The Wabash

When I first came to a K-State game with Travis I learned about what may be the best song and dance ever. Both are called the Wabash. The song is really old and been used by other colleges before. It’s named after a railroad line that is no longer in use. The song has an interesting story regarding how it became such a part of K-State history as you can see in this video. We are becoming quite the Wabashers around here.

Kansas State University | Wildcat Way | Walbash “Directors Cut” from James Rico on Vimeo.


Summer 2013: Houston– Friends!

 My favorite part of this summer was seeing so many friends!

We made a few trips to Katy to see my best friend from high school (actually Jr High!!) Maggie and her family.

Just to show you what I mean, this is us in Jr high!

Screen shot 2012-02-20 at 2.28.14 PM

Holy shorts and socks Batman!

Screen shot 2012-02-20 at 2.27.48 PM

And we only get cooler with age into High School…

Please notice that we both have overalls on. We both owned both “Short-all” AND overalls. We had moved on from the shorts and were much cooler now.

Screen shot 2012-02-20 at 2.29.46 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-20 at 2.28.06 PM

So, in conclusion to this, over the years we’ve lost some baby fat, but gained some babies, and we wanted them to know each other too!

Her “neighborhood” has 10 pools. Like good ones. Pool time was a great way to spend the hot days, so we checked a few of those 10 off our list too!

These girls loved each other!

I got to spend the last few days with my best friend from high school. Our girls got along as well as we do!! @magpiedean

We intended to just go one day, but had so much fun we went back again and spend the night even!

Oh the many nights this was Maggie and I! Sure, they stayed up WAYYYYYYY late giggling, but we decided it was worth it!

We made a fun donut trip the next morning!

SP and Lucy hit it off right away. They are two peas in a pod.

But so were Maggie and I

Screen shot 2012-02-20 at 2.27.36 PM

Also (since we didn’t take any pictures of ourselves…being severely outnumbered by kids), and so Maggie doesn’t hate me forever, here’s a picture of her gorgeous self and cute family modern era!! 🙂


Then we also got to seen Hat and Brookie IN TEXAS!!

#kindredspirits these two.

Berkley was into tackling Brookie for some reason!

The kids had never been in a hotel and thought it was the greatest!

Brookie getting all the Hough girl love and Hat getting stuck with just the Dudleys!

We also made a day trip to College Station to see my college roommate Alissa and Greg and their four adorable boys!

Here she is in college!


We agreed these two can get married…

AND we got to see Carolyn’s mom and her TRIPLET nieces and nephew!! (No Carolyn though 🙁 )

New York Cosmos Are Back

NewYorkCosmos Intro 4

When I was child I only knew the name of one soccer team. The New York Cosmos. When I learned about them, they didn’t even exist anymore (I was born in 1978). I remember hearing about how amazing they were, how many people came to watch them, how the greatest player in history, PelĂ©, had played for them. The team excited me to think what soccer could be in the United States and they saddened me since there was no soccer league in the states. You can watch a free documentary about the original Cosmos on YouTube.


In 2010 someone finally bought the rights to the name and rebooted the New York Cosmos. They hired Pelé to be a spokes person, they also hired two of my three favorite soccer players ever. Eric Cantona (left) and Cobi Jones (right). The third is Clint Mathis, if Berkley had been born a boy she would be Berkley Mathis Hough (what were we thinking?).

Eric Cantona was a legendary Frenchman who played for Manchester United. His biography is one of the best I’ve read. He is a brilliant man who did some truly stupid things. How the Cosmos got him to be their Director of Soccer I do not know, but  I love that he is part of the team.

Cobi Jones played college soccer at UCLA, when I was a child my brothers and I met him at some sort of olympics game. He stayed after the game and talked with us. Between his kindness and sweet dreadlocks I was a fan from that day forward. He has no historical ties to the Cosmos, but the fact that he’s involved is fantastic. Now if only they would sign up Clint Mathis.

This past August the NEW New York Cosmos played their first game in the NASL (North American Soccer League). It’s a second division league and they are dominating so far, the goal is to get into the MLS (first division league) eventually. Personally I kinda like them out of the MLS because they can control their players and who makes their uniforms and all sorts of other things that right now MLS dictates for their teams.

As I have watched a few games I’ve been impressed with the quality of soccer, it’s fast and skillful, it’s really fun to watch. Best of all you can watch them for free by going to or depending on away or home game.

The NASL is just a fun league that I hope to see grow as they add teams each year. Currently there are eight teams Tampa Bay Rowdies, Fort Lauderdale Strikers, San Antonio Scorpions, Atlanta Silverbacks, FC Edmonton, Carolina Railhawks and the Minnesota United. Next season they will add the Ottawa Fury, Virginia Cavalry and Indy Eleven. After that Jacksonville and Oklahoma City will both be getting teams.

NASL League Team Logos

If you like soccer keep an eye on the New York Cosmos who are currently an underdog, but have been called the Once and Future Kings of American Soccer. Below are a few more photos that represent this great team.

Here Pelé is carried off the field after a victory, I believe it is Giants Stadium.


This is Eric Cantona looking grumpy.


Cobi Jones after joining the Cosmos team.


Pelé being Pelé



New York Cosmos

Here is a shot of the current team scoring on the Tampa Bay Rowdies.



Arrow Coffee Co.


Jon, Andria, a pastor in town, and a few others have all told me about this new place in Manhattan called Arrow Coffee Co. When I asked what it was they said they make pour over coffee one cup at a time. My first thought was Keurig also makes coffee one cup at time. After reading about how pour over is becoming trendy in my google news last night I figured I should go try it out.

This morning I came to Arrow Coffee Co at 1800 Claflin Road. An employee named Hillary asked if I was in a hurry and once she learned I wasn’t took a little time to explain the whole process to me. They don’t roast their own coffee. Instead they get coffee from small farms in various countries.

She explained that larger farms have trouble really caring for the plant and process of growing coffee properly, that smaller farms are able to provide more care from the farmer. That certainly made me wonder about the size of churches and their care for the people. Can a 2,000 member church care for the saints as well as a 200 member church? Something to think about, but this is about coffee.

So they grind the beans and put it into this paper coffee filter. The technology is 105 years old.  Melitta Bentz was frustrated with how coffee grinds often ended up in her coffee so she started experimenting with solutions. She ended up using her son’s blotting paper, which she found in a school book. She used a nail to poke a hole in a brass pot and thus invented drip coffee brewing. She started a whole company that still exists today in Germany, Melitta Inc.

Methods for brewing coffee have advanced to all sorts of crazy ways today. Today though there is a movement back to the basics, paper filter, boiling water and great beans. Basically what vinyl is to music, pour over is to coffee. Here you can see my cup being made this morning.

Pour over is to coffee what vinyl is to music. Old fashion method that people swear taste better. It's slow, which I appreciate. It is also pretty great coffee. #arrowcoffee #arrowcoffeeco #manhattanks

I admit to being a skeptic, you won’t see me buying a record player (though, to be fair the last one I heard was playing the Houston Oilers theme song in the late 80s), but I have to admit it’s really good coffee.

A customer today said this pretty great quote which I’ll end with as it gives a great impression of the environment here, “You know what I like more than I do, that’s why I come here.”

Devotional: Follow Me


Our house was built in 1956 and the floor squeak when we walk. During the day it’s so little I don’t even notice it, but early in the morning, if one or both of us is trying to get to the kitchen for caffeine before reading and prayers the squeak is a scary thing. It could wake the sleeping children and that would end the peace and quiet. For two months now we have failed to accomplish the silent walk.

This morning Laura tells me, “I have found the way, follow me.”

So I did. And the floor squeaked the whole way. In my head all I could think was, “Laura Baura, you have NOT found the way.” To her credit no one woke.

It reminded me of Paul speaking in 1 Corinthians 11:1 where he says, “Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.”

There is a sense in which he boldly says like Laura, “I have found the way, follow me.” And I imagine, like following Laura this morning, if I followed Paul I would have seen the floor squeak at times and wonder if this is indeed the way.

We would have seen his sin and failure and repentance and renewed passion for Christ. I don’t think it’s fair to think Paul was as holy as I often imagine him to be.

After all in Romans 7:15 he says, “For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate.” So the floor squeaked beneath Paul’s feet. He also was a man who despite all his failures always returned to the only place where hope and forgiveness is found, the cross of Jesus Christ.

I think what I loved about this idea is that I don’t have to walk the path perfectly to be used of God in the work of redemption that He is doing. I can have confidence to say like Laura with the floors or Paul with life, I’ve found the way, follow me.

As people follow they will see and hear my mistakes and God wiling they will see repentance and resting in the Gospel and they will see worship of God that is fulfilling.

Besides I’m not asking you to follow me to see me, I’m asking you to follow me cause I’m going to Jesus and I want you to see Him. May we as the people of God say with confidence, follow me as I follow Christ.

Snap Shots: Late September

This should have been posted awhile back, but I got caught up in a few things and forgot. That happens sometimes. once I even didn’t reply to an email to a guy for 10 days by accident. Anyway here are some pictures from second half of September 2013. We certainly have received “Grace upon grace” in this life.

Boo licking spoons since she is only one home during days now.

Perk #117 of being the youngest child: You get to lick the beaters AND the spoon since everyone else is at school!

I may have scared our neighbors doing a little studying in my monk robe.

Any way you look at it, he's weird. @brianhough

Beckham got involved in an air-soft fight in the field in our backyard. Berkley and I just sat in the hammock and watched.


Becks ended up in a air soft war with neighborhood kids in backyard today.

We played a little Wiffleball finally.


#Wiffleball in the yard. They wanted to hit apples for some reason.

Berkley basically finds someone in hammock and cuddles up.

Hammock cuddles

On bike ride back from Varsity Donuts birthday we found this sweet Indiana Jones motorcycle.

Transportation Batman and Robin style.

Morgan and Andria helping the Dunning move. Andria is modeling a toilet seat they had in storage while Morgan effortlessly fits into a kids seat.

Moving Time

Here we got to meet new friend Sophie for the first time while celebrating Varsity’s birthday.


All over town you’ll see people wearing shirts with this on it, Texas State Champs. Last year K-State football beat every team in Texas, thus the state champs shirts. This year it hasn’t gone so well.

Sadie Piper’s class had Jammies day so she rode with hers on. Seriously, can you get any cuter?

Sadie Piper had pajama day at school today. #leeschool #manhattanks

Damian and Boo relaxing.

Damian and Boo hammock time. #manhattanks

Damian and Boo and others no longer relaxing.

WWE in the living room.

Rudy taking part in the Victoria Secret day at the Student Union.

After lunch he wanted to take Victoria Secret Pink dog home. #kstate

David Tompkins zip tied Rudy, I rescued him before his hands fell off.

@tompkins_david zip tied Rudy's hands together after waking him up. #kstate

Junction City Vehicle


Life is hard for the youngest. “My head is too big!”

Stuck. She wasn't as assumed by this as we were this morning. (It may not have helped that I left her like this to go get a camera)

Sunset on Top of the World, it’s a spot that looks out over the city, basically make out point.

Berkley found this “stage” to dance upon.

Here Jon, Andria and Nicola practice for our first worship service. They with Christine and Amy did a great job!

Beckham and I were lucky recipients to the game (Thanks Travis!) and had a great time.

The players are fantastic at interacting with the fans.

Beckham ordering at the bar found at the Hilton’s tailgate.

Bartender Damian serving Beckham at tailgate. #kstate #ksu

pretty sure he has a crush on the girl on the right, he was very nervous, but excited to get his picture with her and he kept asking me to take pictures of her which is just creepy for me. He sure liked watching her twirl though.

Becks meeting baton twirlers #kstategameday

This is our church logo. I love it. You can learn why it’s a rooster (not a chicken!) here.

MPC #manhattanks

While in Topeka watching the mighty HCA Chargers Soccer team Becks and I stopped for some Midwest Mex. He asked if we could wear the sombreros, so we did.

Grabbed some Mexican after the HCA game.

In Aggieville there is a home that speaks to my own heart. Twin loves.


Laura and I went on a date night to 99 cent night at Rusty’s Bar and went ahead and ordered everything on the menu.

We had a visit from the Creecy’s which was very encouraging, of course we all went to Varsity

On Wednesday’s we have Killer Bee Adventures when Sadie and Laura go to dance class. Killer Bee as in B-rian, B-eckham, B-erkley. Here they are holding tadpoles.


We went to watch Indelible Grace in Olathe and on the way Chris beat up a Jayhawk.

Stopped in Lawrence for a beat down.

A little wiffle in the cemetery. Somewhere here is the grave of Tiger Wood’s dad. It’s unmarked, but I still plan to find it.

Grave Yard Wiffle. #manhattanks #wiffle

B and Howdy  read to Beckham.

In the fort reading with Becks