We hate leaves.

IMG_1271Picking up leaves in the Fall isn’t something Brian and I grew up doing. No, not cause we had landscaping people do it…cause we lived in Houston and there isn’t such thing as Fall! More over, we lived in north Houston, so the vast majority of our trees are pine, so they are evergreen!

But we’ve learned to put our big kid pants on and get outside and do it. (Except you have to do it multiple times, ugh!)

Berkley’s pose is so much different than SP’s above! 🙂


This girl!


Playing in leaves is more fun than picking up!!

IMG_1271 IMG_1271

Brian was using the blower (that the trick the Youngs taught us!!) and for some reason Boo was just burying herself… IMG_1271

Turkey Trot 2017


Brian and Beckham ran the 5k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning…and I think started a Hough family tradition!


Very start of the race:


After the race started, we realized we were one of about 4 families that weren’t running but stayed to cheer! So we had the streets to ourselves!


Brian finishing!


I didn’t get Beckham crossing cause he came through a while before and I missed him. Oops.

But he wasn’t even winded. He had run slow to stay with Brian. Kid can run.

IMG_1376And Brian ran fast to keep up with Beckham. He will literally run circles around Brian.


A lot of Manhattan Pres people ran it too!!  It was the perfect way to start the holiday!! IMG_1376

Beckham and Peter. Beckham is Peter’s “Sam”- Becks idolized Sam Basham (still does!) who always played with Becks growing up and now Becks is passing it on! IMG_1376


Kids spend a lot of extra time at school during Book Fair week, they make themselves comfortable

Also, it’s cereal for dinner week during Book Fair. Berkley sorted every time before she ate…

Girls LOVES penguins. Brian’s mom got her this big one for her birthday and it goes most places with her

I want to buy this car sticker: 

Beckham dressed as Caution tape!  

I love it when they are sweet! 🙂 Sunday

I can’t complete with this:  

Berkley found the heater vent and camped out thereSunday

I saw these footlong Nathan’s hot dogs at the grocery store and was about to buy them, before I saw they were $9!!! For only 6! I just couldn’t do it, for hotdogs. However, when they went on sale for $3, that’s when I’m in! Sunday Sunday

More Astros

Have you heard the Astros won the WORLD SERIES for the FIRST TIME EVER!?

This is what the girls made while they watched a game one night:


It’s Minute Maid Park! With crazy detail!


This Astros fan has a shirt that says “Boo Yankees!”


This is a dad…with a lot of kids! Astros

Astros’ mascot Orbit Astros

Here’s the fieldAstros

This is Brian holding baby Berkley!   Astros

And the scoreboard, with the ‘Stros winning! Astros

The last big Astros food of the week was sugar cookies!!  

The kids decorated some too. Berkley’s on the left (she doesn’t like icing), Beckham’s in the middle, and SP’s on the right (she made Julia, their sideline reporter).


Halloween- take 2?

We’ve mentioned before that our kids, after attending an event, usually come home and “play” it. Anything from book fair, book sale at the library, evacuation drills at school, dance recital…anything!

So after Halloween, they played Halloween!

They made their dolls costumes- This baby is a flower:

Oct 2017

They all had trick or treating baskets, and the girls made candy too! Oct 2017


Oct 2017

Twins: a strawberry and a blueberry!

Oct 2017

Fairy (her wings are red)

Oct 2017

Another flower child

Oct 2017

Yes, tape is on our Subscribe and Save every month! 🙂

Adventure: a good try

Whenever we hear even the slightest murmur of something cool within driving distance, we put it on our bucket list to head to on an open and pretty day!

I can’t remember who told us about this, but it’s a waterfall/reservoir in Alma (just about 20 min from here). But that’s all we knew. We were in a little antique store asking about it and finally found it down a small dirt road!

Except it hadn’t rained in a while…so it was dry.


This would be super cool…with water coming down!


We still had a great time hiking around it, but there’s nothing to report…


Halloween: take one

Manhattan loves Halloween! There are about 5 different public events that you can show up in costume and fit right in.

Homecoming Parade is the first!

The businesses in Aggieville all hand out candy, so you come early and trick or treat at the stores, then camp out for the K-State Homecoming Parade!

Becks dressed as Link from the video game Zelda this year. He and Brian made the sword and shield this summer (not for a costume, just cause. Nerds.) and I found this great hoodie! Costume hoodies are my favorite!! Functional AND fun! Look at me being so fun!!

I guess Link had somewhere to be…


So since Becks was Link, I was Zelda, and Brian was Navi (the little fairy who follows Link around saying “Hey! LISTEN!”) Brian had multiple people stop him to ask to take a picture with him! Nailed it!


Sadie Piper went as a cat!


She did her own face paint! Super cute!!

KSU homecoming parade 2017

And Berkley as, shocking: a penguin!


The floats at this parade and the best! That’s Annie waving in the cutest picture ever!!    KSU homecoming parade 2017

Here’s what happens when you take two pictures. Berkley does really well…

But then she does a face fast change…

 KSU homecoming parade 2017

This guy dressed as Macho Man! He stayed in character the WHOLE time!! KSU homecoming parade 2017

Girls: “Dad, we ALWAYS take this picture!!” Brian: “SAY CHEESE!!!!”

KSU homecoming parade 2017

Varsity’s “candy” was basically fresh funnel cake bits. We didn’t get a picture cause we wolfed them down! Berkley wanted every last grain of sugar. Literally.

KSU homecoming parade 2017

KSU homecoming parade 2017


Riding to school:

Ramming heads:

Spy lasers:

We are going to the track to run and play soccer. But you wouldn’t know that from looking at Berkley:


Beware of the kids:


Book worm at a soccer game:


DIY glasses:

Astros Playoffs!

Here’s the deal: the Astros don’t make it to the playoffs often. That’s a crazy understatement, but hang with me! So when they do, it’s a BIG deal.

We kept up the stadium food, with chicken in a waffle cone with mashed potatoes. It’s a real thing at Minute Maid Park!

And had nasty nachos again. On “stadium plates.” With a tomato, cause I’m only SO fun…(they like to eat them like apples instead of cut up. It’s weird.)

The Astros introduced these crazy uniforms in 1975, which is “arguably, the most radical uniform redesign in major league history.”

They came to be known as “tequila sunrise” after the famous cocktail:

So when we make anything Astros, it’s tequila sunrise, aka, just mix red, yellow and orange together and Brian’s thrilled!

(Which has me wondering why we don’t make these?? Hmm. It’s on my to do list as of just now!)

These were cake batter truffles.

Brian decided to make Astros bread. (No, he doesn’t cook. Or bake. Well, he makes what the kids say is the BEST EVER mac and cheese. From the blue box…)

I had to fight to not take over and micromanage. Apparently I’m a control freak.

He did it!!

He was VERY proud! It turned out great!


He then spent the next 30 minutes telling me how hard it was to make things homemade! 🙂

Now we are reading The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe…

Their creativity never stops amazing us! They dressed the part for the battle at the end of the book:

Berkley came out riding Sadie Piper as her horse, but it kept getting better!

Narnia and Harry Potter

The saddle:

Narnia and Harry Potter

And “working” reins:

Narnia and Harry Potter

The chainmail on her armor (but the sleeves were my favorite part!!):

Narnia and Harry Potter

And tab in the back so she can take off her armor:

Narnia and Harry Potter

And shin guards!

Narnia and Harry Potter

Beckham was the engineer in all this, and he was excited to try it on

Narnia and Harry Potter

Until he got stuck in it. Forever.

Narnia and Harry Potter