The Last Indian Creek Trail Ride

With my family in Texas and a sermon still needing to be written I decided to take an afternoon bicycle ride on Friday. Pretty sure it will be my last once since I’m in Atlanta next week for Church Plant Training with RUF. Then lots of moves and stuff. After asking a few guys all of who were too busy to join me, off I went with just my trusted bicycle, Bumpkin (yes, I named my bike). After years of my taking pictures of my bike, my bike finally took the picture of me above (timer).


The trails in Johnson County are simply amazing. They add more miles every year, they cross rivers and creeks and go under railroads and past waterfalls. I see tons of deer, all sorts of crazy birds, snakes, turtles, lots of Gars (creepy fish). I don’t know where I will ride in Manhattan yet, I only hope it’s half as fun as Johnson County.


Above is one of the new sections, I found a side trail up to the rails so I could check out the bridge. I kept waiting for Doc Brown to show up. 


I love the railroads, always have, even as a child. To this day I’ve never been on a train, well accept that little one at the zoo.


This strange building was along the new section too. I’d never seen it before. I explored it and best I can tell it was a water fountain or bathroom or something. There is a pipe inside, but it’s been abandoned for a pretty long time.


Found this giant scoop that I put my bike in. Luckily there were not many people out due to the heat, if there had been I bet I would look insane.

This really close to 435 & Stateline, it really is like you leave the city when on the trails. Hard to tell, but the rock sticks out way over the water.


So I ran out of water awhile back and it's hot so that may be it, but I think this house is watching me. #creepy

This house is at the corner of Red Bridge Road and Blue River Road. It has some woman’s eyes drawn on it. I took a photo just be certain it wasn’t the heat causing me to see this.


I came across this plant busting through the asphalt today. My head has been on the image of planting and watering, but God causing the growth (1 Corinthians 3:6). So when I saw this I realized sometimes the ground is not the most fertile of locations and

I turned around to take a photo of this after passing it. I just loved the way it was growing out of asphalt, it’s gotta be one of the least fertile places to grow anything and yet God is causing growth there. I love it.

Had a great time on this ride. Thankful to God for these sort of joys, especially during such a weird time of transition and being homeless.