Dynamo Day 2016

Some really great friends gifted us with tickets to the Houston Dynamo vs Sporting KC game that was in Kansas City this Fall. screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-9-00-45-am

With the exception of Berkley, we all had a great time. She despises fireworks. And the pre-game show is full of them. So her and I stayed way back inside the back of the stadium until a few minutes into the game (she was NOT going to risk going back and there being late fireworks.) I finally convinced her they wouldn’t play soccer and have fireworks at the same time. You can see the uncertainty in her smile here!

Dynamo game vs SKC

Walking around we saw a guy with an Aggie ring on and stopped and talked to him. This started the discussion from the kids of “Do you know him?”

Us: “No, but he’s an Aggie too, so we have that in common!”

Kids: “How did you know?”

Us: “He was wearing his Aggie ring”

Kids: “Do you have an Aggie ring?”

Us: “Yes, almost every Aggie does. It’s a big deal.”

Kids: “Why don’t you wear them?”

(and now you are starting to understand why we would could questions and get to well into the 100s in one day)

So then we had to explain that in Kansas it looks like we are wearing our high school ring. I know, I know, this makes us 2%-ers (for you non-Aggies, this is the very scientific and derogatory term Aggies call you when you are a part of the only 2% of Aggies who didn’t drink the Kool Aid and have school spirit. 98% of Aggies are die hards. The rest are 2 percent-ers. You never want to be a 2%er.

And that’s your Texas lesson for today.

SP was excited to get her picture taken “with” Beasley!  

Dynamo game vs SKC

I think we counted 5 other orange shirts at this game!

Dynamo game vs SKC

Here’s the last time we went to the Sporting v Dynamo game (with Boo sporting her homemade bangs!)


Dear Santa

Berkley’s 1st grade class wrote letters to Santa and somehow the newspaper must have intercepted them on the way to the North Pole. Which I’m cool with cause I really don’t want a chicken! Also, Mason hasn’t asked for a hamster, Berkley just decided that he should have one.

Phone dump

Brian cleaned off the photos in his phone this week. Here are the highlights!

These are her crazy eyes

Baskin robins

The background of this looks fake!


Cemetery snack time riding bikes home from school. Why Boo, why?Random

When they picked me up from the airport SP was dressed like Pikachu!



What’s the difference between a locust and a cicada? We called them locusts growing up in Texas, but I feel like they call the same thing cicadas here. Hmm. I need to Google that. SP likes to collect the skins. It’s so stinking gross.


Brian has this app that makes pictures look like paintings!


Brian made the kids “Shrimp Boats” when I was gone. He’s so cool!

There’s a trail behind our house that has a tree that was made for a photo of lots of kids on it! Jackson Shanahan over

She didn’t want a cake for her birthday, she wanted a clown cone!


Hammock Telephone

The Fall this year was some of the most amazing weather we’ve ever had! It was 70 for months! So we had lots of outside time after school.

This day they were playing three person telephone while swinging on the hammock


I think most of them were about poop, so even if it didn’t get lost in translation, in the end it was still hilarious…if it was about poop.


This is Berkley trying not to hear!



Can they get along like this all the time??



I think every middle child can agree, this is the story of our life (we are just excited we made it in the picture!!):



I’m not gonna lie…I cropped Boo out of this one…


And then it digressed, as always

Hammock Hammock Hammock


We dig it: Telestrations

We love ourselves a good board game. Mel’s Kitchen Cafe not only has the best recipes, but the best games too! Here a link to all of her gift guides. Her games have the same reputation as her recipes: we’ve never tried one she recommended that the whole family didn’t love!! (The non-game ideas are awesome too by the way!)

Her most recent post included Telestrations. I’ve seen it before, and had it in my wish list even, but when it was at the top of her Top 20 games of all time list, I didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger. It’s basically a drawing game of Telephone!

What we love about this game:

  • Everyone can play and it’s the same fun level for all of us. (All players just have to be old enough to read and write)
  • Easy set up, there aren’t a billion pieces
  • You can play for hours, or 15 minutes
  • We laugh really hard…and who doesn’t like to laugh really hard??

Here’s a sampling of some of the directions this game has taken-

Here’s the first word:

I drew this:

Beckham guessed this:

So Sadie drew this:

And Brian guessed this:

Second case in point:

Sadie Piper drew “muffins”

We make fun of Brian for his extensive Astro’s hat collection…Beckham guessed: