridays with the Westminter high school girls during lunch for the past few years. It’s seriously the highlight of my Friday. I’ve loved watching these girls grow in Christ, struggle, rejoice, pray, edify each other, ask thoughtful questions, and just laughing with them. I love that they get excited about what dessert I’ve brought and are always willing to try some new recipe I found…and I love that they are always honest about what they think of it! They’ve each grown in their walks so much in these last three years, and I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend my lunch on Fridays! (No Avery this day, she was sick πŸ™ )


Brian lovingly gives of his time to watch the Hough kids, and they love eating lunch with Dad!