Dear Santa

Berkley’s 1st grade class wrote letters to Santa and somehow the newspaper must have intercepted them on the way to the North Pole. Which I’m cool with cause I really don’t want a chicken! Also, Mason hasn’t asked for a hamster, Berkley just decided that he should have one.

The new Junie B

No, we didn’t get a new cat (yet?). I mean this is like the Junie B books.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 7.51.12 AM

This book is hilarious and has us all wondering how the author knows so much about Berkley. From the first page we were like, YES, look, it’s a picture of OUR family!!

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 7.50.52 AM



This little girl likes to talk and ask questions too!

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 7.50.40 AM

And she wants to stay in her winter night gown. Berkley LIVES in her fleece footies YEAR ROUND!

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 7.50.24 AM

We laughed the whole way through this book and were so excited to see a second one!!

Jan 2016

Boo was totally loving seeing the similarities (Dory likes to pretend to be a dog too…and her family won’t play fetch with her either!) and dressed in her nightgown (inside out of course) and made Dory’s imaginary friend out of paper and also a banana (it’s how she calls Nubbers).

Dec 2015

Anyone with a youngest child that’s weirder than the rest will LOVE this book!



Gusty Gusters

Berkley is the most extroverted of all of us. She just doesn’t run out of juice. Ever.

Here’s an example of what I mean. Brian had Berkley at Becks’ baseball game this summer and he started texting me Berkley’s dialogue. You can’t make this stuff up…

June 2015June 2015
June 2015
June 2015

June 2015

June 2015


Berkley’s crafts

For Berkley’s 6th birthday she got a lot of great stuff. But if you ask her what she got, she will tell you “a tape dispenser!!” This girl goes through tape and paper like Brian goes though tortilla chips. We had to get her tape in bulk to keep up


Here’s a recent use of tape and paper, her “castle”:


Not surprisingly her favorite subject is art. She LOVES art class days! This week she made a wallet:
Jan 2016

Jan 2016

This is her driver’s license (Kansas!)

Jan 2016

That’s her Target card on the left. And pictures of her kids. Jan 2016

More kids and a Dillons card!Jan 2016

And some money! Jan 2016

She gets suuuuper detailed on her stuff. Pictures didn’t do this MarioKart track justice, so here she is explaining it:

She’s also made “stuffed animals”

Jan 2016

She stuffed it with the scraps, pretty good thinking!

Jan 2016

And we also always have an art wall that the girls put up. It changes every so often, so I never know what they will put up there!



Raking leaves with Boo

Ask our old neighbors the Youngs, they will attest to the fact that we hate raking leaves. It wasn’t something we grew up doing (one because there are no seasons in Houston, and two because the only trees we have in north Houston were evergreen pine trees anyways), so it’s taken us a while to figure this out!

The wind at our house whipped around and piled them for us this year! Woohoo!


Then Berkley of all people said we really need to rake them! I was so shocked she wanted to help…until I realized all she really just wanted to do was jump in them.


But at least I had company while I raked! IMG_4549


How can one girl be so weird…


…and so pretty at the same time?!


Then she does stuff like this too, so it was worth all the extra work!

Dancing and jumping (and jumping and jumping)

This started when they asked me to watch the dance show (we also have a lot of dance shows around here) IMG_4589


And then she just jumps!! 

I’m so shocked at how she looks in the picture, I show them.
Which started an evening of jumping for pictures!IMG_4595Here’s a pretty typical progression from “normal to Berkley”




I mean the face, really?!

These two are our weirdest:


IMG_4622And then the jump! 

They were cracking me up! They would jump, then come look at the picture, discuss how they will adjust and jump again!

But Berkley’s jumping face can’t be beat!IMG_4627


SP’s face!




And no bones were broken! It was a good day!

Dress up: Jasmine style

We dress up A LOT at our house.

They came to ask for my help for this one and I couldn’t keep it together and not giggle (the only part they couldn’t do was the hair, that’s where I came in)…


Here’s the picture they were copying:

The did a pretty good job! 


“Icing is not glue”

To be fair, I tried to tell them “icing is not glue” (cred to Maggie) but they insisted. Jan 2016

Jan 2016

Cookie baking went a little better! While the boys were at Star Wars, we made cut out cookies.
Dec 2015

I can be a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to baking (cause I also love eating!), but I took a deep breath and let them do everything cause even more than eating a good cookie, I want them to love baking too.

Dec 2015

Berkley asked if we could do this every day. It was two of her very favorite things in the world, eating and crafts, IN ONE!

Dec 2015

Dec 2015

They made some rock star cookies!

Dec 2015
Dec 2015

Watch your back, Picasso

Cause these kids draw some mean pictures

Flamingos (by Berkley)

Smurfs (by Beckham) a

SP and Mom (by SP) (I’m gonna keep this one to show her when she’s a teenager and hates me)aCandy store (Boo)


Right Dad? (by SP) a

Mail from SP! a

Poster for the girls’ recital (SP)

Nothing makes you feel young like being labeled with your age in the family photo! (SP) Oct 2015

See, isn’t this one much better? (SP)


Doc McStuffins (Berkley) 

Thanks it, we are getting a cat. Oct 2015

Story of creation (Berkley) a
Witch, I esp like the nose! (Berkley) 
Oct 2015

A house with a baby in a diaper (Boo) Oct 2015

This eye lashes are true to sizeOct 2015


It’s like a dream come true

Well, almost.

Berkley tells us her reoccurring dream is to have a real house that’s a bounce house.

So for her birthday in August of course she asked for a bounce house for her party!

Aug 2015

Aug 2015

Aug 2015

This pic cracks me up!

Aug 2015

Aug 2015

She may be 6, but she’ll always be the Little One. 
Aug 2015

Stole this idea from Christine and they made these crowns. They don’t last, but they are super fun to sticker up, so it was a great craft!
Aug 2015

At six Berkley is:

The most extroverted person in our family. She can out talk the best of them and never seems to need alone time. Until the rest of us do and it’s forced on her!

Her love language is touch. She just wants cuddles!

Still loves Doc McStuffins, playing school with SP, and Legos with Becks.

Her favorite meal is: snacks.

Is insanely creative and loves crafts, drawing and coloring and being read to.

Told us recently she had a “Mom question.” What’s the difference between a mom question and a dad question? “A dad question is if it’s about adventuring. A mom question is if you need anything!”