I adore California sushi…a
…but not as much as I adore my California friend!!  A

MLK day is free ice skating day in Manhattan!!
Free ice skating day is our fav! @mhk


Just hangin’ out with Lucy!

I think Sadie's book is upside down. @manhattanpublib #mhk

This letter was great!


Pretty dancing girls

I grew up with all boys and I gotta say, girls are just different in a really cool way. Boys would never say goodbye like this.

And pretty singing girlsupload

She set up an “office” to “work” (“just like Dad”)



They made houses on the ground. And beds. And went to sleep.

November 2014

Stunting! November 2014

This is just wrong. My feet, Beckham’s shoes.

Nov 2014

Cause I had a bad day…

I had a rough morning (in the interest of not being too dramatic, it was a first world problem, but since I live in a first world country, I’m a brat like that). I took the kids to school and ran an errand and came home to this: (I’m Elf, Boo is Lambie and Brian is the blue flashlight friend)


Let’s talk donuts. So, while Varsity makes the best donuts ever, Daylight Donuts makes donut holes worth going over our “donut budget” for (we don’t actually have a donut budget. I wish we did…). It started in college when their was a Daylight Donuts attached to the local coffee shop that Brian and I studied at a lot (Sweet Eugenes Aggie friends!). They were $.99 a dozen. I was too broke to be able to “splurge” like that, but if I could dig in Brian’s backpack and find $1.07 I could buy a bag, so I have fond memories of that place.

They started construction on a building this Fall and when we stopped to ask the construction workers what it was going to be (cause we do that a lot), when they said Daylight Donuts, I did a little happy dance!

Just so happens that this rough day coincided with their grand opening. So Brian went out and made my day a LOT better!


Here’s “me” with everything a girl could want: donut holes, Two Dots (try it, it’s a great game!), cookies and wine (never mind that’s it’s 9:30 am…)! IMG_0507

Berkley noticed that the donuts have Brian’s “favorite animal” on them too



Sadie Piper’s 1st grade program

The music teacher at Lee organizes the cutest music programs!



Although, admittedly, this was an unfortunate pose to catch them in…


I went up closer to take pictures of SP, I look back to see this:

They were doing all the motions too

Also, yes, the Bs were dressed, well, like this:


Would this have been ok with me in my younger days?


Absolutely not. IMG_0515

Did it save me time when we got home and so I was totally cool with it?




We dig it: Big Poppi Bicycle Co!



Before we even moved to Manhattan, Brian was obsessed with Big Poppi Bicycle Co. He was so excited to support a local bike shop that you could tell had a passion for biking. Then, he learned the owners are our neighbors and was star struck! They are the nicest couple you will meet and we love Big Poppi even more than we thought!

This Christmas, they had pictures with Santa, bicycle-style! You get to pull his sleigh on your bike!


They even had fun hats and noses! Our kids thought that was the coolest! They will take any opportunity to dress up!





Santa looks fake, he was totally real!

I like this one! 

We also had the privilege of being in their 2015 bike catalog!  Check them out in Aggieville, they are the best!!

big poppi catalog

Youngest child woes and pros

This girl.a

She’s coming into her own. And her own is funny!


This is when she said her finger was a girl. She put the dress on it and drew a face on it too.

Nov 2014

She says things like “fort out” (a mix between a fort and hide out”) and we don’t correct her.

After we visited some friends and their new kittens, she told me “Mom, some people get pets, and they get to KEEP them.”


I think the youngest spot in birth order is the best one to have. But, on the down side, she does have to play more by herself than the others do. (This is usually easy on Mondays after she’s spent the weekend submitting to what and how her siblings want to play and she’s ready to make some decisions on her own, but later in the week she loves company)

One day she spent the (Monday) morning playing Birthday Party with her stuffed animals.  All of that pile of “presents” she wrapped up and then opened


Then they played Pin the Tail on the Donkey


Complete with bandanas to cover their eyes!


Then she taped the “tail” to the doll’s hand


And let them all have a turn!


She told Brian one day “Dad I know why we are both crazy.” Brian: “Yeah?” Boo: “It’s cause were both the littlest.”

She embraces being the little one. Loves being called Boo and anything little, it’s “Boo-sized”

She calls the fries that have some potato skin still on them at Chick-fil-a “potatoe fries” and gives them to Brian, disgusted. I’m guessing she doesn’t know fries are made from potatoes, cause we asked her what the other ones are and she says “Chick-fil-a fries.”

She recently discovered that both Beckham and Sadie Piper have this book:


She wouldn’t have put it together that she is missing…except that they have their pictures in them.

OK, I can fix this. I hop on eBay and $4 and a week later have this:


Her very own book.

Until I realized I have NO printed pictures of her. None.

Sigh. I tried.

Bethlehem Revisited


This Advent season MPC got a group to go to “Bethlehem Revisited” a live reenactment of the story of Christ. We were severely out numbered in the kid to adult ratio! IMG_0384


It was cold this night, but they served cookies and hot chocolate while you waited, so everyone was happy! IMG_0392

They bus you out a few minutes to a property set up for this walk through the story. This was the first time Boo had ever been on a bus!IMG_0407

The thing I loved most was that they started at the beginning, just like God did! So first stop was Moses. There was a fire and a prophet at each stop who foretold Christ’s birth. So you would walk to a station, stop and listen to them explain how they waited for Christ, and then go to the next one.


They have this whole property decked out for this event. It’s impressive!! Lots of live animals!


When we got to Bethlehem, it too was so realistic!


The people got super loud, selling and begging and talking to us!


Mary pulls up on a real donkey!


This was my favorite part…it was so dark, but then they got to the part about the angels announcing Christ’s birth, this spot lit up and the “angel” choir sang!




If you live in Manhattan, make sure you put it on your bucket list! It was great!!


Our week


This room has been our “what if” room. It was added on to our house at some point as a sun room. It was enclosed, but just with storm windows. We could cool it down in the summers with a window unit, but it was no match for the winter. The room became unusable once it got cold. We always thought about sealing it off, but then we realized we don’t know what we are doing. Then we met the Machinas. And our life changed! Rich has helped Brian transform it into a real live room we can use….all year round!




SP chipped in!


I’ll post another pic once it’s done! Yay!! THANKS RICH!!!

These two drew mouse noses and flowers on each other. Why??


Our little nerd! He’s listening to Harry Potter and reading comic books!


Brian braided Boo’s hair, but I guess didn’t have a hair tie. So he improvised. With a stapler.


Oh, you know, just hanging with James Harden…in cardboard.

James Harden and I hung out today. I taught him how to shoot a half court hook shot. #rockets #jamesharden #nba


It’s birthday season around here. How did he get to be 9??


Sometimes there’s something deep. Sometimes funny. Sometimes wise. Never know what we will find written on the fridge. This day it was just weird.