Astros in Town

Got five balls during Batting Practice #Astros so nice. Thanks @sam_preston29 for selling me vouchers a few months back.

In June the Houston Astros came to town so the Kansas City Royals could sweep them and maybe make the playoffs for the first time in 27 years. Lucky for Becks and me, I bought some vouchers from HCA many months ago so we had tickets for the game.

On Friday night I went with Beckham, Connor and Sam Basham. This night we had great seats and scored five balls during batting practice.

On Saturday night I went with Sam Basham, Chris Earnshaw and Rudy. This night we had crummy seats, but got free Retro Jerseys, 2 Tacos from Taco Bell and navy Royals hats. We scored two balls this night.

On Friday Sam, Connor, Becks and I played some Wiffleball down at 18th and Paseo.

Little Paseo Wiffleball before #astros #royals game

 This is in the Royals Hall of Fame


 Beckham was intrigued by “the wave.” Really Sam may have been more excited about the wave.

 Sam did get hit by a pitch.

 Below is a hat from the Royals Hall of Fame. Nolan Ryan was wearing it when he pitched his 3,000 strike in Houston.

 Outfield view of Kauffman, which is pretty great stadium.

 Waiting in line.

 We started saving home runs while waiting in line.

 Sam with a great save.

We tried to go the Negro League Museum, but bailed on it due to time restraints and a tanker exploding on the highway. 

This is a real team name, “Black Crackers”

More Wiffleball at Paseo.




Rudy taking a picture of strangers. I wonder how they felt that I was taking a picture of him taking a picture. Astros vs Royals

Sam Ba-Sham filled out and turned in like 800 All-Star ballots as part of his master plan to get the entire American League All-Stars team to be Royals.

Sam collected about 800 All-Star ballets and filled them all out tonight. Rudy counted

This is what the balls we got during batting practice looked like.

Astros vs Royals

 Rudy wore these glasses without sides. 

Astros vs Royals

Our free hats and Rudy has on the free jersey.

Pretty fly...

I’m guessing Chris has a pretty big carbon footprint.

Astros vs Royals

You can win these seats for the game. Rudy did not win these seats, yet here he is waiting to see how long it take the guy next to him to realize he is there.


My beloved Astros warming up. I ended up with Brandon Barnes autograph. He’s one of my favorite Astros right now and solid follower of Christ.

Astros vs Royals



Beckham, First Year of baseball.

We signed up for the Spring Hill Baseball so Beckham could play his first organized sport with Jackson Shanahan. Unfortunately, Jackson broke his leg and never got to play this year. The league has been fantastic though, no practices after season begins, coaches helping during the games, they keep score, but no one seems to care if they win or not. Here are some pictures from the season.  and below are his stats from the year.

Thank you Carmen, Scott and Momo for making it out to almost every game and to everyone else who came and cheered him on. I loved to see his face light up when he looked in the stands and saw the faces of people who love him cheering him on.

Avg: .556
At Bats: 18
Hits: 10
Doubles: 0
Triples: 0
Home Runs: 0
Runs: 8
RBIs: 3

Becks played pitcher here, he even threw a guy out at first base this inning.

I love the laid back SpringHill baseball league.

Berkley and Sadie Piper mostly played on the playground, though on this day she scored some sugar left from Momo’s funnel cake.

Here Becks gets a bouncing hit

Here Sadie Piper shows us her pole skills. I should be at least a little concerned by this right?

Tammy and Jane came out to cheer Beckham on with Momo and the girls.

Becks fantastic fans tonight

Andria, Connor and Kylen came out to cheer this game. Andria really gets into these games. Lady in front of her does not.

Pretty sure lady in front will not be getting season tickets in front of Andria. #baseball #springhill

This is Becks during his first game.

Beckham first baseball game

Look how MLB he looks in this one.

Beckham first baseball game

Swinging for the fences which are 315 feet away, may take a few years to hit one that far.

Beckham first baseball game

Here he is at his first practice. He suggested the team be called Astros and after that was shot down he suggested Ninja Turtles which was also shot down. Eventually the team was named The Jedis


B with the girls…while Laura ponders the brilliance of the squeeze bunt.

B and Crazy girls

This past Monday night after the game Scott Creecy played a little Home Run Derby with us on empty field next door.

Becks vs Howdy

I was all at once trying to hit the ball and not hit the Berkley with the ball. We both came within a couple feet of a home run on a field built for 10 year olds.

Home Run Derby with Elder Creecy.

Bicycles in Olathe

Riding construction pipes #overlandpark

A few weeks ago we took our last family bike trip to a Redeemer Sunday Night gathering. Since 159th Street is under construction we rode that section for the first time and it felt like going back in time. Then we ran into Connor on the trip while we were playing on construction materials. Below are photos of the refreshing trip.

Here is Laura on a giant sewer pipe.

Beautiful Day in Kansas today.

 Sadie Piper and me playing on top of the.

Daddys are the best.

 Beckham loving the downhill speed.

Bike ride on 151st & Switzer construction

 Connor wanted a ride on the tag-a-long

Bike ride on 151st & Switzer construction

 Laura said he’s harder to ride with than Beckham.

Bike ride on 151st & Switzer construction

 Here is Connor who just rode over 14 miles from his house in Spring Hill.

Bike ride on 151st & Switzer construction

 Laura reluctantly took a few photo shoot pictures.

Bike ride on 151st & Switzer construction

 Laura things this is cheesy, but I think she looks great.

I made Laura pretend to model on our ride today. #redhead

 Good thing Connor showed up cause Sadie Piper would have only gotten part of us in this picture.

Bike ride on 151st & Switzer construction

 Someday old rain water will flow through this, for now they make great toys.

Bike ride on 151st & Switzer construction

 Family on a temporary mountain across street from Redeemer building.

Bike ride on 151st & Switzer construction

 Berkley doesn’t riding on shoulders.

Bike ride on 151st & Switzer construction

 More playing.

Bike ride on 151st & Switzer construction

 Good times on sewer pipe.

Bike ride on 151st & Switzer construction

 This one again.

Bike ride on 151st & Switzer construction

 This is Switzer just north of 151st a week ago. Makes the area feel like old farm road.

Bike ride on 151st & Switzer construction

 Here we are before the ride.

Bike ride on 151st & Switzer construction

 Breaking the Law! Breaking the Law! I don’t think we really broke the law.

Bike ride on 151st & Switzer construction

 Also saw this dude apparently put his 100% cotton motorcycle through the dryer.

Bike ride on 151st & Switzer construction

 Again, the corner of 151st and Switzer on one of the most beautiful days of the year.

Bike ride on 151st & Switzer construction

The End Is Nigh

Life has been weird lately. We’ve been planning on leaving what has been home to us. Our Church home and our literal home. This was the first house we’ve ever owned and we loved it. Two our kids were born here, we had a fantastic housemate for what was too short a time, we learned how to fix so much and  what things we just can’t fix. We gave our dog away while living in this house.

Ok, that one doesn’t belong in this list, but this house has truly been a home for us where we were able to have people over and share meals and conversation. We’ll miss all the space, our awesome neighbors and Pop Ice Thirty in the summers. Anyway, Wednesday we move everything out of our home and into storage in Manhattan, Kansas. In the meantime we’re living like squatters with mattresses on the floor.

For the next month we live like vagabonds. With the Creecys until Sunday, To Clearwater Jr High Camp monday, Laura and kids to Houston that Friday afterwards. Dunning and I to Wichita that weekend then I wander from home to home or crash in my office at church.  Laura will be back for RiverRanch July 8th – 12th. Then she returns to Houston for a couple of weeks. I’ll play survivor eating fish and snapping turtles from the pond at Redeemer.

During this time I’ll be working to raise funds for the Manhattan Project (If you are interested in helping, please give me a call 913-439-9319) so we can focus on the work when we get to Manhattan rather than divided focus between fundraising and Church Planting.

Anyway, crazy times, feel blessed for how we’ve been loved by the people of Redeemer and HCA and looking forward to seeing God buildup a church of worshippers in Manhattan.

Here is Beckham waking from a nap on Sunday afternoon.


Sadie Piper napping too. upload

Berkley getting ready for bed Sunday night.

This is our room right now. We had to sell the king size bed since it won’t fit in the new house.


We also sold the table since it wouldn’t work right in our new place in Manhattan. Sadie Piper is enjoying her breakfast here.



BBQ at Redeemer

Laura went to Dallas, I went to Wichita, Crazies went to B’s. When I returned we went to the Redeemer Missions fundraiser BBQ.

Emily C, Hannah and Alexis did a fantastic job on the face painting. Sadie Piper went with a unicorn while the rest of us were made into Ninja Turtles.

Here is Raphael

Michelangelo or Mickey as Boo calls him.

I was Leonardo

The face painting was awesome last night. Three ninja turtles and a unicorn #TMNT #ninjaturtles

Shari Felich took these next two photos. Thank you!

 Ninja Turtles from Shari

Sadie Piper from Shari

Sam did something to deserve Becks and Sadie Piper to chase him down with a water ballon.


In the end, justice was served.

Team work landed a water ballon squarely on Sam Ba-Sham

Sam also made this amazing strike zone

The strike zone of course betrayed him…
Elle & Annie were made into twinkie butterfly princesses. 
Twinkie face paint. @annie_prins


Katy Trail 2013


This was our fifth consecutive year on the MKT Rail to Trail ride. MKT stands for Missouri, Kansas, Texas. It was the name of the railway before it closed which raises a few questions. 1. If the only portion of the trail that is used for bicycling today is in Missouri, why is it known as the KT/Katy Trail. I would expect the M to remain given it’s located in Missouri. I guess in a state where your highest institution for education misspells it’s own name as Mizzou it makes a little more sense. 2. How did a railway get to Texas from Missouri and Kansas without going through Oklahoma? Yet There is no “O” in the name. Oklahoma got treated as some sort of river that just needed to be crossed. 3. How cool is it that my two favorite states and only my two favorite states are represented in the name KT Trail (Kansas & Texas Trail). ?

Anyway, this year we rode 242 miles across Missouri over four days of ridding. There was much rain and 20+ mph head winds making this the toughest year of riding. Still we made some good memories and the adventure was worth the effort.

Day One: Monday

64.2 miles. 5 hours and 20 minutes of riding. Average of 12.0 mph. Clinton to Pilot Grove.

Our summer intern Connor Lutz dropped us off and took a photo incase we would never be heard from again.

Off we go! Thanks for ride @clutz1994

Couldn’t resist Tebowing at Tebo Creek.

#tebo this is still a trend...right?

It was memorial day so I took a photo in front of this American flag.

Memorial Day Caboose #katytrail

We made it to Green Ridge just as the storm poured down. We stayed there for two and a half ours with a couple from Washington DC who keeps a blog of their bicycle travels. Tony and I are on there here, though we look a bit grumpy.

Katy Trail 2013

Tony thought is was funny that I checked my text messages during a stop, remember this.

Katy Trail 2013

Here Tony is playing the part of Adam, though thankfully clothed. While the rat snake plays the role of satan.

I witnessed the garden of Eden today. #katytrail

I love my Surly Crosscheck bike so we take a  bunch of couple pictures together. Here we are on a bridge built in 1910 and based on the condition of my car built in 2002 I feel pretty safe on it.

Bridge made in 1910 and still pretty sturdy. #katytrail #astros #dynamo

 Cool church in Sedalia.


I like to ride the vines that grow on the sides of the trail. So far they’ve never let me down.

Katy Trail 2013

Day Two: Tuesday

68 miles. 5 hours and 17 minutes. Average of 12.9 mph. Pilot Grove to Jefferson City.

In the morning we said goodbye to our favorite people on the trail Virgil and Deloris at the Pilot Grove B&B who have put us up in their actual house whenever the B&B is not available. 
Katy Trail 2013

Then off we go looking like a couple of Houston Dynamo fans. 
Katy Trail 2013

Tony decided to spontaneously shave at this particular point, what are the chances?

Katy Trail 2013

Here is Tony riding into the Rocheport Tunnel.

Katy Trail 2013

The Trailside Cafe had some pretty good Chinese food this year.

Katy Trail 2013

I found this great abandoned house near Boonville, it did need a few repairs, but otherwise perfect condition.

Katy Trail 2013

I honestly don’t remember what day this tree was on, but we stop every year. It’s huge and the pictures don’t do it justice. We met a guy there this year who was from Kansas who rode his bike to California and then to Florida and was almost home again.

Katy Trail 2013

Katy Trail 2013

Katy Trail 2013

Jefferson City is one of the best stops we make. There is an Irish Pub there that makes a deep fried batter dipped burger called the Yogi that Tony talks about all year leading up to this point. This year I at a burger called the Astro burger thinking it was named after the Houston Astros, but alas all the burgers are named after the owners dogs.

Katy Trail 2013

The city is beautiful.

Katy Trail 2013

More riding

Katy Trail 2013

Somewhere along the way is Boathenge

Katy Trail 2013

This year I took if for a spin

Katy Trail 2013

We find all sorts of animals on the trail. Marmots pop out, panic and then run off before I ever get a good look at them. Snapping turtles however are fantastic to mess with. We don’t hurt them, but we do pick them up and watch them bite sticks.

Katy Trail 2013

Day Three: Wednesday

74.6 miles. 5 hours and 48 minutes. Average of 12.9 mph. Jefferson City to Marthasville

We stay at some hotel here with make your own waffle stations. Pretty tasty, but lacking the protein we hope for. We ride back to the trail over the river on this bike path.

Katy Trail 2013

The capitol looks great from the bridge.

#jeffersoncity in 1920 when I took this photo

This is St. Mark’s Evangelical Church just outside of Rhineland. It feels like going back in time when you ride by.

Katy Trail 2013

Here is my one and only flat this year. Tony was kind enough to laugh and take a photo immediately. I returned the favor by throwing his knife into the field lost forever. Actually my hands were covered in grease and it just slippe out of my hands.

Katy Trail 2013

This grain elevator is in Treelore.

Katy Trail 2013

Katy Trail 2013

As our these two stores. The town is basically a ghost town though.

Sweet abandoned bank and store in Trelor #katytrail

Here are a few shots of Tony riding in farm fields.

Katy Trail 2013

Katy Trail 2013

Most of the day this is what we see.

Katy Trail 2013

This year in stayed in a B&B named, Monettes Cabin. It was 4 miles off the trail and down a highway. Tony was claimed there was no shoulder so I took this photo to prove that there was a shoulder and a no point were we in danger. Except for the speeding cars and the 3 inch miss of a side mirror. They were nice enough to pick us up once we chickened out.

Katy Trail 2013

Katy Trail 2013

This random rock still confounds me in the middle of nowhere.

What up, I found a big rock. #katytrail #surly #crosscheck

Day Four: Thursday

34.5 miles. 3 hours. Average of 11.5 mph. Marthasville to August + out back in St. Charles.

On Thursday we stayed in cabin until 11 before riding to Augusta to meet Laura and Shari. This picture below is out in a farmer field about 10 minutes before lightning and rain poured down. Hard to believe it looking at this now.

Katy Trail 2013

When the girls arrive the picture taking gets out of hand. I admit I’m the one taking them, but they crack me up so much it’s fun to do it. In fact it’s worth looking at the flickr set just to see the failed jumping photos of these two. This first one is actually a wrongly remembered redo of a photos from last year.

Almost forgot this one. Excited for ice cream. #katytrail

A group photo before we rode.


Ice Cream shop in Deliverance Missouri.

Katy Trail 2013

A little riding

Katy Trail 2013

Katy Trail 2013

Ride back from Machens

Katy Trail 2013

One of the things Laura and I loved about going to the K-State football game last fall with Amy & Travis was this dance they do in the stands called the Wabash. It’s a song about a railroad and we found the railroad on our ride so we danced.

Doing the #Wabash under the Wabash Railroad #ksu #kstate #amypleaseshowtravis

Lewis and Clark had a giant dog named Clifford or so it seems from this this statue.

Katy Trail 2013

Found an old grain elevator which got these two excited. #katytrail

Katy Trail 2013

I tried this train pose and I’ve got to say, way harder than it looks.

Nearly missed the train today. #katytrail

Katy Trail 2013

#katytrail 2013


Day Five: Friday

Just woke up, ate breakfast and returned to a flooded Olathe.

Katy Trail 2013

Katy Trail 2013

The girls took one more jumping shot.

Katy Trail 2013

 Maybe it was two…

Katy Trail 2013

So remember when Tony took a picture of me texting…

Katy Trail 2013



You can see the rest of the photos in Katy Trail 2013 Flickr Set or see past photos/blog post of our trip below.


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Dynamo Day 2013

Whenever the Houston Dynamo play Sporting KC we call it Dynamo Day. Which means orange everything, this year life didn’t allow for much crazy orange stuff. However some friends from HCA did give us their tickets to the game so we could even bring the kids to the game this year. Thank you so much! Here are some pictures from the festivities.

Berkley didn’t have orange so we gave her a Sporting scarf for the photo.

Happy Dynamo Day!

Laura was pumped to be there.

I told her there was an Ikea inside.

Berkley and I were bummed we couldn’t play on the inflatables. Either cause we are youngest children in our families or cause I’m too big and she’s too small.

One is too young for the bounce house and one is too old. So they hang out.

Our seats were great and Sadie Piper kept asking me if someone scored yet. Then, why does no one ever score?

Sadie Piper's very first soccer game!

We found our Texas peeps in a corner of the stadium. They were very nice to fellow orange wearers.

My Peeps #dynamo

They brought our national flag.

It's beautiful

Laura played their drum


Then it was awkward when our Kansas peeps spotted us with these newly met Texas peeps.

That awkward moment when your kansas peeps see you with your Texas peeps. #dynamo

The Sporting friends were very nice…

Can't throw a rock in this place without hitting a crazy person. This guy was actually pretty awesome. #sportingkc #dynamo

Until they vandalized Beckham.

Sporting fans vandalized my child #dynamo #sportingkc #MLS