Future singer songwriters

I’ve mentioned before that 99% of the time, after we do something or go somewhere, the girls recreate it to “play” at home (farmers market, book fair, dance recitals, rodeo, Purple Power Play, I can go on and on). This Friday’s pizza and movie night featured the movie “Sing.” On Friday nights they are allowed to draw or write in bed (instead of just reading). So apparently they spent that time after the movie writing songs. The next morning there was a show here at the house that was pretty stinking great!

But first, they must set up the audience…


Sadie Piper is 8

In our heads she’s kinda maxed out at 6.

Sadie Piper dance 2nd grade zoom

But if we are talking real years, yes, she’s 8!

She was very specific about what she wanted in cookies: green with a white 8

Jan 2016

Jan 2016

On your birthday week in our house you get to pick all the dinners. One of her meals was this cheese broccoli soup. Brian mentioned bread bowls (cause in his world he says “we should eat from bread bowls” and it “automatically” happens. To be fair I say “my phone isn’t working right” and it “automatically” fixes too, so we will call it even! 🙂 ), so we had bread bowls which they thought was super fun!

Sadie Piper birthday meal, broccoli cheese soup in bread bowl

Her and her BFFs re-preforming their music program from this year at her bday sleepover!
Jan 2016
Jan 2016

Can we talk about what a gimp mom I am? See her candle? It was all I had! Oops!
Jan 2016
Jan 2016

And then on her real b-day you would think I had gotten it together and bought candles. Nope. She was an awesome sport and figured out we could just add with the numbers we did have!

SP bday

She requested pumpkin pie for her cake

SP bday

At eight, Sadie Piper:

  • Has a massive girl crush on Taylor Swift. She can sing almost every word on her 1989 album, and not just the choruses, she knows all the verses too! To the point where we have her change the words to “…he’s so tall, and handsome as WELL…”
  • Is still up for anything, if you ask her if she wants to “(insert adventure or activity)” she’s in!
  • Her palette is still for vanilla. She likes plain stuff.
  • Extremely determined. If she sets her mind to something, she works until she get it.
  • Has this amazing way of making people feel loved. When you are with just her, she just makes you feel good!
  • Music is the language of her heart. Turn music on and she’s dancing around!
  • Still embraces being the “Middle-ist.” We call Brian, Beckham and Berkley the “Killer B’s” (old Astros reference) and SP and I, since we don’t share an initial letter decided we would find the “middle” between L and S (since we are both middle children) and came up with O. So we are the Owls.
  • Has a steel trap of a memory. (Comes in super handy for the rest of us too, “Hey Sadie, (insert thing you can’t remember)?”)


I can’t leave them anywhere…

I took Beckham and Berkley to haircuts, that meant we left Sadie Piper and Brian home alone one afternoon. This didn’t seem like the best idea, they egg each other on. Here’s what we came home to, the two of them on the roof…in one sweatshirt (SP apparently swore she didn’t need one when Brian told her to get one, and then changed her mind!)!

Jan 2016

Here’s the other havoc they wrecked
Jan 2016

Jan 2016

Brian found this background and even left the ball there to complete the panic in me

Jan 2016

Jan 2016

There was also some furniture rearranging

Jan 2016

Jan 2016
December 2015 Pics

While we were gone they also got on the neighbor’s roof!

December 2015 Pics

SP and I were up before the sun the next day so we let her sleep on it that night! 
December 2015 Pics

Then Brian put me out of my misery and put it all back to normal!

Dancing and jumping (and jumping and jumping)

This started when they asked me to watch the dance show (we also have a lot of dance shows around here) IMG_4589


And then she just jumps!! 

I’m so shocked at how she looks in the picture, I show them.
Which started an evening of jumping for pictures!IMG_4595Here’s a pretty typical progression from “normal to Berkley”




I mean the face, really?!

These two are our weirdest:


IMG_4622And then the jump! 

They were cracking me up! They would jump, then come look at the picture, discuss how they will adjust and jump again!

But Berkley’s jumping face can’t be beat!IMG_4627


SP’s face!




And no bones were broken! It was a good day!

“Icing is not glue”

To be fair, I tried to tell them “icing is not glue” (cred to Maggie) but they insisted. Jan 2016

Jan 2016

Cookie baking went a little better! While the boys were at Star Wars, we made cut out cookies.
Dec 2015

I can be a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to baking (cause I also love eating!), but I took a deep breath and let them do everything cause even more than eating a good cookie, I want them to love baking too.

Dec 2015

Berkley asked if we could do this every day. It was two of her very favorite things in the world, eating and crafts, IN ONE!

Dec 2015

Dec 2015

They made some rock star cookies!

Dec 2015
Dec 2015

Watch your back, Picasso

Cause these kids draw some mean pictures

Flamingos (by Berkley)

Smurfs (by Beckham) a

SP and Mom (by SP) (I’m gonna keep this one to show her when she’s a teenager and hates me)aCandy store (Boo)


Right Dad? (by SP) a

Mail from SP! a

Poster for the girls’ recital (SP)

Nothing makes you feel young like being labeled with your age in the family photo! (SP) Oct 2015

See, isn’t this one much better? (SP)


Doc McStuffins (Berkley) 

Thanks it, we are getting a cat. Oct 2015

Story of creation (Berkley) a
Witch, I esp like the nose! (Berkley) 
Oct 2015

A house with a baby in a diaper (Boo) Oct 2015

This eye lashes are true to sizeOct 2015


American Child Labor

The children decided they wanted to wash the car one day. I wasn’t home when they actually went outside to do it, but I came home and found Sadie Piper hard at work scrubbing.

September 2015

I had wondered where the other two were and then when I rounded the corner I found them here. Sunning.

September 2015

They all crack me up for different reasons.

*No children were posed in the making of this blog post.