A Farm Cat named Junie B

Brian left town.

I got a cat.

That about sums it up.

I think the text exchange went something like this:

Me: Free kittens. Can we have one?

Brian: No

Me: It will be a farm cat, live outside. I learned all about it from the lady.

Brian: No it won’t. But ok.

I took the kids to a pumpkin patch and right with the lady at the entrance was a crate with three 7-week-old free kittens in it. Let me tell you, 7 week old kittens are cu-ute. I told Brian when we moved here I would like a stray cat to eat the mice in our back yard. But where do you find a stray cat? Talking to the lady (who lives on a farm) she told me these kittens had lived outside their whole life and that they will be great with just a dog house outside. So I’m sold at this point. I also tried to get Brian to let me take all 3. But he’s a fun hater and drew the line at one. (which I couldn’t be more thankful for now…)

So we played at the pumpkin patch!

This is my favorite picture of our Crazies. I love it.

There’s a fun zip line. We played on this for at least 30 minutes.

Then onto the slide!

Her face is aweseome!

Oh, so we also found this cat. He was just around and not looking for a home. But we liked him too!

Really fun train ride!

I thing horse tires are brilliant!

They have an old bus that they painted entirely with chalkboard and kids color it! Great idea! When Brian’s car dies I’m gonna petition we do this to it

They had a cool hedgeball shooter. Big hit with Beckham.

So our ride home looked like this:

I told them we were gonna name her “Kitty”….cause you really shouldn’t get too attached to farm cats and all.

And then by the time we got home, I realized how cold it got at night.

And how little she was.

And how cute and cuddly she was.

And how much the kids adored having a pet.

So she was no longer a farm cat.

Now her name is Junie B.

And she sleeps on my pillow.

Brian said he knew from my first text that she wasn’t going to be a farm cat….

But I mean seriously. How could you leave this outside?




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