Funny Book

Berkley: I drew a rainbow farting cat. It’s fat because it ate a trampoline.

Here’s her drawing:


Brian: I don’t like the way Reebok makes me feel mentally
June 2015
Boo: me and Sadie are fart guns.
Sadie: together we make a fart gun. Mine are stinky and hers are loud.
Radio: your lips taste like sangria.
Becks: he eats lips!??

Berkley tossed her ice cream into a cup of root beer and we laughed. Then she kept telling us.
I told her “remember it was only funny the first time”
Boo: “yeah!! Cause I went SPLAT!”
We laughed and she said “Was it funny again?!”
Shoot, she won.
Berkley: mom, do you feel what I feel?
Laura: what do you feel?
Berks: nothing

Sadie with her panties in a wad, coming to tattle: Mom! Beckham said I was normal! I am not normal!

Beckham: I didn’t say she was “normal,” I said she was like a normal girl who likes girl things.
(She was SUPER offended by being called “normal!”)
Berkley (holding an arrow): “where’s the Bowen?”
Beckham: “it’s only a bow. You have the arrow. It’s a “bow ‘N arrow!!””
June 2015

Becks walks in the house to find Harriet sitting at table, he stares.

Hat: Beckham are you just gonna stare at me or are you going to come give me a hug?
Becks: I’m just gonna stare at you a little longer

Laura: “Berkley, am I gonna remember you this young when you get bigger?”

Berkley: “Well, yeah. You took a lot of pictures.”

I think I'm sadder about this missing tooth than about her starting kindergarten! Too many "lasts" this week...

Berkley: this is the best day ever! Anyways, I got a spanking, but it’s still the best day ever!!

Berkley: Dad are you gonna finish your book?
Brian: Maybe
Berkley: Are you going to read all of it?
Brian: I might.
Berkley: Only if I stop talking to you huh?
She found an American Girl doll that looks just like her. #AmericanGirl
Laura: “they don’t send you home with an instruction manual when you have a baby.”
Beckham “I got to fix that when I’m President”
SP: My bug bites are taking me down!! They itch so bad!!!
Sadie asked Brian to ask her spelling words to her. When she couldn’t find the list she wrote them all down on a piece of paper from memory (spelled correctly) then handed Brian the list and asked him to quiz her. Brian told her, “I think you’re good.”
June 2015
Brian: The Astros went to the World Series, then Beckham was born, then they fell apart.
Beckham: I think it was my fault, I feel a little guilty now.

“Eggs sure do like to slobber a lot.” – Boo (speaking about the whites dripping when you crack an egg)


Berkley: what’s masking tape for?
Becks: I think for making masks.

Beckham: “I watched about a penny of Sadie’s softball game”
Laura: “You are mixing up your numbers, that’s money not time.”
Beckham: “No, like when people say, ‘I watched a quarter of the game,’ I only watched a penny”

Lakeside 2015

SP: I like Yeses, not maybes.
Brian, testing this statement: Do you want a spanking?
SP: (pauses) “…and sometimes nos”
Sadie in Hobby Lobby: “Look Mom! I have two heads!”
Sign said “$250 Fine” in handicap spot
Sadie: “Does that mean if you pay $250 it’s “fine” if you park there?”
…well, actually, kinda it does??

Two Options, One Path


There is a road south of Manhattan called 903. I follow it’s 5 mile loop when I just want to take a short ride or stay close to town. About 3 miles in there comes the point in the photo above. I’ve found it illustrates life in Christ well.

There are clearly two options, you can go right or you can go left. There is road both directions and I can decide to go either way. In fact when I first began riding this route I became very curious where the road to the right went. I knew the left well, it is labeled and all I had to do was follow it to continue on smooth road back to the city, but what if there was something really amazing to the right? Something better than the actual path?

So I tried it. It turned into gravel and then an actual pit where machines are extracting sand for cement. It dead ended in a pit. I guess it made me realize I know the Christian walk, but often, particularly in our youth, curiosity gets the best of us. Which was the next thing I learned, there is wisdom in learning to follow the proper path. There is also wisdom in not going down that path the next time I come around the loop. Growth through mistakes is commendable, failure to grow from mistakes simply is not.

The Children Are Robots!

Crazies Robot Costumes

Laura spent the weekend in California eating sushi and riding hot air balloons, you know roughing it. By early Saturday morning I knew I would need a plan for the three crazies or I would might actually go crazy.

So while I was looking at photos of our friend Tammy who went to be with the LORD this week I thought we should do something fun today, a good memory the kids could look back on and think, you know, life is great! Then I remembered seeing a picture of grown man on a razor scooter in robot costume a few days earlier on Instagram.

So in Phineas and Ferb fashion I told them, “Weirdos, I know what we’re gonna do today!” They were quickly on board and we headed to the liquor store for boxes, then the grocery store for bigger boxes and Home Depot for two cans of silver spray paint.

They told me where to cut their boxes and then spray painted them. After they dried each decorated their robot in creative ways.

Sadie Piper’s had a shutoff button under her arm so she could hide it. She also had a big red button on her back that if you pushed she would attack you.

Beckham’s had a headpiece for communicating with people and he wanted rectangle eyes not round.

Berkley wanted leg holes so she could step in and close the door behind her. She also wanted a place to put a water bottle on the inside.

We then adventured around town and made this video. Really Berkley dancing in the alleyway just makes my day, I didn’t even realize how great her dance was until I looked back at the video later. I could watch it over and over.

We ruined some jumper cables by connecting black to red on Friday. One clip got so hot that it melted right off which is why they became props for this project.

Crazies Robot Costumes

Berkley fell when trying to down the curb. This kind woman ran to help her. She later told me, “Dad, it didn’t hurt because I was a robot”

Crazies Robot Costumes

Crazies Robot Costumes

They then asked if they could get a picture with the robots. There were a few other girls who asked for pictures later as well.

Crazies Robot Costumes

I feel like Sadie Piper’s robot is totally her in this picture.

Crazies Robot Costumes

This is Anderson Hall at K-State

Crazies Robot Costumes

I did not prompt this in anyway. Berkley ducted into her costume saying she was a turtle now. Sadie followed suite and Beckham just looks at me and does this so I took a photo while laughing.

Crazies Robot CostumesCrazies Robot Costumes

We then headed to K-State Football Fan Appreciation Day still wearing robot suits. They collected signatures on their suits.


This is Hall of Fame Coach Bill Snyder. He seemed a little confused, but rolled with it pretty well when we asked for a photo with him.

Later that night at bedtime I told Berkley, “You got to meet Bill Snyder!”

She said, “I did?”

I said, “Yeah, the old guy you took a picture with”

I then asked, “Who did you think he was?”

She said, “Just an old guy who likes to hand out posters.”


The players as usual were so great with the kids.


I love our town!