Stick it to me!

Brian threw his dirty sock into the corner (aka- the place dirty clothes go and then magically appear again clean in a drawer a few days later! 🙂 ) and his missed the corner but hit the wall…and his sock STUCK! He threw the other one, aiming for the wall this time, and it stuck too. So he used this newfound sticky wall to try to “decorate”.

So I recently discovered socks stick to the brick wall in our bedroom. #astros

In our house, the “fun director” isn’t also allowed to serve as the interior decorator (conflict of interests), so they came down immediately via the “fun hater”…aka, me.

Since you been gone…

When I (Laura) leave town, Brian does really fun stuff with the kids. And also Berkley doesn’t get out of her pajamas. Also no one showers.

But let’s focus on the “does really fun stuff” part:

Free Comics day! It’s an actual annual holiday! Beckham is a “graphic novel” fan, so it’s like his birthday in terms of excitement. Overheard in our house this week “I’ve read about a quarter of the chapter books in the library, Berkley has read about a quarter of the kid books, and Beckham has read ALL of the comic books.” Very accurate, SP!

Free Comic Book Day included Harley Quinn this year. Very friendly villain.

Then they went and picked strawberries at A&H Farm.

And also took selfies with goats.


Biggest slide in town!


They found puppies!!


Then a stop at Taco Bell for taco burritos. Cause I would have nixed that (cause I’m not fun).

Made strawberries with the fresh picked ones!

I was VERY impressed with this one, cause it felt like they would have needed me for this one!

(I felt better when I heard the ingredients: strawberries, a frozen pie shell, a tub of glaze and a tub of cool whip)

And still in the footies…

Also, why is Mr Nubbers in the house??? I’ve kicked him out to be a full time farm cat.

Thanks guys for letting me visit friends, but also for not functioning at full capacity and making me feel un-needed! 🙂

Nachos & Tacos Month!

Laura makes a dinner plan each month and couple of months ago Beckham and I found it unattended so we filled out the entire month of May with Tacos & Nachos (except two cereal days). Eventually she discovered it, at which point we assumed it would be changed to something more…diverse. Only to our surprise she’s actually planned a month of Tacos & Nachos- apart from the firm foundation of Pizza Friday we adopted from the Durrett’s family tradition. May is going to be the best month ever!

May menu

“We Forgot Your Shrooms!”

For years I had heard people talk about Morel mushrooms and never thought much more about them. This year our great neighbor Stacey explained them us and how yummy they are, and how people haven’t figured out how to grow them so they are a true delicacy. So when I saw one a walk through the neighborhood I send her a photo of it. We joined her as we went to go pick it. That Morel turned out to be a porcelain decoration (picture of it below). It was a sad day.

The kids and I (Brian) went hunting down trails near our home and found nothing. Then my friend Craig told me more about these Morels over lunch and I’ve found myself looking for them every place I went, even while jogging in Mississippi and I’ve found nothing.

Then Sunday morning I hear shouted across the sanctuary before the service, “Brian, we forgot your shrooms!” Which made me laugh cause it definitely sounded like these shrooms might be for getting high. The real reason people are obsessed with them here is once they’ve been fried up they are sooooooo good!

Our friends had gotten us a bag of these Morels and shared a recipe for us to follow. So here is the process to eating these midwest truffles.

Step One: Look at them, so weird looking.

Morels in Manhattan Kansas

Step Two: Wash them to get any loose leaves and what not off them.

Morels in Manhattan Kansas

Step Three: Cut the bigger ones in half. I was really surprised to find they were hollow, they feel solid when holding them.

Morels in Manhattan Kansas

Step Four: Ask someone who won’t burn the house down to fry them after dipping in egg mixture and coating in flour.

Morels in Manhattan Kansas

Step Five: Be patient cause if you reach into the oil you’ll fry your own hand.

Morels in Manhattan Kansas

Step Six: Eat and then remember to let your children try them despite your hoping they won’t like them so you won’t have to share any.

Morels in Manhattan Kansas

They don’t taste like fried mushrooms I’ve had as an appetizer at restaurants and while I can’t think of anything to compare them to, they taste amazing. I finally understand why adults act like children playing Pokemon Go every Spring when the short growing season begins. Thank you Clines for providing this new Manhattan experience with us.