Family picture, photoshop style


Brian did some awesome Photoshop to add himself into this pic. But we learned to maybe spread the kids out, cause it definitely looks like everyone loves me most!! Haha! Who’s the fun parent now?!!?!?

Funny Book

It’s no secret Brian is the fun parent in this house. We were discussing that one day and he asked the kids “What do you call the not fun parent?” To be clear, he was looking for a TERM. (As in, “the opposite of ‘fun parent’ is…’un-fun parent’ or ‘anti-fun parent'”)

The kids all simultaneously immediately said, “Mom!”

After a glare from me and repressed giggles from Brian, he clarified. “No, I mean what’s the word for the not fun parent?”

There was quiet for a few seconds and then they all chimed back in, “Yeah, still ‘Mom.'”


Yet I agree with these wise words:

“Let me let you in on a little secret . When I met your dad I was fun too, but I had to give all that up because you can’t have two fun parents. It’s a carnival.”

Our Chick-fil-a hosts Daddy Daughter date nights once a year. Last year Brian took both the girls together, and he said next time it would be better if he utilized both nights they offer and take the girls separately. He took Sadie Piper the first night and then told Berkley she was going the next night. Berkley asks, “Are we going to daddy daughter date night, or are we just going to eat at Chick-fil-A?” Poor girl thought SP got the real date and he was just pretending for Berkley. She wasn’t upset, just curious!

 Chick-fil-a date night   Date night

Chick-fil-a date night

Chick-fil-a date night

“I can spell Anastasia. A-n-a…s-t-a…never mind.”
-Beckham (on accident we chose a middle name for Berkley that’s impossible to spell. Sorry ’bout that.)

SP asked her Sunday school class for prayer for Dory (she went outside weeks ago and we haven’t seen her since). Then she said “never mind, we didn’t really like her.”

Laura: “You sure love cuddles Berkley.”

Berkley: “Yeah. I like the song ‘Touch me like you do'”

Oh. my.

Big box became break dance stage!

“Idaho!! {insert lots of giggles} It sounds like a bad word, or an inappropriate body part!”  -Beckham

Becks: it was my idea to use a tennis racket for an oar.
SP: It was my idea to use the broken one
Berkley: I didn’t have an idea!

I mean, I guess you have to appreciate the lengths she went to to pretend to be a dragon. But did it really have to be on a school night after her bath??

Boo green face

Boo green face

Boo green face

I kicked them all outside. They made personal tents and were reading in them.   

Brian- “This is like space vacuum weather.”

Laura- “What does that even mean??”
He then went on to explain and I had to ruin his new phrase by letting him in on the fact that we already call that “room temperature”



You can see the field our house backs up to in this picture. The field means endless possibilities…for Mr Nubbers to hunt. When he catches something he plays with it, throwing it up, swatting it around. It’s pretty entertaining. Hence why SP just went ahead and pulled up a chair for the show!

Feb 2017

His catch: a mole and a bird.

Feb 2017

Beckham’s school planner. Calling it like it is apparently: Feb 2017

Went to the public library’s annual book sale. And girls came home and played…wait for it…BOOK SALE! Feb 2017

Bottom braces: check!

Feb 2017

We are toilet paper snobs around here. Which is ironical cause I’m cheap and you are literally flushing this money down the toilet, but it is what it is. So in an effort to be cheaper, I bough Charmin…BASIC. Don’t let the name brand fool you like it did me. It’s one ply. Which didn’t go over well here.

Feb 2017

Berkley’s “If I were president…” interesting choices.

Feb 2017

Girls have commandeered this wall, so who knows what will be taped up there next, but this one was impressive!

Texas eggs just taste better.
Feb 2017

As does purple cauliflower!!

Feb 2017

SP and I need to discuss what pose we are doing…I feel like we missed each other.

Sunday School Spring 2017

Saturday adventure

It was beautiful outside last weekend, and I asked Brian if we could take a bike ride. He asked where, and I told him the idea was my responsibility, the execution was his.

So we all followed Brian and ended up at, shocker, Call Hall for ice cream!

Feb 2017

No one complained…

Then to Memorial Stadium to watch the women’s lacrosse game.

Lacrosse is a hard spectator sport by the way.

So we ended up at City Park

Feb 2017

And kids ended up buried

Boozer lost an ear on the ride. I will always maintain that the youngest is the best spot to be in birth order, but it does come with its down sides. One being you rarely get anything new. Which I actually think is amazing cause few things makes me happier than hand me downs (Berkley still calls them “handy downs” and we don’t correct her), even for myself, but I digress. So her helmet had seen better days.

Feb 2017

But since Brian is also a youngest he has a complex about “handy downs” (he often laments about not knowing “Mouse Trap” had more than 3 pieces to it and not one marble) and had me order her a new helmet, brand spankin’ new even!


Berkley Boo Skip Day

Once all the kids got into school, we started a “skip day” tradition. Once a year each kid gets one day to skip school and just hang out with Brian and I for some rare one on one (or two on one rather) time. They get to pick the agenda, lunch location, etc. The day is their’s!

Last year we foolishly put all the skip days in May as school was winding down, but then we were squeezing them in between work and fun days at school they didn’t want to miss, so we got smarter this year and started in February.

Berkley was up first.

First stop: Varsity Donuts. It’s scary how similar their faces are…

Boo skip day

Then to Walmart cause we saw they had this lollipop display once and vowed to bring Berkley back cause suckers are her fav!

Boo skip day

Please stop to notice she’s still in her footie pajamas. This is because she would live in footies if I would let her. Usually I don’t. Today I did.

We try to live our lives never passing up a cut out face photo op

Boo skip day

Then back home to watch some Doc McStuffins (cause the Bigs don’t dig it but she does, and today she didn’t even have to share the screen!). But because Brian was involved, he suggested we move the couch to right in front of the TV for her. I was on board with that. But it escalated into a fort.

Feb 2017

(which means it escalated into me spending the next half hour being grossed out by what was under the couches and cushions and vacuuming like a mad woman)

Inside the fort

Boo skip day

Her and I played Doc on her stuffed animals in the fort. It was very claustrophobic fyi…

Feb 2017

Last Fall they tore down the old Arby’s and built a Popeyes in Aggieville, so we watched the restaurant being built. Driving by earlier in the day Berkley said she’s never been to a Popeyes and asked if we could eat lunch there.

It started with her getting REALLY excited about the spork! “MOM! I hardly ever get to use a spork! Most places don’t even have them!” (apparently school cafeterias have moved onto real forks. In MY day we had sporks. Kids these days are so spoiled.)

Feb 2017

Feb 2017

Then to the store to get a balloon (not her birthday, but the one she wanted, and what she wants goes today!) which happens to be by Hobby Lobby and she asked to go in just to browse the crafts.

  Feb 2017

At this point in the day I need a nap. But instead we went bowling!

She spent a lot of time rolling on the floor. I spent a lot of time cringing.

  Feb 2017

She was camouflaged!

 Feb 2017

These two bowled a few like this:

Feb 2017

     Feb 2017

Game two she used the slide. Bowling balls get heavy.Boo skip day

We ended the day with Orange Leaf ice cream!Boo skip day



Future singer songwriters

I’ve mentioned before that 99% of the time, after we do something or go somewhere, the girls recreate it to “play” at home (farmers market, book fair, dance recitals, rodeo, Purple Power Play, I can go on and on). This Friday’s pizza and movie night featured the movie “Sing.” On Friday nights they are allowed to draw or write in bed (instead of just reading). So apparently they spent that time after the movie writing songs. The next morning there was a show here at the house that was pretty stinking great!

But first, they must set up the audience…