Puzzles are making a comeback

At our Nerdy House at least!

Brian patiently showing them how to flip all the pieces over before you start.


And look at how well Sadie Piper doesn’t get it!?


Turns out Beckham was a legit helper on this puzzle! That shouldn’t surprise us.


SP quickly got relegated to kid puzzles on the other side of the table…


She seemed pretty ok with it though!


And then there’s Berkley.



SP finished WAY faster than the boys.


A few days later she got another go at the big puzzle. This is how it ended up:


She was actually really good at it!



What Brian does with the kids without Laura

The Jetta was being worked on, so we only had one car on Saturday. Brian dropped me at a shower at church, and then had an hour and a half to fill. What follows is documenting what they did:

Tried on shirts at Wal-Mart. Mario may or may not be big at our house currently.





Berkley kept asking for more and would get so excited with each one…so he kept ’em coming!



Then headed to library


IMG_20110625_113815Berkley gets in, how do I say this…ruts? She can do the same thing over and over for 30 minutes. Maybe all 2 year olds are like this? I can’t remember. This puzzle was her “rut.” He said she did it 30 times.


And he picked me up and they were all alive! For reals though, they really do love Dad time! He’s so much cooler than I am! I’m good with that.

Funny Book and the rest of the pictures!

Hough Family Photos Summer 2011

After a storm one night, SP woke up and said she heard “the thunder rolls.” This one makes me happy cause my dad’s favorite hymn was “How Great Thou Art,” which sings, “I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder.” It was one of the songs they sung for VBS this year. We got the CD a month early and only listened to it for a month. SP can belt it!! My dad would be so proud of his Sadie Piper!

Hough Family Photos Summer 2011

Becks: what house are you going to live in?

Sp: the one with tables

Becks: me too, but not same house, cause I’m not going to marry you.

Sp: why not?

Becks: you’re not allowed to marry your sister.

Sadie piper: my house will be far away with yellow tables and I’ll wear princess clothes, cause I gonna be a princess.

Hough Family Photos Summer 2011

Sadie Piper sings the  song this way: “If your happy in your nose, clap your hands!”

Hough Family Photos Summer 2011

She also says, “MixDonalds” and calls computers “Mac-n-pooters” (a cross between computer and Mac!)

Hough Family Photos Summer 2011

“I can go more than faster, this fast!” – SP

I picked Beckham up from school and asked him what his favorite part of his day was. “School and you caring for me. You are my butler.” Me: “What do you mean?” B: “A butler takes care of you. Batman has a butler, but he’s not real.”

New Table

SP: I’m a cat.

Becks: I’m a tiger and tigers eat cats.

SP: Don’t eat me, I’m a people cat. I’m just dressed up as a cat.

And just for kicks, the only funny things Berkley has said so far are: “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” when she sees something she wants, and “Me How.” We don’t know how she knows Chinese. Nor do we speak it, so we don’t know what she’s saying, but she says it a lot while we are eating.

Hough Family Photos Summer 2011



First World Problems (Video)

Jon Dunning showed me this video which is a spoof on the problems we face in the 1st World. It’s funny cause it’s true. 🙂

Here are a few definitions to help this make sense.

3rd World Nations: The underdeveloped nations of the world, especially those with widespread poverty.

1st World Nations: the major industrialized non-Communist nations, including those inWestern europe, the United States, canada, and japan.





I know we’ve raved a ton about Heritage and Becks’ teacher, but we have been so incredibly blessed! They had the cutest graduation!!




My cheese balls!


Our graduate!


They made the caps out of styrofoam bowls. Brilliant.



Singing “Alleluia!”


It was raining that day, so Becks wore his rain boots. I didn’t think to plan ahead and maybe not let him do that! I think it’s cute though!



The amazing HCA principal Mrs. Sievert came in and read what they wanted to be when they grow up as they got their “diplomas.” We were pretty sure Becks had said “trash man” but he went with owner of a tiger sanctuary place that he wants to go to instead. If he loves God more than anything, we would be thrilled for him to make a living as a trash man as he serves Christ’s Church!





Here’s a few videos. I’m not sure why Becks is too cool for the hand motions…

Momo’s “Show”

Momo got married this weekend and Becks and SP were in it. Becks kept calling her wedding her “show!”

Picnik collage



And cute-ness!

Picnik collage

Jason and Momo’s picture with the three Little Hams


Momo was a beautiful bride!


With a little help (a lot of help) from Hat, SP caught the bouquet. She’s so pumped about her flowers!!!


I love this one, Berkley watching Scott and Momo’s Daddy Daughter dance.


Ahh, and then there was Carson. He’s Momo’s cousin and the other ring bearer. Let me just say SP has a huge crush on this boy!


And Brian is getting worried (see background)


I mean really, they could be 16 in this picture!



I think B was SP’s wing-woman. Sadie Piper kept asking B if they could go see Carson. Then she would flirt. She kept telling us “Carson is soooo funny!”


Apparently the three of them giggled the whole way down the aisle (cause again, Carson was being “so funny” and throwing her petals!), I hope to get video of that. Both Brian and I missed it. (Brian was on Berkley-duty and I was on “make sure they make it down the aisle duty” from the back doors)

And meanwhile, we have these two:


1. It’s sparkling grape juice.

2. It’s still just as un-classy when it’s sparkling grape juice! 🙂 I can’t figure out why we don’t get invited to nice places. (Check out the chocolate fountain that attacked Beckham’s white shirt…)




All partied out…


Congrats Momo and Jason!!

Our week



Check out these sweet helmets at Target!


We went to see the Princess Diana exhibit at Union Station. Here’s a replica of her cake…wowzers.


When Brian and I left, SP asked, completely randomly, if we saw any princesses to take a picture of her! Becks then asked if we see Batman to take a picture of him.




I think they were decoration at a party we went to, but my boys wore the glasses anyways!

Janey Birthday Party

Janey Birthday Party