I edit sermons. Brian’s on Monday morning and also Tony’s for the radio. So I get a lot of great stuff in my head (via my ear buds) each week. I also get a lot of stuff that makes me giggle. So it’s hardly fair to keep this stuff to myself. 🙂

This one is from yesterday. It’s Brian trying to get our attention after the passing of the peace/fellowship time during the worship service. This is cut down from the entire minute it took him to get our attention. He seems to be entertaining himself quite well though!

This one is from about 4 years ago. The significance of this is that Tony is foretelling his own knee injury. Since the sermon’s that I edit for the radio are about 4 months old, when I heard this, he had already, I think the technical term he uses is “messed up his knee.” Here’s what he did shortly after saying this: