Happy Birthday Week to Sadie Piper!

At her favorite restaurant:


Yes, that’s the picture I got. But before you think I had other options, here were the other 4 I got before this one trying just to get her to look at the camera. She’d look, then right before it took look down again.

Picnik collage




Berkley is a dipper too!





Nice. We can’t take them anywhere. How did they all get so weird?

IMAG0589 IMAG0595 IMAG0597 IMAG0600 IMAG0601 IMAG0602

Lara and Jared and Landry sent her a sleeping bag- in a backpack!! She called it her, “packing bag” a mix of back pack and sleeping bag, and she carried it around all week…until it got “misplaced” in the top of the closet! (I can only roll up a sleeping bag so many times! ūüôā ). She loves it! Great idea, Lara!


She also got a doll house. 3 is the perfect age for this!!




First Outdoor Bike Ride of 2011

Been awhile since I rode outside, snow and ice are still on the path which makes for some difficulty. At times it feels like ski moguls. Good times though, here are some pictures from the ride.

bike trees turn falls tunnel bridge road

Funny Book

Beckham: “I’m all sweaty…I forgot to wear my armpit stuff”

SP: “I’m hot. I need a sweatshirt”


SP: “Can I have butter with no biscuits on it?”


Waving bye to Brian. Daily ritual.


Beckham: “Mom, want to come see all my little poops?”

Me: “NO! That’s disgusting!”

Becks: “It’s a whole family!”



SP: “I can’t take my shirt off, my head’s too big!”


SP asked if she was going to get her haircut too. “Yes” SP: Points to her head, “This part is CRAAAAAZY!!”


Becks: “We are only having a snack so we can get more energy for blowing bubbles!”

Berks found all of SP’s snow clothes…she so wanted to go out!


“Sadie Piper, how can you serve God this week?” SP: “Ummm, I will serve God next week.”


SP fed Berkley, then would finish the bite herself. Gross.


Christ in the Marketplace

As long as I can remember there has been Christian sub-categories in every realm of life.

Books-Christian. The Prayer of Jabez
Bookstore-Christian. Lifeway
Rap-Christian. D.C. Talk
Cartoon-Christian. VeggieTales
T-Shirt-Christian. Various Pathetic Creations
College-Christian. Wheaton
Mints-Christian. Testamints
Toys-Christian. Moses Action Figure
The faith of our Fathers has become the business of their sons. I like to believe this all arose out of some¬†prejudice against anything that smells of Christ in the marketplace. That places like Walden Books wouldn’t put books about Christ on the shelves so Lifeway was created. I honestly don’t know, nor does it matter today.

My concern with ¬†this is how the Church has created it’s own categorical box in culture for us to live in. This box means the church has less influence in the world. In 1965 A Charlie Brown Christmas was aired on CBS. It was sponsored by Coca-Cola and has aired on national television every year since then. 45 years of this program on national television. Why? Because it was good. Now Schulz was involved in the Church of God for a time, spent some time in the methodist church and eventually confessed himself to be a secular humanist.

Still every Christmas because Charlie Brown was not made into some Christian Cartoon sold exclusively at Christian Bookstores his creation puts the text of Luke 2:8-15 in front of a national television audience many times every December.

Meanwhile today musicians must choose to be “Christian” artist and thus fit a set of rules for their record label or they must choose to go secular and stay quiet about Christ. I think this is true of many different creative ventures. Books, Movies, Music. It’s either Christian and safe for the whole family or secular where thoughts of Christ are silenced.

I gotta say, the era we are coming into is a good one. The middle man is being removed. I can publish an ebook from my home computer. I can record music in my house, movies are only held back by our creative efforts. No longer must people go through big wigs to bring their creations to an audience. I want to see Christians making things that are in secular society and carry with them the thoughts and words Scripture.

Now it is time for Christians to unpack their box and setup shop in the middle of town. As the sun goes down we’ll turn on the light so they’ll know we are open for business.

‚Äúthat you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world,‚ÄĚ Philippians 2:15 ESV

Tumbling Rocks

Duck (Brian’s Dad) and Beckham both have this thing about collecting “treasures.” I’m sure this is true of most boys. This is much to both Jayne and my dismay! What am I supposed to do with the piece of bark that looks like a wolf, the ratty penny and the broken rubber band that he doesn’t want to throw away? She gave me the great idea to start a “treasure bowl.” Not only does this contain the junk treasures, it limits it too! Brilliant! So since Becks and Duck share this bond, Duck sent Becks a rock tumbler to shine up all those rocks! Beckham of course was pumped. I was a little concerned that he would be disappointed that it takes a month, but it’s been 2 weeks and he’s been perfectly patient about it!

This is what he did when I told him I was going to take a picture of him…


Cute idea, but panning out a little is even better!





Great gift, Duck! Thanks!

PW Week completed

I know, sad that it took us a week and a half to complete a theme week, but life is usually un-plannable! And we love that!

Just an update: Lazy Chili Rellenos was Brian’s favorite. He renamed it Huevos Ferreira cause he’s a nerd like that.

The kids ate Puppies in Sleeping Bags (hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls) that night. We rarely eat different things at dinner, but I knew up front this one wasn’t going to be worth the fight. Everyone won!

His second favorite was Penne a la Betsy, it too will need a new name, but we haven’t decided on one yet. I used half and half instead of cream and it worked great!

The other one I made was Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce. It was good, but¬†essentially¬†the same idea as the one above, so not a keeper, but not cause it wasn’t good.

Theme Week continued

Monster Cookies aren’t a re-do, unless I want to eat all the dough…again. They didn’t cook up right (I left out the Rice Krispies, I’m sure that helped them fail, but it’s snowing and I’m not hitting the store. Plus, the dough is good enough uncooked! Salmonella here I come!)

Made Sundried Tomato Pasta Salad, and it was good, but as a side.

It’s always fun to have pizza on Fridays, so will try¬†Mexican Flatbread Pizza tonight!