When The Fields Were On Fire…

Ross King is hands down my favorite singer/songwriter. I turn on his music when life starts to beat me down and he never fails to point me to Christ and something bigger than myself in His plan. He speaks truth into my life when I need it most.

His song, When the Fields were on Fire, was in my head when we were watching the fields burn today. When I went back and listened to it today–it’s about KANSAS. It’s also about our refinement to look more like Christ. I highly recommend his stuff!

We have heard about fields being burned around here and really wanted to check this off our bucket list. And today we got to! We stumbled upon “top of the world” (a lookout overlooking…well, overlooking our little world here in Manhattan!) being burned today and it was even cooler than we had hoped!

Here you can see that the burning isn’t an entire field on fire (as I imagined) but a line of fire.


It’s a super fast burn. The grass burns very quickly. They do this yearly so new grass and plants are able to grow. It renews the fields. They said two weeks from now the entire fields will be green again. I can see why Ross was inspired by this analogy.


County and city firefighters spent today (because of perfect conditions of moisture and wind) burning fields all over town. It smells very smokey outside today!

There’s a science to this that we learned and were fascinated by (I’ll spare you). It was much more controlled and they were much calmer than I would have expected!

 The landscape begged for a Walking Dead picture

We also couldn’t resist this:

Fire Before

Fire After

Here’s when they had only done one side.

Light side vs Dark side #mhk #fieldburning






No Berkley in any of these pictures. That’s cause she’s deathly afraid of fire. She spend the entire time in the car!

And pictures in a tractor is a given too:



Brian didn’t want to be left out of the scooper pictures! 

When we got home, Brian tried to burn our front yard.

But we don’t have grass…

Manhattan Pres Game night

MPC Game Night February 28 2014

Let me start by saying one of the many, many great things about Morgan is her love for people. She decorated the chalkboard wall, and when Sadie Piper asked to help, she let her. Really let her.

MPC Game Night February 28 2014

She let SP draw the “night” and all the stars on the right. And she didn’t redo it to match with the rest of her wall that took her forever to do. She let her really help. SP was so proud that she got to be like Morgan. And Morgan didn’t love perfection more than she loved Sadie. I want to be more like Morgan like that.

MPC Game Night February 28 2014

I think this is some sort of game lingo that means “this is Joe’s cup”

MPC Game Night February 28 2014

This is some serious gaming…

MPC Game Night February 28 2014

MPC Game Night February 28 2014

The other room housed the less intense gamers. You know, the ones who just write their name on their cups using the lame English alphabet.

MPC Game Night February 28 2014

MPC Game Night February 28 2014

Sam and Tim

MPC Game Night February 28 2014

I think these two may have been kicked out of the serious game room…:)

MPC Game Night February 28 2014

MPC Game Night February 28 2014

MPC Game Night February 28 2014

Nicole and Nicola. Our beautiful pianists!

MPC Game Night February 28 2014

Joe as a “meeple.”

MPC Game Night February 28 2014

Junie B Hough’s life

This cat.

Momo said it best I think. “It’s a good thing Junie B has the personality she does or else she wouldn’t still be around.” (as in, we would have given her away…we have done that a time or two when an animal doesn’t “work out”!)

Junie B and Berkley are best buddies. We are not sure why though. Here are some more spots she’s been put in:

Boo was so excited to hold Junie B’s hand…

And then I think she was trying to make her smile for the picture?

She’s gonna hug her and squeeze her and love her forever!

See the cat’s arm?

Here she is…in the box

I’m not positive what this pose is…but Junie B COULD be running away and hiding under a couch. But she’s not…why???

Berkley was using the bowls as ice skates. And giving Junie B some love too!

“I was covering her mouth so she would be quiet for the camera”

Best friends forever. They even hang out at bath time.

Best Friends Forever. They even hang out at bath time.

And snack time.

Junie B just stays, why does she stay? Stockholm Syndrome?

The fact that we got this on video was priceless! Berkley is trying to bury Junie B…but Junie B evades it, and Berkley doesn’t know it! 
Before you think we are horrible people, here’s what we can’t understand: Brian and I have given this cat a bath. Both of us together have a VERY hard time. So, if Junie B wants to get away, she can. This we know for sure. Berkley does have to put her down when she meows, but really, she just takes most of this. And then, when we put the kids to bed at night, Junie B walks around their doors meowing for them. We just don’t get it. She also tries to sneak in their rooms. I find her in Berkley’s bed many nights.

But then there’s Sadie Piper. Junie B loves that this girl doesn’t treat her like a doll. Sadie’s a breath of fresh air for her!


Reading Junie B books with Junie B!

Day in life 2014

Sadie did figure out that Junie B has “crazy eyes” as we call them around here

Kitty Camoflauge

Kitty camouflage.

Berkley talking “cat”

St Patty’s Day Parade!

Manhattan loves its parades + We love parades = We love Manhattan

Yay for Spring! It warmed up some this week finally! Just in time for the St Patrick’s Day parade!

We rode our bikes to Aggieville, and as we were riding to find seats it felt like we were IN the parade. I may have waved.




St Paddy's Parade #mhk #manhattanks

Berkley’s not the greatest waiter…



This cow makes an appearance at most of the parades. And we all get just as excited every time!

These are who we call “the littlests”




Horse Nano #mhk #manhattanks

#mhk #manhattanks


What’s a St Patty’s parade without bagpipes?



And what’s a parade in Kansas without Wizard of Oz?

Wizard of Oz in #MHK


These guys were making me nervous hitting each other. Then I remembered they were probably ok with the armor…
#mhk #manhattanks

Found this guy after the parade too!

Ninja Turtle and Mid evil Warrior. #mhk #manhattanks


Brian knows that exact moment in life when he needs to say “Let’s just go out for dinner tonight” before I go over the edge of being overwhelmed/tired/cranky/so many other reasons. A few weeks ago we had one of those nights and headed out to Freddy’s. It was much needed for us; we ate slowly, and enjoyed each other. And somehow a game of telephone started!

Berkley may  have been the “weakest” link, but let’s be honest: a game of telephone isn’t as much fun if you don’t have a Berkley in the game to botch it up!

 There were many many giggles!!

Here’s what we are talking about:



Construction Paper Fashion

This past week I saw this post about a mom who made dresses out of construction paper. The dress designs became more elaborate each time they did it.

So when the snow fell this Sunday morning we decided to use this idea as fun family activity. We divided into two teams for a fashion show. Brian, Beckham & Berkley as the Killer Bs and Laura & Sadie Piper as the The Owls (no idea why).

Step One
Find a dress to replicate, we looked in magazines for this.

The Owls picked this one in the middle, but wanted it more colorful.

The Killer Bs went with this one from Katy Perry.


Step Two
Sketch the dress, no idea why, just seen this is how real people do it.

Owls added color.

Beckham sketched for the Killer Bs

Beckham Sketch of Berkley's Dress

Make the Dress and show it.

Here is a video of the reveal.

Here are photos of the results.

Construction Paper Fashion Show March 2014

Turns out construction paper isn’t very easy to move around in and I have serious doubts about the durability of this material going forward, but sure makes for a fun snow day project.