Quick visit from Mimi

My mom came up last weekend for Beckham’s Grandparents Day. It was a fast trip, but we still crammed it full!

(Thanks girls for the smiles…:) )

Camera Roll-1343

It was only for k-6th grades, but SP wanted to show Mimi her room too!

Camera Roll-1345

Camera Roll-1347

It’s hard to tear this little girl from her Mimi.

Camera Roll-1349

When we came back to pick my mom and Becks up at the end of the day, Beckham didn’t want to leave, he wanted to keep reading (I took his temp to make sure he wasn’t sick…that’s weird…:) ). I like this picture cause it’s pretty typical 3rd child. Perfectly placed book to overshadow her!

Camera Roll-328

So they all piled on Mimi for some story time
Camera Roll-316

I think they used their markers as microphones? I’m bummed I missed whatever this was…

Camera Roll-308

 Then after a long morning at school, Mimi took us to Fritz’s to recharge.

Camera Roll-323

Camera Roll-322

Boo was fas-cin-ated with the napkin dispenser. She had a hard time getting her head around napkins coming out like Kleenex!

Camera Roll-324

Throughout the meal she randomly asked, “do you need a napkin?” to everyone.

Camera Roll-325

No, Beckham doesn’t usually swing in the baby swings. I think we had to use baby oil to get him out. 
Camera Roll-332

Happy Halloween!

This year Berkley was Minnie Mouse, Becks was a Ninja Turtle, and SP was a princess. Cause she is.

Camera Roll-1333

Boo love love loved her face being painted. (and MakeUp Forever makes a wicked eye liner cause that stuff took some major make-up remover to budge, even the next day. If I had been a bad mom and let her sleep in it.)

Camera Roll-1284

This was a first! Tiny came up to one of our kids…and cuddled!! (as opposed to running away quickly and shivering under a chair)

Camera Roll-1288

You can see Tiny’s excitement here…

Camera Roll-1293

Brian and I went back and forth as to whether buying or making Beckham’s costume would be cheaper. In the end, it was less than $8 (the sais cost $6)! AND bonus that Beckham got to color his shell. He really did a good job. Notice the crack in his (Raphael) shell  by the neck even!

Camera Roll-1297

Camera Roll-1298

Every Ninja Turtle needs a Master Splinter (never mind that Brian found that “stick” from the closet. You know, the “stick” all the clothes are hanging on??) and an April.

Camera Roll-1301


Camera Roll-1280

 Tiny found a home he liked much better

Camera Roll-1334

Camera Roll-1305

This was Boo’s first year to trick or treat! She caught on super fast and only skipped the houses with fire at them!

Camera Roll-1307

Camera Roll-1319

“Mom, my tummy hurts. I ate tooooo much food” (aka, candy)

Camera Roll-1330


Who doesn’t love a cheap, easy and fast dinner?

I think I’ve had this is my Evernote for a while now.

Camera Roll-1339

Sometimes I drag my feet trying a new recipe cause I’m worried about everyone liking it. It’s sad when people don’t like what I make!

I wrongly dragged my feet with this one. It was awesome, everyone loved it, and we discovered we like over easy eggs! Oh, and I was excited to learn something to make with the rest of the corn tortillas in the bag after I make enchiladas!

It’s called Huevo in the Hole

It’s Pioneer Woman, and she’s second on my recipe love list after Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. I seldom go wrong with either of them!


Messy fun!

Beckham has been learning about forms of matter at school. He loves science and hands-on stuff, so he caught on to this concept super fast.

Until I threw him a curve ball.

Or at our house it should be called a knuckle ball I think.

Camera Roll-1166

Mixed a box of cornstarch with water and asked him what form it was.

Camera Roll-1165

“Solid. No, liquid. No, solid. I don’t know Mom! Which is it?!?”

Me: “I don’t know. Just play!”

This progression is what happens when you ask Berkley to look at the camera. She will turn her head, but is not willing to commit her eyes.

Camera Roll-1161

But she will say “cheeeeeese!”

Camera Roll-1162

And may even smile. But not facing the camera.

Camera Roll-1164

Oh so fun!!

Camera Roll-1168

Then the kids were taken straight to the bath. And the table left for the rain to clean up!


Camera Roll-1170

Houston Astros New Everything

Growing up in Houston I loved the Houston Astros. After the strike I fell out of baseball, but found myself following the team pretty closely this past season when they lost the most games in their history 55-107, that was also worst in the league. Anyway last fall the team was bought by Jim Crane who agreed to move them to the American League. He also re-branded the them team this past Friday.

I love the rebrand, I love how it’s very very similar to the old school design. I love the navy and orange. I love so much about this rebrand that I thought it would be fun to do this post on the changes. Above you can see what he previous primary logo was next to what the new primary logo is.

Below are the hat logos, this is what is on the front of the hats. I liked the open star design, but never got into the color. Love the return to the H-Star with the new font.

Below is the new home jersey which is really the main jersey. Hated the pinstripes, digging the new old timey looking home jerseys.

Here are the away jerseys, all away jerseys tend to be boring and grey, ours is no different.

This is the Friday Jersey, worn mostly for home games on Friday. Definitely like the orange over the red.


This is the Batting Practice Jersey worn before every game, it is also what they are calling the Sunday Jersey since it will be worn on  Sunday afternoon games. This one is pretty fantastic. Notice the giant logo on the front and the 80s era rainbow stripes under the arms. I can’t wait to see these in action.

Here are all the jerseys on players so you can see how they will look on the field.

Finally I thought I would include a few of their other logo aspects that I think look pretty great.

Next year the Astros should be pretty pathetic again, but at least they’ll look good as they lose a bunch of games.

“Date day” with Sadie Piper

Sadie Piper’s class had a play date after school one day at Deanna Rose. Brian was sweet to work from home while Boo napped so SP and I could go!

This place never gets old to them!

Camera Roll-1037

Camera Roll-1039

Camera Roll-1032

Camera Roll-1029

They told us we named her a horse name…

Camera Roll-1063

Her and Ivy are twinkies!!

Camera Roll-1027

We had extra time before we picked up Beckham from school so we rounded the date out with custard. SP asks every time we are at the bank if we can get ice cream from the Sheridan’s next door. And every time I tell her, “Sure, some day we can.” So we did!

Her and the sweet girl who was working discussed her options. She had never had custard before!

Camera Roll-1041

She went with a double cone (one scoop chocolate, one vanilla) with sprinkles

Camera Roll-1042

Camera Roll-1043

Sheridan’s is a walk-up or drive-thru only place and it was gorgeous out, so eating outside was a no brainer anyways, but I don’t know why they don’t have a few tables. SP found a great bench though!

Camera Roll-1051

Camera Roll-1050

There was music playing, so Sades was dancing. Even sitting down! 

Camera Roll-1055

Camera Roll-1054

Camera Roll-1053

I would say it was a pretty good day!

Camera Roll-1060