More Funny Book

We pulled into Deanna Rose, the petting zoo, for the first time last season and SP said, “Animals killll me?” Me: “No, they won’t kill you!” SP: “Oh, animals no huuuurt me.”

Becks looked out the window at a bank and saw the flagpoles. He said, “Dad, I like the Texas flag better.”

Becks talking to Mimi: “So Mimi, I heard you are a teacher. That’s cool.”

Becks about SP: “Let’s let her go in the deep end and see is she sinks or swims, ok?” SP: “ok!”

Brian told SP to say, “You’re pretty cute yourself.” She says, “I’m pretty cute myself!”
Beckham: “Sadie Piper, you can pee in this creek if you need to”
SP asked me to close a ziploc bag” “Will you zip these piggies (hair rubber bands) so bad guys don’t get them?”

We were driving out in the “country” and saw bales of hay. Beckham tells me, “Look Mom, hay! That’s like ‘hey you!'”

Sadie Piper when she’s putting on a shirt: “Where me go?”

It’s a PARADE!!

Apparently this Ol’ Settlers parade happens every year, but we only heard about it this year. To be honest, Brian and I aren’t sure we’d ever been to a parade before this one. It felt like we back in time 50 years, and west about 200 miles to small town America. And it was super fun! We aren’t sure what the Ol’ Settlers are, or why we have a parade for them, but that doesn’t really matter, we’ll show up next year too anyways.DSCN6140

The public service vehicles were the first ones, and they of course all waved. This was SP’s favorite part. She waved most of the time we sat there.


Becks chilled


Parades have themes, go figure! This one was Rock N Roll.


This was my favorite. I thought at first it was driving itself; then Brian told me there was someone in it. Party pooper. (seriously, I didn’t mean to make that pun, but I’m leaving it!!)


Gotta love that creativity!


This was BY far the weirdest one we saw. The girl in the middle was doing the creepy meditating, and the old ladies on the outside were doing koom-by-ya slow motion moves. It really was sad.


You can see Sades and I didn’t know what to do with that…


Oh, this competed for weirdest, never mind. It’s a stinkin’ hearst, complete with the coffin in back. At a pah-rade…


Some parts were more interesting for the kids than others. Whatever’s walking past now, well, not as intriguing as the bug on the sidewalk.


And then there were times Becks was glued to who was walking by…



City Council came by on Segways. We decided it was a no win situation for them: either we complain that they are spending our money on Segways, or we complain that we pay taxes, couldn’t they do more than just walk? We thought they chose well! It was fun to watch!


A mall cop?



Holding his dog like a baby! That’s for you, Tony!


Made for a super fun, entertaining morning for the Houghs!




Rainy days

It was super rainy one morning last week. The one morning that I had to go to the grocery store to get rations for dinner that night, of course. But when Beckham asked if he could put on his rain coat and rain boots and play in the rain, God reminded me to slow down. Life moves fast enough, they grow up way fast; play in the rain more! I also knew Brian would tell me Little Caesar’s $5 pizza for dinner instead would be a very worthwhile trade for a morning of rain-playing.

He it is who makes the clouds rise at the end of the earth,
who makes lightnings for the rain
and brings forth the wind from his storehouses.

Psalm 135:7


SP doesn’t have rain boots, but she doesn’t know that. When Becks said “rain boots” all she heard was the “boots” part…and she DOES have those!






This Saturday is the 5th annual FC Dallas Day. This is a holiday that celebrates FC Dallas coming to Kansas City to play the Wizards. It’s celebrated by wearing horizontal red and white or blue and white stripped shirts and various other festivities. Below is a nice song to get you in the mood.

Polyphonic Spree – HOOPS YES!

August 2006 Laura and I came to visit Redeemer and meet after a few phone conversations. On the way home we saw FC Dallas in the airport and took some photos with them. Here is Carlos Ruiz (MLS 4th All Time Goal Scorer) and David Wagenfuhr.

Fall 2007. My membership in the fan club Hoops Nation scored me two free tickets to the Wizards vs Dallas at Arrowhead so I took Tony. As we walked in the stadium it occurred to us that we would be sitting with the Inferno which is the Dallas equivalent to the nut jobs called the Cauldron at KC Games. When they saw Tony’s shirt there was a bit of trash talking going on. Tony sat next to this dude with horns on his head the whole game. Best part was when Kevin Hartman responded to the Inferno in a Michael Jackson like manner.

Fall 2008. By this point Tony had season tickets and that he couldn’t use for FC Dallas Day because of some kids program at WCA I believe. So Laura and I took the tickets and had a great time in the first year at Community America Ballpark.

Fall 2009. I can’t find a photo but we went with Tony & Shari at the Legends and then to a great game. This year the plans our the same. as we celebrate the 5th Annual FC Dallas Day.

Here are a few more FC Dallas Day Celebration Ideas

Make Cookies! or better yet ask your wife to make cookies of the players with both green and blue eyes.

Dress an Elder up in a Jersey while in Mexico

Dress your Wife up in a jersey

Have a Fantastic FC Dallas Day this year.

Smaller Victories

During college Laura and I had the privilege of attending a large group Bible Study (With an oddly similar name to our Wednesday Night Youth Group) where Ross lead Worship. We really enjoyed this time and came to appreciate the song writing of Ross. In fact the “One Pure and Holy Passion” was sang at our wedding (by my sister in-law who did an amazing job). Anyway Laura and I have been enjoying his music again lately and the words of Smaller Victories have served to challenge my thoughts about life and ministry in a very good way. You can click on the link below and listen to the song (within this page, does’t take you anywhere) and then if you like it go buy it using the link at the bottom of the page. Ross is one of those legit sing songwriters that wouldn’t sell out to the industry so you probably have never heard of him. Enjoy

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Ross King – Smaller Victories” dl=”0″]

Smaller Victories by Ross King

I admit I’m not an easy one to talk to
I’m probably not the greatest party guest you ever had
Any plans you’ve made with me are prone to fall thru
and your frustrations with me won’t just end at that
‘cause something happened on the way to where we each were going

My friend says it’s like re-calibration of the mind
You would probably say it’s something in the way we’re growing
Either way it’s like our clocks are set on different time
I think you think I’m off my rocker / I think you may be right
sometimes things get a little awkward / when dead come back to life / but I’ve got…

No apologies for you’ve come to think of me
you and I are different that’s a fact
smaller victories will never be alright with me cause
I’ve got my intentions set on bigger things than that

John the Baptist warned the king his brother’s wife was evil
He got his head chopped off for preaching truth and prophecy
And Stephen called the Pharisees a bunch of stiff-necked people
And they threw rocks at him until he fell asleep

It seems that no one tells the truth today the way that they did
It seems like anyone who does is labeled “cruel” and “mean”

And all the while the harder parts of God are understated
Wash and water down the Gospel ‘til it’s nice and clean
but I am feeling new convictions / and I can tell that you don’t feel the same
I’m weaning myself off traditions / and it’s making me look strange / but I’ve got…

No apologies for you’ve come to think of me
you and I are different that’s a fact
smaller victories will never be alright with me cause
I’ve got my intentions set on bigger things than that

I don’t want to be a hero or martyr
but I really want to be as truthful as the Word
we just don’t always like the taste of Living Water
So we look around until we find a drink that we prefer
Sometimes things get a little awkward / The Truth is certain to divide

Sometimes we wish the world was darker / when we turn on the light
Come on let’s turn on the light

And No apologies for you’ve come to think of me
you and I are different that’s a fact
smaller victories will never be alright with me cause
I’ve got my intentions set on bigger things than that

smaller victories will never be alright with me cause
I’ve got my intentions set on bigger things than that

Yeah I’ve got my intentions set on bigger things than that.

Buy Ross King Music Here