Basketball is Interesting?


I played basketball for one season in elementary at the YMCA. There was a giant girl on our team named Sarah who scored all the points and really I was pleased with this because that last thing I wanted to do was take a shot and miss.

During holidays one of my favorite things to do was play my brother Greg in basketball with predictable results of him winning, or me cheating. In late junior high David Waindel and I played every sport, but basketball was one of them. We had teams with people in the neighborhood, kept stats and mimicked Jordan and Hakeem and Vernon Maxwell.

Laura sporting Rockets gear in college

Laura sporting Rockets gear in college

I was also a really big Duke & Bobby Hurley fan. In the mid 90s the Rockets won two championships and I loved how joyfully stressful those games were. The way it brought the whole city together. I tried out for the basketball team in High School on a bet, but was kicked out of tryouts after taking my second half court shot in the scrimmage. I guess if I had made those shots it would be a different story.

I’m terrible at the game. I’ve often mocked it questioning “why they don’t just skip to the last two minutes and save us an hour of boredom?” In 2010 I tried to get into basketball by following the Dallas Mavericks. That didn’t last very long.

In recent years I’ve grown to love baseball, it’s been an adult return to what I believe is the greatest sport ever invented.  After baseball ended this year I found myself missing the ritual of checking the box score to see how the Astros were doing or playing a game in the background in the evening.

I noticed the Rockets would be playing on ESPN3, so I watched some of the game and found it really enjoyable. Watching James Harden and Dwight Howard and really some scrappy guy named Beaverly was intriguing. I remembered the joy of backyard basketball and the Rockets’ golden years. So for two whole weeks now I’ve followed the Rockets. I’d love to get league pass if the price ever drops to an affordable place so I could watch some games.

Anyway, this year I didn’t try to become a fan of basketball, but I think I may be becoming one. I’m excited about watching the Rockets. I can name a few players. There are guys in the league that drive me nuts. Kobe, LeBron, The Miami Heat. There are teams that I like for no reason. Charlotte Hornets and Sacramento Kings. I have an opinion about the Seattle Sonics returning. I feel sorry for Bulls fans who think Derrick Rose may actually play half the games in a season. I actually care if the Rockets win which makes watching a game a totally different experience. I’m annoyed that San Francisco calls themselves Golden State. I keep hoping the Rockets will add the yellow back to their main colors. Kinda like Astros did with orange and navy. Not only that, I want to watch K-State, The Aggies and Duke play basketball as well.

I am aware no one cares about any of this and write it more for my own thinking than anything else. So if you wanna play a little one-on-one or two-on-two, let me know.