BBQ at Redeemer

Laura went to Dallas, I went to Wichita, Crazies went to B’s. When I returned we went to the Redeemer Missions fundraiser BBQ.

Emily C, Hannah and Alexis did a fantastic job on the face painting. Sadie Piper went with a unicorn while the rest of us were made into Ninja Turtles.

Here is Raphael

Michelangelo or Mickey as Boo calls him.

I was Leonardo

The face painting was awesome last night. Three ninja turtles and a unicorn #TMNT #ninjaturtles

Shari Felich took these next two photos. Thank you!

 Ninja Turtles from Shari

Sadie Piper from Shari

Sam did something to deserve Becks and Sadie Piper to chase him down with a water ballon.


In the end, justice was served.

Team work landed a water ballon squarely on Sam Ba-Sham

Sam also made this amazing strike zone

The strike zone of course betrayed him…
Elle & Annie were made into twinkie butterfly princesses. 
Twinkie face paint. @annie_prins