Berkley video

We realize more and more that we too easily forget what our kids were like when they were smaller. So we want more videos! Here’s Berkley now!

Mother Daughter Tea

Our Chick-fil-a (same one that hosted the Daddy Daughter Date Night) put on a Mother Daughter Tea last week. It was super cute! Girls all dressed up, they had girly foods and desserts and even a violinist. (Spell check isn’t telling me that’s not a word, so I’m sticking with that)

SP and I had a great time just the two of us! She’s so much fun to be around, but she really comes out of her shell when she has you to herself (which happens way too seldom for our middle child!)!






Who knew donuts could mean so much?

Every Sunday in my memory my dad got us donuts for breakfast before church. He would go around every Saturday night (he had a wicked memory and was a creature of habit!) and ask what, “What’s your order?” No matter who was at our house, they got donuts on Sunday mornings. Of course when we were all in Houston a few weeks ago my brother got up early and carried the tradition on, thanks Scott! And Brian got them for us this week. Becks said, “But Uncle Scott’s gonna get them.” And SP said, “Dad, you have to write it down.” (Scott had to write everyone’s order down, Dad never did!)

My dad would wake up so early to go do this, that sometimes the first stop he’d make wasn’t finished making donuts. So he’d go to another one. Or sometimes what I ordered wasn’t at the place that the donut my mom ordered (and vice versa), so he’d make multiple stops each morning. While we never took this for granted, it was neat to hear both Scott and Brian’s accounts of their ventures and appreciate my dad’s gesture of love even more. Scott hit traffic, Brian waited in lines. Both were stressed trying to get it just perfect for us. They both understand what my dad did for us! Thanks, Dad!

This is Beckham’s massive donut!



Sadie Piper was crabby this morning, which is unusual for her.


Berkley’s Pathetic Adventure

With the first two kids we made a video of them walking shortly after they learned to walk. Beckham’s Big Adventure and Sadie Piper’s Big Adventure. I’ve know from experience the third child doesn’t get many childhood photos or boardgames with all the parts. I thought we might treat Berks different because of that. Woe is Berks, her Big Adventure turned out to be 15 seconds of a pathetic trip to Walmart. Ah well.

Here is Sadie Piper’s Big Adventure

Sadie Piper Drives The Mini


Sadie Piper kept asking if she could drive to the store last week. I (Brian) kept telling her no, not until you get a little bit older. She kept asking anyway really determined to drive the Minivan.

I would even ask her in return, Do you know how to drive? and she would make the hand motions and tell me, “yeah, like this.”

Then she asked Laura when Laura was doing something else. Laura responded, “sure.” She was so excited that I had to let her pretend at least. This video shows her starting the car up. Check out Laura in SPs chair behind Becks.

Spaghetti Sauce Duponted


Saw this ad in a magazine and decided to try it. I put half a block (4 oz) in with a jar of¬†spaghetti¬†sauce (I know some people make this from scratch, and it’s good, but we are Texans, not Italians, so we prefer to spend our time making enchiladas and salsa instead). Try it, it was gooood! (I even used fat free!)


Our week…

Our weekly Wednesday dinner up at church. Wednesdays are crazy, always full, but full of great things! That means dinner’s loaded up and eaten at church!


Cuddles on the couch


Sadie Piper was happy!


Berkley used the Tide pen to “color” on the Taylor Swift cd



Brian and SP baked? No, they just got excited about whatever was in there!


SP put “bonus” clothes on



Becks found a face in his pizza


I cooked cupcakes in ice cream cones. They were fun, but not super tasty. Cooking made the cones soft.