Swimsuit shopping in January? Yes please!

Crazy, I know, but so is this sale. I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned before how much I adore Lime Ricki Swimwear! They sell cute, modest swimsuits (NO, that’s no longer an oxymoron! Yay!). You gotta love that. Regular price they are pricey, that’s why I swimsuit shop when it’s 19 degrees outside!

Got this email today:

Screen shot 2013-01-31 at 1.17.56 PMSo now we are talking! Tops are $20 and bottoms are $12 before the discount. Shipping is only $5. That means you can get a top  and bottom AND shipping for $18. Even better, get two tops that match one bottom! (They do sell one pieces too, but I have an un-proportionate torso, so those don’t get me exited…) They have normal bottoms, but I love love love their skirts and boy shorts!

Warning: they are final sale. They have a great sizing chart though.

Hope this makes your winter a little less cold looking forward to summer!


Completely Random

Pair of cute girls

God gave us a random warm day here and we took advantage of it! Brian brought all the bikes up from the basement for just a day, but it was so fun!!

Boo gets very thirsty riding in that buggy…

After long buggy ride Berks needed a big drink

And she needs a snack to give her energy to be dragged home too

(*I’m thinking the correct term is “drug” but that felt weird when I was talking about our 3 year old…)

Boo, snack time

Tammy brought us some homemade DONUTS!!

Maple Sticks

Maple Sticks from Tammy

We ran out of seats at a church dinner. Becks found a good seat though!

Andria felt sorry for him and joined the Little Dude. which also attracted a certain little girl who likes both of them!

Not enough seats? No problem, Chili Supper Picnic

Bell Choir at church.

Plus one.

I think you can figure out which of these is not like the others…

The first band I've ever been in!

Brian’s private lesson. Shari is an incredible teacher cause he left having an understanding of what he was supposed to do!

Shari taught me Gangnam Style today

Poor Momo…

Momo is a fun girl. I think cause everyone knows exactly how to ruffle her feathers, but she doesn’t go so far as to get her panties in a wad about it.

Take this past snow day for example…

Playing in the snow, Brian and kids did this:

Camera Roll-737

It actually started out more innocent:

Camera Roll-1320

Camera Roll-1317

“Beckham the Snowman”

Camera Roll-1327

Yes, that’s SP with a knife.

Camera Roll-1321

Story is the snow was too hard to put the decorations on the snowman and she was voted most responsible?

Camera Roll-1329

Ewwy came out and played too!

Camera Roll-1332

Little Sadie Piper in Brian’s snow angel!

Camera Roll-1338

Well, I say this started out innocently, but only kind of! They would call someone outside with “Come look at our snowman!” and be hiding to ambush us with snowballs!

Camera Roll-739

Poor Momo looking out the window,

Camera Roll-1318

unbeknownst to her that her car looks like this:

Camera Roll-1337

Camera Roll-1342

Camera Roll-1341

Camera Roll-1340


Sorry Momo! We love you! 🙂 (and look how happy they are!! 🙂 )

Later Brian jokingly asked SP if she wanted to have a contest to see who could stand outside barefoot the longest. She took him up on it! Brian went first thinking she would bail. He made it 2 steps.

She walked outside like it was nothing!

Camera Roll-732

 She even did a little dance out there before we had to call her back in!

Camera Roll-735



“Can I dress up?”

I hear that question daily. Morgan said last week that our kids dress up more than any other kids she knows! I never thought about it until she said that that they really do dress up a lot. It’s not that they are every “playing princess” they just wear them to go about their daily business.

Scott and Laura sent the girls EVERY Disney Princess dress for Christmas!


Sweet, huh? Thanks Scott and Laura!!!!


Girl got a real live Tangled dress from her Auntie and Unclie

After much time discussing this with Brian and Lara, I sent my wedding dress to my mom to have her make the girls’ dress up dresses out of it. I loved my dress. But to be honest, I got my joy from it and now it’s been in the closet for 10 years. We knew the girls would love it. My mom’s friend who made them stayed true to what my dress looked like for their’s even which makes it all the more special! Complete with using my double layer veil to make 2!! AND the bustle even!!

I don’t have great pictures yet, we thought it would be fun to take them outside when in the Spring and get some good ones (“bridal portrait” style!!)!

Camera Roll-1427


Exhibit A: They just wear them to play anything!

We taught them how to “hike it up!”




LegoLand Kansas City

 Brian and Beckham had a boy date over Christmas break and headed “to the city!”

There’s a small baseball field near the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum off of 19th and Paseo at an old YMCA that Brian spotted and thought would make a perfect Wiffle Field. They scoped it out.

Best #wiffleball field ever. Need to get a full game going on this. #wiffle #kansascity #monarchs


And also took some pretty amazing photos

Kansas City Wiffle Ball Field. 19th & Paseo

Kansas City Wiffle Ball Field. 19th & Paseo

Kansas City Wiffle Ball Field. 19th & Paseo

Then they went to check out LegoLand at Crown Center

Camera Roll-1486

Camera Roll-1485

Here they built cars and raced them. Apparently this was awesome!

Camera Roll-1482

Holy Big Box of Legos, Batman!!

Camera Roll-1477

Camera Roll-1475

Wouldn’t be Kansas without a Wizard of Oz exhibit!

Camera Roll-1473

Camera Roll-1472

There’s a “Master Builder” who works there whose sole job is to build these!!

Camera Roll-1466

Legoland 2012 Nascar

Legoland 2012 Livestrong Park Sporting KC

Legoland 2012 Union Station

Legoland 2012

Before he even went to LegoLand Beckham spent an afternoon building a baseball stadium of his own

Camera Roll-465

He used a sword for the bat!

Camera Roll-464

The stands were complete with fans…and concessions!

Camera Roll-466

Christmas 2012


 We had an extra long break from school this year! I really loved having all our kids together!

We filled our time with baking lots. SP has become quite the baker

Camera Roll-575

She asked to make gingerbread cookies, so we did. We used Mel’s Thick and Chewy Gingerbread Cookies, cause she’s never let me down. Let me preface by saying I don’t like gingerbread cookies. But I looooooved these!!

Camera Roll-613

The day it snowed we made Snow IceCream of course! They morphed into Snow Milk Shakes!!

Camera Roll-602

Camera Roll-603

Camera Roll-610

Boys took this opportunity to play some Snow Wiffle Ball

Camera Roll-607

They are still loving these bears!!

Camera Roll-614

SP spent even more time decorating cookies

Camera Roll-633

Camera Roll-639

Berkley asked Howdy to draw her an elephant! He tried his hardest!! Haha!

Camera Roll-1359

Becks was very amused!

Camera Roll-1360

Camera Roll-1346

Sadie Piper sees a lot of things in life as stages. B and Howdy’s fireplace is one too! We did a little show.

Camera Roll-1352

Christmas Eve service:

Camera Roll-647

Sleigh Bells Ring!!

 B and Howdy invited us to their neighborhood’s “sleigh rides!” It was actually like a hay ride, but with gorgeous horses instead of a tractor! Brilliant!! Best hay ride I’ve ever been on!

Camera Roll-409

It was the perfect weather and the ride was actually 30 whole minutes of looking at lights!

Camera Roll-407

Camera Roll-406

Thanks y’all!! 
Camera Roll-404

California, camping, sushi and bears

I get it now.

Why people live in California.

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this every day all year??

Santa Monica!!


But even more reason to love Cali is this:

Camera Roll-466


Carolyn is one of my very best friends. Since high school even. “Old” friends are the best. They know you, they know your history, what makes and has made you who you are. We know each other with a love and closeness that time has only grown.

She moved to California to go to college (on a swimming scholarship!) and settled in. Another reason I’m so thankful for the death of “long distance” phone call charges!

I had never gotten to go visit her world there. Until now! She treated me to a grand Los Angeles tour!!

Camera Roll-478

Here’s a quick round up of a very full weekend!

I had never eaten sushi before. I wanted to, but how do you even know where to start? Enter Carolyn. Who ruined non-oceanside sushi for me forever! 🙂

Camera Roll-497

She took me to Nobu in Malibu. Let me just say eating sushi while you can hear the ocean isn’t half bad!

Carolyn introducing me to my first sushi! So yummy!!

I get the sushi obsession now! It’s so stinking yummy!! Just looking at it now is making me crave it!! We did soooo many fun and great things, but this was for sure the highlight I think!

Camera Roll-491

I also discovered The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Yummy!! Try it if you get a chance!


Camera Roll-505

Bruin the Bear. #ucla

Fun farmers markets!

Camera Roll-477

We went to what was apparently a big party, even by LA standards! Charlie Ebersol turned 30 and made his yard into “CharlieLand.”

Camera Roll-501

There was a map…

Camera Roll-500

This Kansas girl was starstruck by this party! Saw Kellan Lutz and Sophia Bush! But even better I got to meet some of Carolyn’s friends. She has great friends! I loved seeing her world!

There were games that you bought tickets to play. This group of girls won a huge bear and decided that I needed to fly home with it for the kids.

Camera Roll-532

I’m not sure how this morphed into it, but somehow they decided that ALL three kids needed THEIR OWN bear! I tried in vain to explain that I was FLYING home. But this didn’t faze them…they all remembered how badly they wanted to win that bear that was bigger than them at AstroWorld when they were little!

Camera Roll-534


So while these pictures were taken when we still just have one bear, we left with THREE! (but obviously ALL of our arms were too full with life size bears to take a picture! Haha!)

Camera Roll-535

I got home late Sunday night and we set the bears up at their chairs (that Carolyn and I STUFFED into the suitcases and hoped they weren’t opened by TSA…they would have hated us when they had to get them back in!)

Camera Roll-557

And they couldn’t be more attached to these bears! Her and her friends were so right!

(One of the rules for “show n tell” is that it has to fit in your backpack. So the next day SP took this picture instead!)

Camera Roll-558

Sadie Piper and a giant bear cuddling

This is then every night!

Camera Roll-467

While I was away Brian let Becks camp.

Mom gone, camping inside.


Then it got moved outside. I think it was like 30 out there, so that didn’t last long!

Camping has moved outside so he's on his own. Too cold.

The girls spend some time at B and Howdy’s so they boys could do boy stuff (like camp!).

SP was B’s sous chef!

Camera Roll-554

Camera Roll-555


And Boo was true to her weirdness

Camera Roll-553

Thank you Carolyn for the best weekend ever!! And for being my friend! 🙂