More Astros

Have you heard the Astros won the WORLD SERIES for the FIRST TIME EVER!?

This is what the girls made while they watched a game one night:


It’s Minute Maid Park! With crazy detail!


This Astros fan has a shirt that says “Boo Yankees!”


This is a dad…with a lot of kids! Astros

Astros’ mascot Orbit Astros

Here’s the fieldAstros

This is Brian holding baby Berkley!   Astros

And the scoreboard, with the ‘Stros winning! Astros

The last big Astros food of the week was sugar cookies!!  

The kids decorated some too. Berkley’s on the left (she doesn’t like icing), Beckham’s in the middle, and SP’s on the right (she made Julia, their sideline reporter).


“Icing is not glue”

To be fair, I tried to tell them “icing is not glue” (cred to Maggie) but they insisted. Jan 2016

Jan 2016

Cookie baking went a little better! While the boys were at Star Wars, we made cut out cookies.
Dec 2015

I can be a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to baking (cause I also love eating!), but I took a deep breath and let them do everything cause even more than eating a good cookie, I want them to love baking too.

Dec 2015

Berkley asked if we could do this every day. It was two of her very favorite things in the world, eating and crafts, IN ONE!

Dec 2015

Dec 2015

They made some rock star cookies!

Dec 2015
Dec 2015

Houston Astros Birthday Cookies


For my birthday every year Laura makes something desserty with the theme of a sports team or something I’m interested in. In the past it’s been FC Dallas Cookies or Astros Cake  even WCA cookies. This year she made a Hall of Fame worthy collection of historical and current Houston Astros jerseys. Even has most of the current roster in numbers.

She so outdid herself this year, I have no idea what she is going to do next year.

Laura made the best #Astros cookies ever for my birthday. #mlb #cookies @astrosbaseball

This is the team that started on the night before my birthday. Including new rookie George Springer in right field.



Dexter Fowler in a throwback jersey



From 1962-1964 the Astros were named the Colt .45s after the gun.



Cookie Springer



Rainbow Jersey from the 1980s


1965 Astros Jersey with shooting star on the front.



Chris Carter in current orange jersey




This is the rainbow side current Sunday jersey, my favorite.













More #Astros cookies. I love them

This was their logo in my childhood.

Dallas Keuchel in throwback Colt’s jersey