Dynamo Day 2016

Some really great friends gifted us with tickets to the Houston Dynamo vs Sporting KC game that was in Kansas City this Fall. screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-9-00-45-am

With the exception of Berkley, we all had a great time. She despises fireworks. And the pre-game show is full of them. So her and I stayed way back inside the back of the stadium until a few minutes into the game (she was NOT going to risk going back and there being late fireworks.) I finally convinced her they wouldn’t play soccer and have fireworks at the same time. You can see the uncertainty in her smile here!

Dynamo game vs SKC

Walking around we saw a guy with an Aggie ring on and stopped and talked to him. This started the discussion from the kids of “Do you know him?”

Us: “No, but he’s an Aggie too, so we have that in common!”

Kids: “How did you know?”

Us: “He was wearing his Aggie ring”

Kids: “Do you have an Aggie ring?”

Us: “Yes, almost every Aggie does. It’s a big deal.”

Kids: “Why don’t you wear them?”

(and now you are starting to understand why we would could questions and get to well into the 100s in one day)

So then we had to explain that in Kansas it looks like we are wearing our high school ring. I know, I know, this makes us 2%-ers (for you non-Aggies, this is the very scientific and derogatory term Aggies call you when you are a part of the only 2% of Aggies who didn’t drink the Kool Aid and have school spirit. 98% of Aggies are die hards. The rest are 2 percent-ers. You never want to be a 2%er.

And that’s your Texas lesson for today.

SP was excited to get her picture taken “with” Beasley!  

Dynamo game vs SKC

I think we counted 5 other orange shirts at this game!

Dynamo game vs SKC

Here’s the last time we went to the Sporting v Dynamo game (with Boo sporting her homemade bangs!)