The Baby is TWO!

 Berkley turned two and we can’t be more excited! (Two is my favorite age!!)

We sang.

She stared.

And stared.DSCN0841

And blew her candles out!DSCN0844

With drama.DSCN0845

And she dug the cupcake.DSCN0846Well, the icing at least. 

When she got to the cupcake part, she told us, “I don’t like it”DSCN0852

So since it was her birthday, we gave her more icing!
DSCN0854Berkley at two:

Loves pushing her baby in her stroller. And the Polly Pockets and puzzles best.

Says, “Doing Mommy (or anyone)?” (what are you doing?) over and over and over.

Uses “I like it” and “I like it” for both liking and NOT liking. It can get confusing.

We still hear at lot of “I do it” as does any house with a 2 year old though!

Is pretty convinced she’s going to get left. Sure, she’s the last child, but we haven’t left her anywhere (yet). When she hears we are leaving she spazzes out and runs to get her shoes and yells, “WAIT!”

At meals she insists on saying her own pray also (how do you deny her that??). They go like this, “BuhBuh, See-ee, Bee-bee, Mommy, Daddy. AH-MEN” We all just bow our heads and smile and wait for the “AH-MEN!”


HCA Welcome Back Picnic

 Bounce houses are always a hit with the Hough kids.

One of Beckham’s new kindergarten friends!! Preparing for the obstacle course one. They did it at least 10 times.


Sades needed a little help getting up to the first hole. The picture’s evidence isn’t conclusive as to which parent pushed her a little too hard this time! DSCN0722


Sadie Piper and I raced too!

Here’s where she took the lead…


Pizza Cups


This is Sadie Piper’s plate. DSCN0477Don’t get distracted by the green beans that she dips in ketchup.

Made these fun pizza cups and they loved them so much that next time I need to make more!

Basically just squished biscuits into muffin tins as the crust. Put some sauce in them and baked for 10 min at 350. Topped with mozzarella and put it back in there for 3 min. You could easy mix meat in there or use pepperoni too. Lara makes these too but uses chicken mixed with BBQ sauce and topped with cheddar!


Learning life lessons with Dad

When you go to wrestle with Dad, always wear armor.

Use your best girl scream. Even if you happen to be a 5 year old boy. Then announce: “I screamed like a girl!”DSCN0451

Always be ready to run away.DSCN0450

Have a cute pose in your back pocket just in case you need to distract him.DSCN0449

Hot day, fun zoo!

Guerras, Chirrabogas, Marshalls braved a Texas-hot day with us and spent it outside at the zoo!

The bright side of going on a day like this was that they had ice water all around the zoo, the trams were free and the place was empty (cause no one else was crazy enough to join us!). Kristi and I decided we are going to plan to go on all the hot days, it was great!!



Check out how close that lion is!IMAG0464

IMAG0466When we left the house that morning Brian asked Sadie Piper to wave to the flamingos for him. She did!

This is Berkley on the train…in the tunnel! After she stopped covering her eyes!IMAG0469

Kristi is the coolest Mom I know. Really. I really love all the time I get to spend with her. She has a huge heart for Christ and serving the Church. IMAG0471

Colin and Becks!IMAG0472


Meeting Sutton and fun with Landry!

Lara and Jared had another baby girl, her name is Sutton, how cute is that? About as cute as she is! And thanks to my loving and super cool Brian (see a few posts back!), I got to go see all the Coopers!!


San Angelo is in a crazy drought, but from the weekend we were there you wouldn’t know it. It rained most of the time, but the afternoons cleared up enough for some pool time. Landry was learning to be a great big sister. Berkley loved the slide but wouldn’t go down it without holding someone’s hand. After Lara and I took turns (a lot of turns), we enlisted Landry. They had a great time…as you can tell by their faces.







And this is the only picture we got of us. Landry took it. Impressive, huh? It took a little cropping, but really, whose pictures don’t need that? (and for some reason I look massive. I promise we are actually the same height…)1286

Thanks Lara and Jared for spoiling us!

(When I got home Becks told me they had a great time with Dad. “And we didn’t even have to go to ONE store!!”)