Capitol Building of Kansas Visit

After hearing about it from the Albrechts, we visited the State Capitol Building recently in Topeka, Kansas. We were running a little late so we had to make a mad dash around the place to get caught up with the tour. Felt a little like a scene from  National Treasure.

It didn’t take long to notice there was a Texas flag among the American Flag and the English flag. Turns out the collection of flags was all the nations that Kansas has been under. Part of Kansas was once Texas, it’s starting to make sense why we feel so at home here. But I guess by this reasoning Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma and New Mexico would feel like home as well.

Here is a picture of the Map overlayed with the United States today to help you see. 

The building is beautiful, very elaborate.

They were doing some construction at first which Boo did not like at all. She must have good ears cause she hates noise.

Found Lance Kinzer on the wall which was very cool. He goes to Redeemer in Overland Park.

Also found his desk.

This is the State Supreme Court.

Here they are in the seats.

This is John Brown in Civil War painting. John Brown died in 1859, the Civil War began in 1861. But still this is what John Brown would have looked like had he lived to see the Civil War. He’s got a Beecher Bible in one hand (that’s the gun) and an actual Bible in the other hand.

This is the Governor’s Ceremonial Office. Apparently he dislikes Buffalo as much as I do, one dead on the wall, one dead on his desk. It was incredibly soft which was unexpected.

The art work was pretty cool.

I noticed they had a W that must stand for Wiffleball in the center of the circle. Yes, I actually had a wiffle ball in my pocket.

This was from way way up high heading towards the dome. I was intrigued to see they only finished off the side of the columns that can be seen by visitors below. What a picture of how we sometimes function in our faith- only working on the part of our lives that is visible by others.

As we climbed towards the top of the dome we had this nice view. 

This is Laura and Berkley chickening out and heading back to the real floors. The dome below them is the above portion of the dome in previous photos. It’s glass to let light in before the invention of electricity and light bulbs.

I laughed at this. Get there, get there… She’s still Jenny from the block.

This was our final ascent, pretty sure this was a 14,000 foot mountain equivalent.

Now were on the outside of the top of the dome.

We wanted to throw this, but they said no throwing things off the top.

The climb down.

Laura and Berkley were so traumatized they went to the very bottom floor.

World Cup Fever

June Snap Shots

Just a few picture from the month of June.

While on the Taste of the Ville Laura got up on the bar at Tubby’s.

While she was in NYC our children did the same.

I have a friend who is planting a church in Wichita and we had a nice morning meeting in Hillsboro, Kansas. It’s a small town so we had to go get cash from the bank to buy coffee. On the wall was this Kansas flag emblem made from carpet scraps.

This is a Kansas flag emblem  made of carpet scraps. It art on the wall of bank. Bet making the Texas flag from carpet is easier. #kansas #kansasflag #hillsboro

Here is Tom and his Barackoccino. That’s a picture of what their actual menu says.

Soooo this is an actual coffee you can order in Hillsboro, Kansas. #obama #kansas

Becks playing on this crazy Dodgers team and loving it.

If look at the details you'll see these guys are basically the kids from The Sandlot. #mhk #baseball #dodgers

Here are a few of his fans, Emerald and Hat.

Dodgers Baseball (Beckham 2014)

I burn money just for fun. (fake money, real fire)

Laura and I went to watch the Astros plan and Jerome Williams took this picture with me.

This is from the Progressive Dinner Bike Event in Manhattan.

Berkley is barefoot 95% of the time during the summer. We almost never leave a place without saying, “Where are your shoes?”

We’ve been playing bunches of Wiffleball


I took a nice slow paced bike ride and then made this on my phone while recovering, ironically I was rushing and spelled “Life” wrong.

Yep, more Wifleball

Hat drew this of Beckham.

Shirts for ManhattanPres came in.


Varsity Donuts made a Frozen donut this summer.

Frozen Donuts

This is a lamp on the wall of Radinas Bakehouse in Manhattan. I’m intrigued by it.

Radinas Bake House in Manhattan, Kansas. Light over a couple of chairs.

In June I was able to do the first Baptism in MPC History, Baby Camille Sheffield Catudal.

It was also the first baptism I’ve done, so after Andria brought the old Redeemer baptismal I practiced on a baby doll. I had to know how much water to put on the child.


As a sign of what a dork I am, I made a Lego WiffleballLego Wiffleball, it doesn't curve.

I got a call from Damian to come play Puddle Volleyball. What? I had to find out. Was seriously fun.

Puddle volleyball might be my new favorite sport. #mhk

I took this on the drive back from the Shanahan’s House, it’s beautiful drive and the rain made it especially cool looking.

A little water balloon fight we had to cool off a bit.

Crushing his sister proved to be quite satisfying.

Free Ice Cream (thanks to

Sadie Piper in a Mindcraft Creeper head.

We’ve eaten outside a bunch this summer, Sadie’s waiting for the fajitas to grill.

Beckham with his airsoft gun and tin cans.

Dodgers Baseball (Beckham)

This year Beckham played for the World Famous Mike Bean Dodgers Machine Pitch Team. It was fun to see his confidence grow over last year as he began to relax and just enjoy the game. His teammate were great and they had a great time playing and goofing off when things got slow. We are very thankful that God put us on this team though sure wish Aiden and Jackson could have been on it too. (Manhattan Parks and Rec won’t let you pick anyone to be on your team).

I’m a dork and actually keep his stats. Here they are.

Beckham – Dodgers Game Average AB Hits 2nd 3rd HR RBI Runs K BB
TOTAL 0.824 17 14 11 0 0 8 11 0 0
Athletics 1 1.000 3 3 10 0 0 3 2 0 0
Royals 2 1.000 2 2 1 0 0 2 2 0 0
Rangers 3 1.000 2 2 0 0 0 0 2 0 0
Giants 4 0.333 3 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 0
Braves 5 0.750 4 3 0 0 0 1 2 0 0
Pirates 6 1.000 3 3 0 0 0 1 2 0 0

Dodger 2014 (Beckham)

Dodgers Baseball (Beckham 2014)

Dodgers Baseball (Beckham 2014)

Dodgers Baseball (Beckham 2014)

Dodgers Baseball (Beckham 2014)

Dodgers Baseball (Beckham 2014)

Dodgers Baseball (Beckham 2014)

Dodgers Baseball (Beckham 2014)

Dodgers Baseball (Beckham 2014)

Dodgers Baseball (Beckham 2014)

Dodgers Baseball (Beckham 2014)

Here Beckham is the first batter of the inning, he’s up there ready to bat focused like the ball is on the way, however the ball is still in the glove of Coach Mike who’s nowhere close the machine yet. He stayed that way for about two minutes.

Dodgers Baseball (Beckham 2014)

Dodgers Baseball (Beckham 2014)

Dodgers Baseball (Beckham 2014)

Dodgers Baseball (Beckham 2014)

This guy was 3 for 3 and I felt sick every time I yelled "Go Dodgers"


What the Wheat Fields Really Look Like

Anyone who has ever dreamed of Missions or Church Planting or just living Missionally in their neighborhood has thought about this statement by Jesus found in John 4:35

“Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest.”

I’ve done it.

Something like this beautiful field I saw on Zeandale Road outside of Manhattan.

Row after row of perfect golden wheat. How do you pick this wheat? Tons at a time, machines that collects the ripe wheat.


That’s not what missions and church planting or just being a light to your neighbors is like. At least not 99% of the time.

I rode past the field below this morning south of town. As soon as I saw it. I saw it.

This is more like the field we are called to harvest. You’ll need to look closely. There is wheat in their, but there is also weeds, lots of them and all sorts of them.

Harvesting this field is hard work. You wander through weeds, you pick one at a time. I was encouraged to stop looking for the field above and start working in the field below. It’s slow work, but as God makes the wheat ripe, we harvest wherever it is.


City of Manhattan Bicycle Progressive Dinner

May was Bicycle Month and the City of Manhattan had a lot of fun events planned! The last one was a Bike Progressive Dinner that was open to all ages!

Great people on the Bike Progressive Dinner. Plus more than willing to throw their hands up. #mhk #manhattanks #bikemonth


We met in Triangle Park in Aggieville

Manhattan Bike Month Progressive Dinner 2014

Manhattan has a Bike Progressive Dinner. Love this town. #mhk #manhattanks

Manhattan Bike Month Progressive Dinner 2014

Manhattan Bike Month Progressive Dinner 2014

Manhattan Bike Month Progressive Dinner 2014

Our house is up a hill, so although it’s super easy and fast to get places, it’s a harder, slower ride home. But this day Beckham cruised up the hill (he didn’t walk his bike at all…even I have yet to pull that off!) so I tried to keep up with him and Brian stayed with Sadie. They made a fun stop at Kimball Castle



Sadie Piper found a rope swing at Kimble Castle. #mhk #manhattanks