As of lately…

Brian kept saying “Beckham!!” one day like he was about to have a serious talk with Becks. Poor Beckham would say “Yes….” and Brian would tell him “Oh, I’m just reading the back of your shirt.” This went on all day. It was their “thing.” Until one time Brian said “Beckham you moron!”…this threw Becks off as Brian tried to explain, he was indeed still just reading his shirt.

(Also, this story sounds like we are super mean to our kids and their childhood is a rough one. I promise they know our love language is messing with them!!)

Me and my little one were twinkies!

Nothing says small town like a town tree lighting! This is the third year they have done this event (we went every year but last year…it was like 15 degrees that year and we are from Texas, so we stayed home) and it’s grown every year! 

This year they had these 3-D like glasses that when you wore them, make EVERY light bulb look either like a snowman or a Santa head, depending on which one you were wearing. I know the technology in my cell phone, microwave, computer, etc is amazing, but this was the coolest thing ever! How did they DO THAT???

Brian bought this solely because it had a red head on it. I bet her’s is real…


These two are buds. Beckham is really blossoming into the coolest big brother there is.

Oct 2016

More crafts: today’s was a “Yoshi face”


These two call themselves the Littlests

Oct 2016

This was quite the dilemma for me at the store. (So I bought both)

Oct 2016

Brian’s desk working on a sermon. I felt like I wanted to make fun of him, but it’s not as cool when you are mocking someone for what? Too many bibles…? Yeah, no one mocks for that.

Oct 2016

Three peas in a slide.

Oct 2016

That one time ManhattanPres Particularized


God has grown His church. He’s grown our faith in Him. Last weekend we met as a church to go from being a church plant to a “particular” church…it just means we take the “plant” part off and are a “normal” church now with local elders! To God be all the glory!

Here’s Brian being installed as pastor.


And Tim and Travis installed as local elders. I’m so thankful for these Godly men to walk alongside Brian in leading our church body. They are some of the most wise and humble men I’ve ever met. We are blessed to be under their care.


This is right after Brian licked my face. Yes. Licked. My. Face.


I recovered.


Brian wears Astro’s socks on Sundays. Tony came and preached and I guess dug in the trash to find his own baseball team socks? 🙂


Also, the colors of this cake were eerily similar to the Astros! (we just asked them to match the logo colors, and they were a little brighter, but Brian didn’t mind obviously!) _MG_0395

We couldn’t be more thankful to everyone who has supported this plant for so many years in so many ways. I won’t get sappy, but it’s true. God-willing, this is just the beginning!

Drawings, writings and creations

Sadie Piper’s thank you to Brian…

Oct 2016

Beckham’s answer from his science test. (For the record she marked it wrong!)

Berkley can craft with the best of them. Paper, scissors, tape and staples are her love language. This day she made “stuffed animals” out of paper.

Oct 2016

They are stuffed with cotton balls or kleenex. All her.

Oct 2016 Oct 2016

Brian and I live by lists. We love lists. We can’t function without them. So we made the kids lists to help the kids stay on task and not forget things in the mornings. But I needed help from Brian on formatting, so he snuck this into Berkley’s list (the last item on the morning list). So now I hear every morning: Berkley- “Hey Mom!” Me- “Yeah Baby?” Berkley- “I LOOOOOOOVE Dadda!”

Another paper project going on around here are these. They are homemade Pokemon cards!

We go through A LOT of paper…