Problem solving at its finest

One nice Sunday afternoon Beckham climbed up into a tree

Stuck in tree

Cause he was Link from Zelda…notice the sword and sheath

Stuck in tree

He then realizes he’s a tad high and tells us he needs help getting down.

Stuck in tree

This is how Brian and I respond:

“Good luck with that” and stay in hammock and watch.

Stuck in tree

Enter Princess Zelda:

Stuck in tree

No prob, Bob. Berkley comes up with a plan. Stuck in tree

She’s going to tie the jump rope to his sword, then…well, I’m not sure what then. She said he was gonna use it as a rope and climb down.

Stuck in tree

We don’t know why the goggles any more than you do

Stuck in tree

Plan A not working. Plan B: “hand your sword down and I will do the tying down here”  Stuck in tree

“And then hand it back up to you.” Except Becks couldn’t reach it. Stuck in tree

OK, Plan C. “I’ll get a rake.” Cause that’s longer…??Stuck in tree

Please also note she now has one a swimming bubble (like a life jacket)

Plan D: “I’ll send you up my goggles so you don’t hurt your eyes” Stuck in tree

Goggles successfully delivered!!

Stuck in tree

Plan E: Becks- “Why don’t I just try climbing down?” Stuck in tree

We took that as a parenting win and went back to reading!    Stuck in tree

Soccer goals

Fun Director rule: The first goal you score of the season earns you ice cream. 

Berkley played soccer this year, and even she admitted “soccer’s not really my thing.”

But she ran and made a few good dribbles and passes.

Soccer Fall 2017

Soccer Fall 2017

She’s not the most aggressive player on the field…Soccer Fall 2017 Soccer Fall 2017

But she enjoyed sitting the bench! Soccer Fall 2017  Soccer Fall 2017

But mostly she just followed the ball. And once, when it was coming her way, she shrunk away like this:

Except it bounced off of her and into the goal.

And a goal counts a goal no matter how the ball goes in.

So off to get ice cream!

We drove through McDonalds and saw they had dipped cones!! I LOVE DIPPED CONES! So dipped cones all around.

But before we even all have our ice cream I look back and see this:

So I’m not calmly telling Brian to pull into a spot cause I’m not excited about cleaning up the chocolate that is inevitably going to get all over the car, even on the short drive home.

I don’t even know how it’s possible to get this messy…


I wouldn’t let her back in, just handed her a wipee and told her to go at it.

It’s all fun and games until someone steps in mud…

We were over by the fun zip line we found a while ago and had to take a few spins on it

March 2017

It’s a little loose, so we had to help it along!

March 2017

We put Berkley to work pulling Beckham back up!

March 2017

Then we spotted a fun tire swing right by it!

March 2017

Beckham was still on the zip line, and got stuck in the middle! (you can see him in the background!)

March 2017

We thought it would be funny to tell him we were leaving. But apparently we’ve tried that funny trick too many times cause he didn’t even get a little ruffled. 🙁

March 2017

Then Brian and Becks went through this cool Ninja Turtles tunnel!

March 2017

Berkley and I followed, cause who doesn’t want to be a Ninja Turtle?

March 2017

March 2017

When we got out on the other side Berkley told me to go first. I stepped on what I thought was a rock.

March 2017

It wasn’t a rock. It was pure mud.

March 2017

But here’s the deal. The kids thought this was the best thing ever. Like, highlight of Berkley’s Spring Break.

“My mom stepped in mud. I was laughing”

“My grandma came to town and my mom stepped in mud.”

That shoe didn’t make it and I had to say goodbye to them and I was a little traumatized by the whole event. But I guess it was worth it?

Berkley Boo Skip Day

Once all the kids got into school, we started a “skip day” tradition. Once a year each kid gets one day to skip school and just hang out with Brian and I for some rare one on one (or two on one rather) time. They get to pick the agenda, lunch location, etc. The day is their’s!

Last year we foolishly put all the skip days in May as school was winding down, but then we were squeezing them in between work and fun days at school they didn’t want to miss, so we got smarter this year and started in February.

Berkley was up first.

First stop: Varsity Donuts. It’s scary how similar their faces are…

Boo skip day

Then to Walmart cause we saw they had this lollipop display once and vowed to bring Berkley back cause suckers are her fav!

Boo skip day

Please stop to notice she’s still in her footie pajamas. This is because she would live in footies if I would let her. Usually I don’t. Today I did.

We try to live our lives never passing up a cut out face photo op

Boo skip day

Then back home to watch some Doc McStuffins (cause the Bigs don’t dig it but she does, and today she didn’t even have to share the screen!). But because Brian was involved, he suggested we move the couch to right in front of the TV for her. I was on board with that. But it escalated into a fort.

Feb 2017

(which means it escalated into me spending the next half hour being grossed out by what was under the couches and cushions and vacuuming like a mad woman)

Inside the fort

Boo skip day

Her and I played Doc on her stuffed animals in the fort. It was very claustrophobic fyi…

Feb 2017

Last Fall they tore down the old Arby’s and built a Popeyes in Aggieville, so we watched the restaurant being built. Driving by earlier in the day Berkley said she’s never been to a Popeyes and asked if we could eat lunch there.

It started with her getting REALLY excited about the spork! “MOM! I hardly ever get to use a spork! Most places don’t even have them!” (apparently school cafeterias have moved onto real forks. In MY day we had sporks. Kids these days are so spoiled.)

Feb 2017

Feb 2017

Then to the store to get a balloon (not her birthday, but the one she wanted, and what she wants goes today!) which happens to be by Hobby Lobby and she asked to go in just to browse the crafts.

  Feb 2017

At this point in the day I need a nap. But instead we went bowling!

She spent a lot of time rolling on the floor. I spent a lot of time cringing.

  Feb 2017

She was camouflaged!

 Feb 2017

These two bowled a few like this:

Feb 2017

     Feb 2017

Game two she used the slide. Bowling balls get heavy.Boo skip day

We ended the day with Orange Leaf ice cream!Boo skip day



Future singer songwriters

I’ve mentioned before that 99% of the time, after we do something or go somewhere, the girls recreate it to “play” at home (farmers market, book fair, dance recitals, rodeo, Purple Power Play, I can go on and on). This Friday’s pizza and movie night featured the movie “Sing.” On Friday nights they are allowed to draw or write in bed (instead of just reading). So apparently they spent that time after the movie writing songs. The next morning there was a show here at the house that was pretty stinking great!

But first, they must set up the audience…


Dear Santa

Berkley’s 1st grade class wrote letters to Santa and somehow the newspaper must have intercepted them on the way to the North Pole. Which I’m cool with cause I really don’t want a chicken! Also, Mason hasn’t asked for a hamster, Berkley just decided that he should have one.

The new Junie B

No, we didn’t get a new cat (yet?). I mean this is like the Junie B books.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 7.51.12 AM

This book is hilarious and has us all wondering how the author knows so much about Berkley. From the first page we were like, YES, look, it’s a picture of OUR family!!

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 7.50.52 AM



This little girl likes to talk and ask questions too!

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 7.50.40 AM

And she wants to stay in her winter night gown. Berkley LIVES in her fleece footies YEAR ROUND!

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 7.50.24 AM

We laughed the whole way through this book and were so excited to see a second one!!

Jan 2016

Boo was totally loving seeing the similarities (Dory likes to pretend to be a dog too…and her family won’t play fetch with her either!) and dressed in her nightgown (inside out of course) and made Dory’s imaginary friend out of paper and also a banana (it’s how she calls Nubbers).

Dec 2015

Anyone with a youngest child that’s weirder than the rest will LOVE this book!



Gusty Gusters

Berkley is the most extroverted of all of us. She just doesn’t run out of juice. Ever.

Here’s an example of what I mean. Brian had Berkley at Becks’ baseball game this summer and he started texting me Berkley’s dialogue. You can’t make this stuff up…

June 2015June 2015
June 2015
June 2015

June 2015

June 2015


Berkley’s crafts

For Berkley’s 6th birthday she got a lot of great stuff. But if you ask her what she got, she will tell you “a tape dispenser!!” This girl goes through tape and paper like Brian goes though tortilla chips. We had to get her tape in bulk to keep up


Here’s a recent use of tape and paper, her “castle”:


Not surprisingly her favorite subject is art. She LOVES art class days! This week she made a wallet:
Jan 2016

Jan 2016

This is her driver’s license (Kansas!)

Jan 2016

That’s her Target card on the left. And pictures of her kids. Jan 2016

More kids and a Dillons card!Jan 2016

And some money! Jan 2016

She gets suuuuper detailed on her stuff. Pictures didn’t do this MarioKart track justice, so here she is explaining it:

She’s also made “stuffed animals”

Jan 2016

She stuffed it with the scraps, pretty good thinking!

Jan 2016

And we also always have an art wall that the girls put up. It changes every so often, so I never know what they will put up there!



Raking leaves with Boo

Ask our old neighbors the Youngs, they will attest to the fact that we hate raking leaves. It wasn’t something we grew up doing (one because there are no seasons in Houston, and two because the only trees we have in north Houston were evergreen pine trees anyways), so it’s taken us a while to figure this out!

The wind at our house whipped around and piled them for us this year! Woohoo!


Then Berkley of all people said we really need to rake them! I was so shocked she wanted to help…until I realized all she really just wanted to do was jump in them.


But at least I had company while I raked! IMG_4549


How can one girl be so weird…


…and so pretty at the same time?!


Then she does stuff like this too, so it was worth all the extra work!