More Astros

Have you heard the Astros won the WORLD SERIES for the FIRST TIME EVER!?

This is what the girls made while they watched a game one night:


It’s Minute Maid Park! With crazy detail!


This Astros fan has a shirt that says “Boo Yankees!”


This is a dad…with a lot of kids! Astros

Astros’ mascot Orbit Astros

Here’s the fieldAstros

This is Brian holding baby Berkley!   Astros

And the scoreboard, with the ‘Stros winning! Astros

The last big Astros food of the week was sugar cookies!!  

The kids decorated some too. Berkley’s on the left (she doesn’t like icing), Beckham’s in the middle, and SP’s on the right (she made Julia, their sideline reporter).


Astros in the Playoffs!!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!

We bleed orange around here, so while the Astros are in the Playoffs, it becomes a holiday!

We did stadium food on days they played in the first round. But of course, food at the stadium costs money. Insert Brian’s job: make money!!

Astros money

Everything we sold always cost $100, but isn’t that about right for stadium prices? 🙂 Just teaching the kids real world lessons!

I made pretzel hot dog buns. They were delish, but I hate when I do that to myself cause now I set the bar too high…on stinking HOT DOG night, aka “Mom’s not cooking night!” Ugh!

We also did nachos…with JUST those round chips and that gross non-cheese that everyone in my house loves. Ew. They thought it was the greatest ever.

And orange popcorn in Astros cup hats:

They didn’t love it. Said it was too sugary. WHAT???

And then tequila sunrise cookies (instead of the annual candy corn ones these are supposed to be!)

‘Stros are moving on, so it’s back to the drawing board for more Astros ideas!

This little team called the Astros

Some people are fair weather fans. You can call Brian a lot of things, but he’s a legit Astros fan. Here are his hats:

Astros hats

AND he continued to wear them even the three straight seasons the Astros lost over 100 games (which is hard to do guys). He claims each one of these hats is “totally” different than the others…

This was what he requested I make last year for his birthday “cake”



And we have re-created Tal’s Hill in both of our yards…

Why, yes that is Minute Maid Park, Tal's Hill, a toy train on fence to right and a flag pole on the hill. #astros

We made the #Wiffleball field #Texas style, with a flag pole on the field. #astros #MHK #ManhattanKS

He stuck by the boys and their new plan to use analytics and young guys and hits to win. Here’s a good article from a few years ago explaining the strategy of the Astros. And claiming it will work eventually: “There’s no reason the Astros can’t be competitive next year, at .500 by 2015, and then become legitimate contenders in the AL West in 2016 and beyond.”

So when the Astros made it to the playoffs this year, it was sooner than expected (cause we totally would have taken winning half our games this year as a victory!!). This is how we felt about that:

Astros Playoffs Photoshoot

Astros Playoffs Photoshoot

Most people supported the Astros with us when they played the Yankees (of course!)

Astros Playoffs Photoshoot

But we ran into opposition when the team we played next was the “hometown” Royals. So we were the outsiders, but it’s cool cause we are used to that. Sadie’s class had a “blue out” to support the Royals. She was the one in orange that day! And Becks wore his jersey to school 4 of 5 days last week.

Sadie's class had blue out today to support the Royals. Of course we filed a discrimination case. #astros #CrushCity

Beckham and his sweet teacher had a no talking to each other thing going on, but that didn’t stop him from showing his Astros support on his school work:


(I’m just impressed with his correct use of the apostrophe!!)


We picked up the kids from school a little early for the Friday game and had them “earn” their Astros money for a ticket inside and concessions (can’t have them free-loading!). Pick up sticks, get $400 Astros money!

Astros Concessions Cropped

Astros Concessions CroppedHere’s the money Brian made:

Astros Money KeuchelAstros Money AltuveAstros Money SpringerAstros Money Correa

Astros Money Gattis

We sold concessions: drinks, popcorn, candy

Astros Concessions Cropped

Astros Concessions Cropped

The “problem” with fun events is that now it’s expected that they have concessions when we would watch the Astros (they even saved their money to use again)…and our boys went further than I planned, so we had to get creative.

The Astros dug out is young. And immature and really fun and one of the many reasons we love them so! One game they celebrated home runs with gummy bears! So we ran with that and threw gummy bears when we scored!

Astros gummy bears 2015

Astros gummy bears 2015

Astros gummy bears 2015

Berkley eventually got smart and just collected them from the ground while the bigs tried to catch them

Astros gummy bears 2015

Mr. Casteel invited Brian to game 5 in KC so he got to go root on his ‘Stros!! (you can see his rally cap, which didn’t work, shocker, but always worth a try!)


More importantly, he talked to Paul Rudd!! Him and I go way back: I’ve had a crush on him since Clueless!! (swoon…)


So we didn’t win, and now we will back the Royals, but we also had the best time rooting on our team! Yay for a really fun season! Now we wait impatiently for them to be back in the Spring!

And I leave you with SP’s drawing of Dallas Keuchel: 

Sadie Piper drew a picture of Dallas #keuchel #astros #cyyoung