Hangin’ with Duck and Yayay!

Texas has one season. Hot.

So there are a lot of pools.

We are thankful for that.

Played with Yayay at their pool one morning!


Sadie Piper and Yayay. SP is a big Yayay fan.



At the beginning of the season I loaded up on goggles. How have I lost so many? Berkley drew the short straw and got the adult ones today!



“Look y’all, Yayay’s pool has boats too!”



Becks got out to hang with Duck!


Then we went on adventures!

Yayay is so great with Berkley!




We went to a neighborhood whose pool is a pond. That’s super cool! 



Berkley and Yayay caught some mean sea weed.



Still looking for those elusive tad poles…


Right after I took this picture and realized sweet SP was holding her dress up, I told her it was ok to get wet.


As soon as I finished saying that, I took this picture. She didn’t waste any time getting in.


This is their diving board!!



This was Berkley jumping off. She’s not fearless.




Duck and Becks did some net fishing. I think there’s a real name for that, but I don’t know it.





Then we went to only the greatest restaurant ever. Wings n More.

Wings N More with Yay-Yay

Baby, You’re a Firework!

We watched fireworks from Augusta Pines. It was perfect. Golf grass, no bugs, a pond to explore, beautiful!

Fireworks when night falls

Brian and the Bigs took straight off to adventure around the pond.




Unsuccessful attempt to catch her some geese.

Failed wild goose chase

Golf Ball hunt

And, because they went with Brian, they came home with a turtle, of course.

She caught a turtle, definitely my daughter


They stopped by and saw our future entertainment! It was an impressive show, as you can see!

Oh my dog, we're about to light these up

And…yay, more treasures. yay….


Berkley worked on her golf skills.

Her and golf don’t see eye to eye.


She tried yelling at the ball…


Talk about fire crackers!


She tried throwing herself on the ground…


Girl wasn’t happy…


Soooo frustrated.


This is right before she stormed off and threw her plastic clubs into the pond! 🙂



While I laughed and took pictures, my mom actually felt sorry for her and finally went out to help the poor girl out.


Berkley decided that throwing the ball and commanding “Golf it, Mimi!!” was a funner game.


She even made Mimi and hole


Ahh, so golfing isn’t so bad after all!

Check out those sweet Texas chairs!

It was such a perfect night!

I'm loving 4th of July in Texas

Oh how we love SP! She’s spunky. We love that about her!!

Camera Roll-1413

Would’t be a Texas 4th of July without Dr Pepper! 
Camera Roll-1430

Since we had a little more daylight left and there was music playing, SP danced!

Camera Roll-1438







This picture reminds me of those dog ones.


These ones:


Berkley doing sumersaults


I’m shocked at this picture. Everyone looking at camera and smiling?!


SP danced most of the time!









These two girls get along really well most of the time. I love that SP “mommies” her. Sades is a huge help to me during the day. She truly is learning to be the helper God made her to be.

Genesis 2:18 Then the LORD God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.”





Then the fireworks started. Berkley freaked out.


Sadie Piper? She did not.


She stayed glued to my mom, but at least stopped screaming. Good thing she brought her pathetic face with her to put on.




The turtle is in the beer box!



Happy 4th of July!

When I think back on our trip, so many fun, full days compete for my favorite of our days there. This one is no exception!

You know a day is gonna be good when it starts with breakfast in your jammies by the pool. I’m just sayin.

Breakfast by the pool today

Camera Roll-1393

And then straight from jammies to swim suits!

Just a little morning swim

These floats were boats all week!

Camera Roll-331

She had the gator and crab talking. One was the mommy.

Camera Roll-336

Brian went to breakfast with his dad…

The old man, talking' dogs

My mom, kids and I headed next door for the neighborhood parade! (My mom lives 2 houses from the neighborhood club house and pool!)

Happy 4th! Parade time!

Camera Roll-344

Camera Roll-345

Camera Roll-346

Camera Roll-360

Then there was a party-carnival thing at the clubhouse that we hit up!

HEB is my favorite grocery store ever! I so miss them!

Camera Roll-361

Bounce house!

Camera Roll-362

photo (10)

Face painting!

Camera Roll-364

Camera Roll-365

Balloon animals. My hidden talent is balloon animals by the way. I can make a mean giraffe.

Camera Roll-368

Camera Roll-374

Then Brian joined us and we jumped right into the pool too! No such thing as too many pools in Texas!

There's no such thing as too many pools in Texas. Neighborhood pool is next door...

Brian’s mom joined us for dinner!

Camera Roll-380

Check out these super fun hot dogs Brian made!! (Put a skewer through a dog, cut a swirl around it with a knife and when it cooks it comes out cool like this!). So long normal hot dogs!

Camera Roll-379

Then we headed to fireworks!


(to be continued…!)

Yay for Sun and Sand!

We didn’t waste any time and got in the car again the next day and went to Galveston to spend the day!

We took the kids to see the beach when we were in Texas last, but that was November and it was too cold to play, so this was their first time to play at a beach! We went to a public beach, just paid to park and played all day!

Fun day at beach

It’s not a beach trip unless you bury someone in the sand, right?

 Camera Roll-1313Camera Roll-1311

After we buried Beckham, Berkley laid in the sand and asked to be buried too!

Camera Roll-1315

My mom brought bread so we fed the crazy seagulls!

Camera Roll-1377

Camera Roll-1365

Galveston’s not the best beach ever, but it’s nice to us!

Camera Roll-1350

Camera Roll-1322

Sadie Piper really took to the water. Berkley much preferred the sand. Beckham spent his time building a town.

Camera Roll-1348

photo (20)

Camera Roll-1345

Camera Roll-1343

Camera Roll-1342

Camera Roll-1321

Camera Roll-1304

Camera Roll-1302

Brian helping Beckham…who went to go get water, so now it looks like Brian builds alone! 🙂

Camera Roll-1299

Camera Roll-1298

 On our way home we ate at Gringos, my favorite mexican restaurant!

Camera Roll-1385

We have good Texan kids too cause they just about drank the green sauce!!

Proper Tex-Mex for this beach girl


Howdy Y’all!

Entering the Promised Land!!!

Headed to the Promised Land this summer for a trip to see family! We packed a lot into out trip and enjoyed all things Texas!

(I will warn you now, this trip was well documented!)

Watched movies on the iPad. Gave up on the headphones fast!

Headphones too big? Or head too small?
Becks resting with a Tinkerbell blanket
Seems that no matter what time we leave, we end up eating a meal in Oklahoma City. We were pumped to see a Raising Cane’s this time. They just serve chicken fingers, if you get a chance, eat there!
Canes, just like Lanes but in Oklahoma
Made it to Dallas where Scott and Laura so wonderfully let us stay at their house. They were in Paris for a doctor conference! (We did see them on the way back home, more on that later)
Sent this picture to them of us in their house!
Made it to Big D

Spent the night there!

Camera Roll-315

Uncle Scott and Aunt Laura’s house is cool. Cause Scott told them to pick a carrot when they woke up!
So again, we are farmers and go out to harvest.
The first one Beckham picked was like a green bean (on the right). It quickly became “for Berkley cause she’s little too” as he picked another one!
Uncle Scott grows carrots
Biggest, middlest and littlest carrots…
(I’m not snooping…Scott told me to look around for the carrot peeler!!)
Camera Roll-1167
Camera Roll-1170
Oh, and Scott has bees.
I may go Winnie the Pooh on these bees, they are hiding honey,
Again, more on that later, but they were fun to watch!
Camera Roll-324
Camera Roll-323
And we ate their honey!!
Camera Roll-318
Beckham saw this pile of money at Scott’s house. He said, “Oh, I think that’s the money they pay Uncle Scott for being a doctor. I think he’s going to that place to learn more about being a doctor so he can make more.”
Camera Roll-317
Found one of those old timey swings on the way out and used it for a photo op!

Loaded up for the last 4 miles of the trip, but I had a coupon for buy one, get one free frapps at Starbucks and we stopped there first.

Cause and Effect. "Dad, I love Starbucks."

You know you are in Texas when the gas stations are like malls. Buc-ees is hands-down the coolest gas station there is. They start advertising it on billboards 399 miles away. Really.

The greatest gas station on the planet

It’s chalked full of Texas stuff. We could have stayed for hours.

I think she might need this

When we pulled into town, we made a stop at Brian’s brother Brad’s back yard to see Franklin the turtle. They’ve had him forever, got him as a baby!!

Camera Roll-1261

He’s heavy apparently!

Camera Roll-1243

Laura ridding him

He's nice, named Franklin

He was wandering around the yard eating grass!

Texas-sized turtle

Stopped to meet Hank and the dogs for a minute and we were finally done driving!

Camera Roll-1254

Camera Roll-328

Camera Roll-326

Didn’t waste any time once we got to my mom’s house. Went right into pool and even ate dinner outside…ahh!





Bedtime stories with Mimi and they crashed!


Life with girls

Looked out of our bedroom window to see the day’s sidewalk chalk art. Under the star is one “Tangled” (aka Rapunzel), behind the car is another one…


This girl’s hair went all the way to the neighbor’s driveway!


On an only slightly unrelated note, the sidewalk paint they said would wash right off is still on our sidewalks. I’m hoping it’s cause we haven’t a big enough rain? Cause it’s rained some since then…hmmm. I will rename the recipe “sidewalk tattoos” if needed.

Sweet girl choked on dinner, praise God she is ok. Then we gave her bowl of ice cream for rest of dinner

We got bad looks for doing this:

I got a dirty look for this, as though it were questionable parenting.

“Dad, can I lick your face?”

"Dad, Can I lick your face?"

My sweet girls

Crazy Bike Ride With Nathan Bailey

Camera Roll-1784

This morning at 7 AM Nathan Bailey came over and we headed out for a ride on the Mill Creek Trail, this trails goes all the way the Kansas River. Round trip it was 40 miles and it took us about 3 hours to complete. What I learned is Nathan is absolutely crazy, he never runs out of energy, has some serious depth to him and is a really fun to hangout with.

Camera Roll-1782

On our ride we came across this little Copperhead snake. We had a big stick he was striking at and planned to kill him since we’d seen so many women jogging on the path and would hate for them to get bit. However some guy that came up to us was very against the idea of us killing it so eventually we slung it out into the forest. Next time even if it strikes our heel we will crush it’s head.

Camera Roll-1781

Along the trail are these tunnels that go under railroad tracks. Here you can see Nathan hanging off of one.

Camera Roll-1779Camera Roll-1777

When the trail ended at the river we found a mountain bike trail and took that. Pretty sure Bailey has poison ivy now.

Camera Roll-1776

Here we are at the destination, The Kansas River on bike.

Camera Roll-1766

In what was one of the stranger moments I’ve witnessed in my life Bailey says, “Stop, I’m gonna ride a horse” then he jumps the fence of some random farm like place and starts walking towards a few horses.

I of course follow him with my camera waiting for the horse to run, but it doesn’t. He walks right up to it and pets it on the nose and then climbs up on it and rides it. No hesitation, just jumps the fence and rides a horse like he’s Chuck Norris or something.

Camera Roll-1774Camera Roll-1770

Camera Roll-1765

While traveling 30 MPH downhill he didn’t brake very well and went flying off the trail around a sharp right corner I was warning him about. This picture is while he scrambles to get back on the trail having seen I was searching for my phone to take a photo.

Camera Roll-1761

Part of the river we follow leading towards the Kansas River.

Camera Roll-1760

Camera Roll-1759

Had a really great time on this ride. Next person I ride with will need to be out of shape so I can keep up. Joe B maybe you ride a tricycle?