Just as of lately

Odd Squad Live came to town, and SP’s birthday was a few days before, so we got her tickets for her birthday and took her out just the three of us! (we really should do this more, none of us could remember a time when it was just her and us. Oops)

Crystal Pepsi makes a showing every now and then, and since that’s a blast from our past, we had to get some! We found it really really yummy, but that also led to a taste test. Cause we love a good taste test. (For the record, Crystal Pepsi won)


Sadie Piper apparently discovered “pranking”

Dec 2016

This was under Brian’s pillow:

Dec 2016

We have the old house that when you flush the toilet the water in the shower gets hot!

Berkley’s school music program was all about Kansas!

Her and her BFF. They are two peas in a pod.

Afternoon entertainment after school one day was a car fire and watching the brave firemen put it out! 



When I leave to run an errand and leave everyone at home with Brian, sometimes I get a video like this texted to me:


And then when I get home, sometimes I see this:

Dec 2016

It’s Brian making the pre-made cookie dough (that “slipped” into the basket when he ran to the store), but pretending he’s been working on them from scratch.

He seriously put flour on his face too.

Dec 2016

And then sometimes he goes to Walgreen to pick up ONLY good lotion Kleenex (poor SP had a snotty nose and was getting chapped!) and sends me this pic.

And claims the heart is a steal of a deal cause it’s only $7 but it used to be $15.

Remember that time…

Remember that time there was a bird in the church and Craig and Brian teamed up to save the day?

Craig scared it up and Brian’s job was to “shoo” it out the door that Craig would hold open.

 Dec 2016

Instead, Brian just grabbed it and walked it to the door…

Dec 2016

That’s weird.

Christmas crafting

Berkley made Santa (in his coffee filter sleigh!)

Dec 2016

He was being pulled by his reindeer!

Dec 2016

Brian introduced the kids to the “Double Decker Taco” and it may be Berkley’s new favorite meal cause it’s pretty much a craft…where refried beans are the “glue”…

Dec 2016

She also made her monkey Santa!

Dec 2016

These were hung all around “town” (aka our house)

 Dec 2016

These are also all around the house. They had cards they swipe through the bottom part and then enter their “number”

The girls got clothes from Yayay and Duck, so Brian made Becks a shirt so he didn’t feel left out!! (which he didn’t…but even before the “shirt”) 🙂 Dec 2016

“Quite the dilemma”

When K-State played Texas A&M in a bowl game this year it was literally the only possible match up in all of college football that we didn’t want to see.

When we told people it was “a dilemma” our K-State friends said “there is no dilemma, you root for KSU” and our Aggie friends said “there is no dilemma, you root for A&M.”

See what I mean??

Sadie Piper figured out the solution:

Dec 2016

She also decorated our front door!

Dec 2016

Clearly she has a favorite though! 🙂

I also put on my Aggie ring for the week…

Phone dump

Brian cleaned off the photos in his phone this week. Here are the highlights!

These are her crazy eyes

Baskin robins

The background of this looks fake!


Cemetery snack time riding bikes home from school. Why Boo, why?Random

When they picked me up from the airport SP was dressed like Pikachu!



What’s the difference between a locust and a cicada? We called them locusts growing up in Texas, but I feel like they call the same thing cicadas here. Hmm. I need to Google that. SP likes to collect the skins. It’s so stinking gross.


Brian has this app that makes pictures look like paintings!


Brian made the kids “Shrimp Boats” when I was gone. He’s so cool!

There’s a trail behind our house that has a tree that was made for a photo of lots of kids on it! Jackson Shanahan over

She didn’t want a cake for her birthday, she wanted a clown cone!


As of lately…

Brian kept saying “Beckham!!” one day like he was about to have a serious talk with Becks. Poor Beckham would say “Yes….” and Brian would tell him “Oh, I’m just reading the back of your shirt.” This went on all day. It was their “thing.” Until one time Brian said “Beckham you moron!”…this threw Becks off as Brian tried to explain, he was indeed still just reading his shirt.

(Also, this story sounds like we are super mean to our kids and their childhood is a rough one. I promise they know our love language is messing with them!!)

Me and my little one were twinkies!

Nothing says small town like a town tree lighting! This is the third year they have done this event (we went every year but last year…it was like 15 degrees that year and we are from Texas, so we stayed home) and it’s grown every year! 

This year they had these 3-D like glasses that when you wore them, make EVERY light bulb look either like a snowman or a Santa head, depending on which one you were wearing. I know the technology in my cell phone, microwave, computer, etc is amazing, but this was the coolest thing ever! How did they DO THAT???

Brian bought this solely because it had a red head on it. I bet her’s is real…


These two are buds. Beckham is really blossoming into the coolest big brother there is.

Oct 2016

More crafts: today’s was a “Yoshi face”


These two call themselves the Littlests

Oct 2016

This was quite the dilemma for me at the store. (So I bought both)

Oct 2016

Brian’s desk working on a sermon. I felt like I wanted to make fun of him, but it’s not as cool when you are mocking someone for what? Too many bibles…? Yeah, no one mocks for that.

Oct 2016

Three peas in a slide.

Oct 2016

Drawings, writings and creations

Sadie Piper’s thank you to Brian…

Oct 2016

Beckham’s answer from his science test. (For the record she marked it wrong!)

Berkley can craft with the best of them. Paper, scissors, tape and staples are her love language. This day she made “stuffed animals” out of paper.

Oct 2016

They are stuffed with cotton balls or kleenex. All her.

Oct 2016 Oct 2016

Brian and I live by lists. We love lists. We can’t function without them. So we made the kids lists to help the kids stay on task and not forget things in the mornings. But I needed help from Brian on formatting, so he snuck this into Berkley’s list (the last item on the morning list). So now I hear every morning: Berkley- “Hey Mom!” Me- “Yeah Baby?” Berkley- “I LOOOOOOOVE Dadda!”

Another paper project going on around here are these. They are homemade Pokemon cards!

We go through A LOT of paper…


We want to instill a love of serving in our children (learned that from Sheri and have been blessed for years by Hat doing just that, but that’s a rabbit trail…) and as they are getting older, one way is by serving in the nursery at church when I’m scheduled. Beckham wanted to, and I told him it wasn’t play time, he was there for the kids. He agreed and was amazing with the littles (except no one wanted to play with me, he was a hot commodity!). At one point the game was “dress Beckham up”…he was SUCH a good sport! He had 4 or 5 different “outfits” put on him! My mom heart was happy to see this…:)


Go play in the yard they said. It’ll be fun they said. Spiders can't hurt you they said...
This picture makes me so uncomfortable!! It’s so awkward!! Yet still my favorite thing about life with Brian!

The Pikachu was such a good sport!…at least, I think he was. It’s not like he had much of a choice in the matter… Pokémon day at Hyvee

Point for construction paper and tape. They made themselves animals! (Also, Dory is on the table in the background. 10 to 1 I freaked out after I took this as I lunged for her)


Some days just scream  for Varsity Donuts! Molly sleep over varsity
Ok, let’s talk Coke. Soda. Pop. Whatever you call it from wherever you are.

Brian and I grew up drinking Dr Pepper. Exclusively. We haven’t had it in years and now when we try it it tastes like cherries. Weird. Anyways, I took Brian to the grocery store with me one day (which is like taking a child, he wanders around, pops back in now and then and puts stuff in the cart and messes with my budget!) and he came back with a Crystal Pepsi. Blast from the past! I remember this stuff from the 80s! We tried it and it was shockingly yummy!!

When I went  back the next week I was gonna grab some more, but they were out. This started a mission to find more Crystal Pepsi. I’m not going to stay how many stores we checked. cause that would make you think we are weird. But the mission ended by stalking and cornering politely talking to a Pepsi stocker in a grocery store and begging for information on this stuff! Turns out Pepsi puts it out every summer, but for a very limited time. So we randomly had stumbled upon it at the VERY end of the run. He tipped us off to a store he was at that morning that had the last ones in town! And we stocked up!

This also started a taste test to see if we love Pepsi and just never knew it. For the record, we don’t. Just Crystal. In the process we both discovered we prefer RC Cola to the others (and also Brian read a history book on Sodas, so he’s an expert now. And a nerd.)
The result of Laura becoming obsessed with a limited time only drink. Every last bottle we could find in town. #crystalpepsi
Speaking of nerds…@mklesondak Beckham scored an art project today at school, decoration for church building. You in? Free reign to do whatever you'd like.

Kids’ art teacher gave them a rooster cause Becks told him his dad loves them! Melissa is painting it for us for church decoration!