Funny Book

Berkley: “Sadie and mom looked the same. Until Mom died…(extremely long pause, we all look around at each other with wide eyes) her hair.”

Gave them a pack of tattoos. It was still a success cause it bought me 30 minutes of quiet.

Angry bird tattoos. There are about a dozen more across her body including both armpits.

We told Berkley she was never going to be able to drive and instead Becks was gonna have to drive her.
Beckham: “Yeah, I’ll Drive her around. Unless she’s in a bad mood. Then Sadie will have to drive her.”


When something is extra yummy we say it’s cause we added a little extra love into it. We were talking about watering plants this time and how Becks has been doing a good job and he playfully told us (whiney voice included):

Becks: “Cause I add a little extra ‘why do I have to do it?’ when I water them”

That rare moment you're thankful you can't walk on water.

Berkley: “This game is no fun” Brian: “Why?” Berkley: “Cause the game is ‘Skip Berkley'”

Sadie piper said “are there any other games we can play with the pole?” Brian pipes in and quickly tells her no!!


This was them recreating the scene in Inside Out where Sadness is being dragged by Joy!
June 2016

Becks retold a phrase that we had laughed at earlier and I laughed again. He said “mom, it’s only funny once”

Berkley asked Brian to watch a show. Brian: “Can I read a book and just pretend to watch?”

June 2016

Telling SP the band Cloverton is from Manhattan, Sadie says “I didn’t know manhattan was big enough to have their own band!”

Laura: “Berkley, you are now in my personal space.”
Berkley: “Yeah, that’s cause I like being in people’s personal space”

Berkley and her kitties

Laura: Sadie, don’t let people get your panties in a wad
Berkley: she doesn’t even have panties on.

June 2016

When we were going to see where Eisenhower is buried: “Dad, are you gonna dig to find him?” -Boo

Boo: I have a new student in my class and she’s already my BFF.
Laura: What’s her name?
Boo: I don’t know
Laura: Where did she move from?
Boo: Um, I think Kansas City. Cause she’s the same color as us and she talks like us

(in her defense she had a few new students from other countries move to her class that didn’t speak English yet!)

June 2016

Personal hygiene in our house:

L: Berkley, did you brush your hair all weekend.
B: no. But I brushed the kitties’ hair.

Brian: it’s Tuesday and I’ve had this shirt on since Sunday

Berkley goes to blow her nose, tries and tells me there’s nothing in there cause she blew it out at snack time “so I’ll just put this Kleenex back, there’s nothing in it”

Swimming at Thomas'

“I don’t weigh enough to be 6 ” -Berkley after we weighed her to see her dosage on a medicine and she didn’t hit the marker for 6 year olds.

“I have a funny daddy and a mom who cooks good food, that’s a good life.” – Boo

Berkley: “My panties are in a wad in my butt”
Sadie: “Berkley, it’s called a wedgie”

Sadie Piper toots and then says “I’m so cute, how did I do that?!”

We found Nemo

While Brian was on the Katy Trail earlier this summer, Berkley spotted this turtle and HAD to catch it. Cause that’s what Brian has taught them to do.

June 2016

We would have kept it, but it was a water turtle, and Beckham has been wanting to find a box turtle to keep as a pet. He asked Brian to be on the lookout when he was riding the Katy Trail last week. In true fashion, Brian found some turtles.

When Shari and I got to the boys, Brian had a water turtle saved. They are way harder to take care of, just cause the water gets gross fast if you don’t have a whole tank with a filter, yada yada…so I knew we didn’t want to keep that one. He was cute and little and I guess we didn’t get a picture of him.

This is a snapping turtle. They are mean. And this one smelled like sewer. (the pictures are all based on Berkley’s pose!)

And lazy Brian said he didn’t want to haul this sucker across Missouri for three days. Sheesh.

June 2016

But then on the last day we found this one:

June 2016

The boys found some scrap wood in our garage and made this home for him (for free! woohoo!)!

June 2016

And now that Becks knows how to use a drill, I’m putting him to work around here!

June 2016

It was a great home!!

June 2016June 2016

We found him a friend! (we later learned that their list of diet includes…snails. Oops, sorry snail.)

June 2016

No worries, in true Hough fashion, we let him go a month later! 🙂