Becks & SP at Chico’s Academy.

Chico’s Academy is a soccer program that takes place Saturday mornings at 9 a.m. in the Redeemer gym. During the course of an hour children as young as 3 years old and as old as junior high learn the fundamentals of soccer.

It’s not playing soccer, it’s learning soccer. Beckham cried the first few times he went, but now it is something he looks forward to each week. Sadie Piper was doing great today until we broke out the balls, then she kinda fell apart. When she stepped on the ball it would roll causing her to feel very frustrated. I expect she’ll love it in a few months.

Today while at Chico’s Academy I recorded some video on my phone an mixed it together to give you an idea of what it is.

Your Basement?

I ride my bike in the winter on a trainer in the basement, basically it turns a real bike into an exercise bike. I watch video or listen to sermons with headphones when I ride so Laura tells the kids not to come down when I’m riding. So we stopped by the Trek store on way to airport today and they have kids bikes setup sorta like my trainer. Sadie Piper jumped on it and said, “Don’t come in my basement.”

Role Models

Laura and I were at HCA Senior Night  this Thursday evening and bought some pom-poms for Beckham and Sadie Piper. Beckham grew tired of his once we wouldn’t let him hit people with it. Sadie Piper on the other hand took his and had a set of pom-poms just like the big girls.

About halfway through the game we noticed she was watching the real cheerleaders and copying everything thing they did. I don’t think a single one of the teenage girls realized this was happening, but my 3 year old girl copied their every move. Even putting the poms behind her back when the “big” girls did. Check out this video and tell me you are not a role model.

Here are some photos of Sadie Piper copying as well.

Cheerleaders put down their pom poms

HCA Senior Night 2011

Sadie Piper puts down her pom poms

HCA Senior Night 2011

Cheerleaders Hands behind back

HCA Senior Night 2011

Sadie Piper hands behind back.

HCA Senior Night 2011

HCA Senior Night 2011

and just for good measure, Becks enjoying the game with popcorn.

HCA Senior Night 2011

Science City

(Again with the ideas stolen from Karyn!) Saturday, after checking both of our calendars and realizing we had an unbooked morning, we headed to Union Station.

This is the video Brian made of our super fun day!

(Complete with making fun of the wall clapper! He had a good point. I thought it was brilliant until he pointed that out…then it seemed silly…)

Also, here is the baseball field Becks was referring to: Minute Maid Park in Houston. My parents have taken to him to a game every summer. Still, we were surprised he recognized it!

Kansas City Untion Station:



$250 million in renovations later, this place is super cool!

We went ahead and bought the membership, cause we need things to do in the winter and this place is full of fun stuff perfect for kids! Today all we did was Science City, and we didn’t even see half!







Got this video in the (stationary) helicopter! Priceless!



Brian saw these blocks and immediately starting building “Angry Birds”




Becks is ready to move on, but Brian’s still on Angry Birds!!!


(Side note: We were talking to Beckham one day about the verse, “Make no friendship with an angry man; and with a furious man you shall not go” Proverbs 22:24. Sades listened for a while them told us, “Angry Birds is angry….”)




The slide that had some major static shocks!!





I can’t take him anywhere. Sorry, Science City.


Berkley thought this was great! It was just a fan and a tunnel!





Yeah. Our kids play checkers to keep their minds sharp.


Really though, SP thought they were money and wanted to play store. Brian better watch out–girl is already spending money!

Gym time!


Karyn is great at finding fun things to do in KC. And she’s super fun to hang out with, so really, that’s a great combo in a friend! We went to Emerald City Gym’s open play time. Very fun!

Didn’t get many pictures of SP that don’t look like this

Picnik collage

cause she hardly stopped.

There was a rope swing you could jump from into the pit. I was pleasantly surprised when Becks insisted on getting in from it!


Then he did this to get in. That’s more like it from him!…


Even Berkley had fun in the foam pit!






Pres was cracking us up on the trampoline!


Got this (priceless) shot as she was coming out of the slide!!



Super cool three person swing!