Sledding is our very favorite reason for snow!



Manhattan has designated sledding hills with a small, medium and large hill! Brilliant I tell you.


We got this Flexible Flyer sled from a neighbor who was moving and didn’t want it anymore. It’s on it’s last leg, but I’ve put a new one on our Christmas wish list for next year. It’s a sledding game changer!  You can STEER!!

Sledding     Sledding

Brian brought his flag…


Then made the front page. (SP is like Mike Wizowski in Monsters, Inc: “I made the paper!” but her face is covered! haha!!)

This one is maybe the best ever though:

Sledding January 2018    Sledding  When these two do anything sisterly my heart is happy. Even when it’s just both pulling a sled up a hill… Sledding

Brian also tried to “snow board sled”Sledding When he looked at this picture he said he thought he had made it way further down the hill than that! 🙂 I think he felt it for a few days afterwards too…

Let it snow!

You know how in races/sports there are false starts? Where everyone start up but something happens and then they have to stop and start all over again? That’s how getting back into the groove this year felt. We were ready to hit the ground running, but kept having snow days that threw “real life” off…

Snow day

but really, no one can complain about a snow day when you are from Texas!

Even though it was in the negative numbers, the kids bundled up and went out to make a snowman

Snow day

Snow day

Snow day

Mission accomplished:

Snow day

Then Mr Nubbers found it and thought it was a toy…

Snow day

Also, mission accomplished:

Snow day

It got quiet out there for a little while, then all of them ride up with homemade snow plows!

Snow day

This was all Beckham. He duct taped snow shovels to their pedal carts!

Snow day

Berkley’s didn’t actually reach the ground, but that didn’t stop her…

Snow daySnow day

Funny Book

We still write down some of the the things the kids say that make us laugh out loud. Here’s a few:

Beckham: A lot of people get married in May. I’m not going to get married in May. I’m going to get married on the day after Christmas so there are hot deals for my anniversary!


Beckham had an older boy named Sam pour into him when he was little, and he passes that on. Sam taught him how to be patient and kind and super fun with littler kids.

Beckham: I have two followers, I’m like Jesus.

Laura: You know Jesus had more than that, right?

Beckham: Yeah, I need 10 more.

Brian: I’m still listening, I’m just walking away until I can’t hear you anymore.

Listening to “Last Christmas I gave you my heart”

Boo: I don’t get why she gave them her heart. Who would want a heart sitting in their house?

On Sundays we have “Lord’s Day Breakfast” meaning the kids get to eat what ever they want.

SP one Sunday apparently had very expectations: Is ice cream the best we can do?


We walked into the Target book aisle:

SP: is this like a book fair?

Me: We only need 5
Boo: Let’s get 10!

Berkley, “On the list of foods bad for cats, it doesn’t say lollipops!”

SP for the most part has it all together. Except she loses things.

Brian: You could play the piccolo in the marching band so you don’t have to carry something heavy,

SP: I need a tuba so I don’t lose it.

Berkley: Mom do you have any water? I’m drying out.

Also Berkley: Who wants to be a pony so I can get free pony rides?

Talking about naturally straight or wavy
Boo: My hair is naturally tangly.


Berkley “mom you aren’t coming with us.”
Brian “she’s coming with us, don’t worry, we’ll still have fun though.”

Boo: Dad, yesterday I couldn’t jump rope but today it just came to me
Brian: ohh! How many can you do?
Boo: like a thousand.
Brian: how many have you counted you can do?
Boo: 9

Old School Roller Skating!

A friend had a party at the roller rink! Brilliant!

Daisy Skate Party

Brian went rollerskating every Friday night in Jr High, and he hasn’t lost his mad skating skills! Daisy Skate Party

Only Berkley skates in a fancy dress…(it was that or footies and she was already in this from church!)Daisy Skate Party

LIMBO!! Daisy Skate Party

They played REO Speedwagon, that was all I wanted out of this!! woohoo!  Daisy Skate Party

Stinkin’ cat

Mr Nubbers stays exclusively outside.

Until one day we noticed we hadn’t seen him outside of his bed in the garage for a few days…

…and then when I did he was only using 3 legs.


So we took him to the vet, and turns out he got in a literal cat fight. (We later learned there’s a new family down the street with an outside cat too, and Nubs was protecting his territory!)

All that to say, I was a softie and let him come inside while his leg healed. The kids took great care of him: 

That’s Berkley’s frog that she gives people when they are sick!

Poor cat was too gimp and/or drugged to care. He just slept through it all.

It looks like a gravestone, but it’s actually a feather of a turkey on a “Thanksgiving turkey.” Sadie Piper’s preface is pretty great!SP 4th grade


In Art class, Beckham’s class was assigned a sheet of the dictionary and told to draw a word from it. Beckham hit the 6th grade humor jackpot cause he found a donkey on his…! In his defense, his shading is spot on! 🙂

Art assignment by Beckham

Found this gem of a photo op on an adventure one day!! Cemetery


Becks, SP and Brian always leave Boo and I behind when we go through these kinds of tunnels…we aren’t the bravest of the bunch and I usually squeeze Boo’s hand too tight…it’s so DARK! And I can’t see what I’m stepping on!!! Under road near sunset ave

“Get dressed for a hike:” Inventure

“Get dressed for bed” (she has two outfits: footies, and school clothes. If she’s not going to school/church, she’s in footies)


Both girls got really good chops. There was so. much. hair. It’s been saving us a fortune in conditioner though! 🙂

We had to take the stinking cat to the vet, and he was cuddling on SP. And her sweet smile…  

This our routine most nights: reading and hair braiding!


After they shoveled snow, they wrote me a note! Snowy

Brian’s grandma used to make them mint chocolate chip milkshakes. He’s now introduced our kids to them and they are obsessed as well.