Family Worship: John the Baptist

Lately for family worship we’ve been reading a story from our children’s bible one night and acting it out the next. This was John The Baptist! Becks wasn’t super pumped about putting on a Pocahontas costume, but it was the closest thing to camel hair that we had!


Itching clothes? Check.


Locusts and honey? Check.

(used popcorn. couldn’t think of anything else small and crunchy that we had)IMG_2753



“Repent! The kingdom of God is at hand!!”

And then baptism. With a spray bottle of course.



“Treasure Boxes”

Beckham has a “treasure box.” Duck (Brian’s dad) introduced him to this idea. Duck is a collector of random things too! Becks is a future hoarder. He collects trash everything random. We will be walking through a parking lot and he reaches down to grab a rubber band, or the plastic hanger that flip flops hang on in stores, or a tag from clothes. I was so excited when Hank suggested we get him a treasure box cause now I didn’t have to be the Fun Hater Mom and make him trash it, but instead I can just say, “Cool! Put it in your treasure box!” Then Duck upgraded his box (which was only a small basket to start with) to a big box. Yay…more stuff!…


Every now and then I will open it to see what’s in there.


A few highlights: Those are every orange push up popsicle plastic stick that he ate last summer. He saved them all. And a ring pop, a broken hanger, a tooth, lots of empty ziploc bags, a broken zipper, a collection of bottle caps (ones from us and ones he finds)…



I was thinking about how this is something Duck and Becks have in common and considering how this must have skipped a generation.

Then I realized something.

It hadn’t.

Here’s Brian’s “Treasure Box.” AKA: “The wire drawer than I HATE”



In its defense, we have saved sooo much money because Brian can’t throw a wire away. 99% of the time, if he needs it, there’s one in there. So for that reason ONLY, it has redeemed itself.

And while we are throwing people under the bus, I realized that I have a “treasure box” too. I call it my “junk drawer.” Chap stick, gum, pens, random parts of random things I don’t know enough about to be confident in throwing them away. Oh, and a fart machine.


Girls just wanna have fun!

Sadie Piper likes to dance. Really likes to dance. Works out well because we love to watch her (she’s not usually ok with that and prefers us to join in, for some reason today she was good being the performer!)! She has a pretty good twirl that she learned from Paula Abdul on Zoe’s Dance Moves! I love the necklace she put on her head!

Here she is dancing to different music, she had different styles based on the music.

Sadie Piper has this multi-functional tiara…it also serves as a microphone!

This was them playing school. It was nap time and every animal (student) had a bed and some got to have books too! Picnik collage

Our week

 Puzzle time! All four of them worked on a princess puzzle!


Brian kept an avocado seed. He’s drying it out. He wants to plant it.

I can’t make this stuff up.


Becks is learning some great stuff in kindergarten!


Snowed just enough to make snow ice cream. Brian made it for them for breakfast.



Berkley played outside in the snow for a while then came in. I took off all her gear, then she wanted to go back out. When I told her she couldn’t, she moved a chair to the door to watch the others play!


I stopped to talk to a friend I ran into at Wal-Mart. An employee stops and asks “Are those your children?” I turn and see this, so I immediately tell them to stop touching the dog. The employee says, “No, I don’t want them to stop! I want you to take a picture!”


We have crabs

 Andria gave the kids her pet hermit crabs. Since we have sworn off the traditional dog and cat pets, these might be perfect for us. Low maintenance and low mess.

We set up the cage this weekend. The “Royal We”=Brian. I don’t do ewwies.



Sadie Piper’s is in the green shell. She named her “Haley.” Beckham’s is brown and named “Silly Billy.”


They are super gross looking, but pretty much stay in their shells, so we are all good.


We worried they might be boring, and they are, but really, they are perfect for the kids. They do walk around some, but don’t require any effort from anyone! Yay!




Funny Book


Beckham asked to read Sades her bedtime story, and SP was super pumped about this! He read her the book he made in school of Psalm 23. When he read “The Lord is my Shepherd, he makes me lie down in green pastures,” Sadie Piper responded with, “Like dad is a pastor?”

Berkley must have been awake in her bed for a while before I went to get her:



Came downstairs one day and saw that my hooks had been hijacked. One of two boys did this. As I thought about it, the little one would have asked first before moving things. The big one (the culprit) doesn’t have to ask.


Kansas’ birthday was this week. We can totally appreciate celebrating this! One of the activities Becks did in his class was this:


Now, the ONLY way I can even think of to tell Kindergarteners which of the 40 rectangles is Kansas is to “Find Texas. Now go two states up.” All things revolve around Texas.

Beckham then asked which was the smallest state. I can’t imagine how this came up. It couldn’t have been cause we were talking about which was biggest (and best) (Texans don’t acknowledge Alaska as being bigger. Cause I learned in 5th grade that if you melted all the ice in Alaska, Texas would be way huger. I’m cereal.). When we told him Rhode Island:

Becks: Is Rhode Island an island?

Laura: No

Brian: I don’t think so.

Laura: Well, maybe?

Brian: Probably shouldn’t trust our geometry.