Beckham’s Skip Day!

Last but not least was Beckham! We saved his until last cause we knew we wanted to ride bikes to lunch and needed a pretty and warmer day to pull that off. We had the prefect weather day and off we were!

We tried to do Varsity donuts, of course, but they were CLOSED for a small remodel. Bummer. So we headed to Dunkin Donuts. Not the same, but it was just a fill in.

Beckham skip day 2017

Next up was what we thought he would be most excited about (and we were correct!): we gave him a roll of quarters and took him around town to all the “junk machines” and let him buy the trinkets he loves so much.

Then we hopped on our bikes and rode some trails that the girls wouldn’t be up for, but that Beckham could do, so today was the perfect day to try it!

Some was on the Linear Trail

Beckham skip day 2017

And some on the mountain bike trails

Becks skip day 2017

Becks skip day 2017

Stopped for photos by the Blue River

Becks skip day 2017

And photos by the Kansas River!

Becks skip day 2017

Beckham skip day 2017

We finally made it to lunch, 7 miles later!!

Becks skip day 2017

This restaurant where they cook your food in front of you is Beckham’s favorite. But we can’t go even for his birthday cause Berkley HATES fire. Really hates. She would cry the whole time, so it’s just best to take him on a day like today!

Becks skip day 2017

They fling everyone at the table a shrimp to try to catch with your mouth and Becks caught it!

Becks skip day 2017

You would think we had worn him out, but his little 11-year-old body is tougher than our’s, so off to bowling we went!

   Becks skip day 2017

Becks skip day 2017

And then ended the day with milkshakes!

    Becks skip day 2017

We earned those milkshakes!!

Becks skip day 2017

Problem solving at its finest

One nice Sunday afternoon Beckham climbed up into a tree

Stuck in tree

Cause he was Link from Zelda…notice the sword and sheath

Stuck in tree

He then realizes he’s a tad high and tells us he needs help getting down.

Stuck in tree

This is how Brian and I respond:

“Good luck with that” and stay in hammock and watch.

Stuck in tree

Enter Princess Zelda:

Stuck in tree

No prob, Bob. Berkley comes up with a plan. Stuck in tree

She’s going to tie the jump rope to his sword, then…well, I’m not sure what then. She said he was gonna use it as a rope and climb down.

Stuck in tree

We don’t know why the goggles any more than you do

Stuck in tree

Plan A not working. Plan B: “hand your sword down and I will do the tying down here”  Stuck in tree

“And then hand it back up to you.” Except Becks couldn’t reach it. Stuck in tree

OK, Plan C. “I’ll get a rake.” Cause that’s longer…??Stuck in tree

Please also note she now has one a swimming bubble (like a life jacket)

Plan D: “I’ll send you up my goggles so you don’t hurt your eyes” Stuck in tree

Goggles successfully delivered!!

Stuck in tree

Plan E: Becks- “Why don’t I just try climbing down?” Stuck in tree

We took that as a parenting win and went back to reading!    Stuck in tree

My newest obsession

I make fun of Brian for getting stuck on things…but it’s actually one of my favorite things about him. You wanna know about NASCAR, random baseball facts, the history of soda, the different types of bicycles, -the list goes on- he’s your guy.

But recently it’s my turn to get obsessed.

With this:

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 2.04.59 PM

This Garmin Vivofit Jr went on super sale right after Thanksgiving, so we got one for Becks for his birthday. I thought it would be fun mostly for him. I think I love it even more than he does though!

Best parts: it’s waterproof AND the battery lasts a year. This means he never has to take it off, which in turn means he never has to forget to put it back on! It counts steps, but it also counts “activity minutes.” So at his 11 year well check when the nurse asked if he gets 60 minutes of play time a day, I could tell her with certainly, “actually he does!”

March 2017

It has a fun game on the app that he collects facts and animals for every day he hits 60 min of active time and I thought he may be too old for that, but he really loves it (this is also due to his love for animals though)!

AND it also tracks sleep, automatically. This is probably where I’m most obsessed.  I can look and see how he slept every night. So when the doctor asked how much sleep he gets at night, I could also tell him that.

March 2017

Yet another great feature: it has a timer on it. I can tell him, “set your timer for 5 minutes and then we are heading out” or “read for 30 minutes, set your watch.” Brilliant I tell you. I’m actually shocked that this is the only kid activity tracker out there. It seems like an untapped market. Kudos to Garmin!!


Taking one for the team

In Texas you take a Texas history class at least three times in school before you graduate. We didn’t realize until we moved to Kansas that this isn’t the case in all states. I honestly just assumed every state took state history every few years. (Who are we kidding…honestly, I didn’t even think about other states! 🙂 )

One of the “facts” you learn is heartbreaking: Texas is not in fact the largest state. Alaska is. Well, we can’t have that, so I very clearly remember my teacher teaching us that “if you melted all the ice in Alaska, Texas would be bigger.”

That settles it. Loophole for the win!

So since our kids aren’t taking Texas history obviously, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to teach them. And we’ve passed that little tidbit on to them of course.

Beckham came home from school one day and said “I put on my work today that Texas was the biggest state cause of the ice in Alaska. I’m going to get it wrong, but it was worth it!”

We couldn’t have been prouder!



Dress up: Jasmine style

We dress up A LOT at our house.

They came to ask for my help for this one and I couldn’t keep it together and not giggle (the only part they couldn’t do was the hair, that’s where I came in)…


Here’s the picture they were copying:

The did a pretty good job! 



No birthday cake Mom, I’d like creme brûlée instead.
Jan 2016

Jan 2016

At 10 years old Becks:

  • Is still an old soul (he’s like a little old man in some of his likes: like having creme brûlée instead of cake?!)
  • Has the sweetest heart, he’s sensitive to others and loves big. He’s the first to notice and try to help when he sees someone is down, he’s very empathetic
  • Spends his play time: Minecraft and Legos, soccer and baseball
  • His classmates describe him as “funny” (with an occasional “hilarious” thrown in there!)
  • Is still slow. He doesn’t like to be rushed. Brian and I are the exact opposite and try to learn this from him, it’s a trait we’d like to imitate more of
  • Is really embracing being a gentleman (holding doors open for girls, carrying the heavy stuff, etc)
  • Doesn’t love school, but does really well at it
  • He has a very high respect for wisdom

Brian covered his door in newspaper, I made the birthday sign. This about sums us up.

Beckham 10th Birthday

First stop of the big 1-0 birthday? Varsity Donuts!


Brian and I got to spend time with him and his class to celebrate for lunch!

Beckham 10th Birthday

Being with 4th graders is hilarious! (And also exhausting. His teacher needs a metal!) You can’t not laugh at milk bubbles tho…!Beckham 10th Birthday
Beckham 10th Birthday

Beckham 10th Birthday
Beckham 10th Birthday

Again, I wrapped all the gifts, except the one in newspaper, that was Brian (he even made a bow!). And what’s the first thing we hear? Sadie asking “DAD!! Will you wrap my presents when it’s MY birthday?!)Beckham 10th Birthday


Watch your back, Picasso

Cause these kids draw some mean pictures

Flamingos (by Berkley)

Smurfs (by Beckham) a

SP and Mom (by SP) (I’m gonna keep this one to show her when she’s a teenager and hates me)aCandy store (Boo)


Right Dad? (by SP) a

Mail from SP! a

Poster for the girls’ recital (SP)

Nothing makes you feel young like being labeled with your age in the family photo! (SP) Oct 2015

See, isn’t this one much better? (SP)


Doc McStuffins (Berkley) 

Thanks it, we are getting a cat. Oct 2015

Story of creation (Berkley) a
Witch, I esp like the nose! (Berkley) 
Oct 2015

A house with a baby in a diaper (Boo) Oct 2015

This eye lashes are true to sizeOct 2015


American Child Labor

The children decided they wanted to wash the car one day. I wasn’t home when they actually went outside to do it, but I came home and found Sadie Piper hard at work scrubbing.

September 2015

I had wondered where the other two were and then when I rounded the corner I found them here. Sunning.

September 2015

They all crack me up for different reasons.

*No children were posed in the making of this blog post.