Sermon Shavings: Death of Stephen

Somethings are interesting, but get cut from sermon notes for the sake of a sermon not being a mere commentary and so that the sermon isn’t two hours long.

In my research on Acts 6:8-7:60 recently I read about a guy named Ben Witherington who noticed a parallel between the death of Stephen and the death of Jesus. Which I love because in John 15:18-21 Jesus says his followers will be persecuted like he has been persecuted.

Check out these 8 ways Stephen’s death closely mirrors the death of his Savior, Jesus.

  1. Both are on trial before Sanhedrin (Mark 14:53 /Acts 6:12; 7:1)
  2. There are false witnesses against them (Mark 14:56–57; Matt. 26:60–61; Acts 6:13)
  3. Questions concerning the destruction of the temple are asked (Mark 14:58; Matt. 26:61; Acts 6:14)
  4. Charge of blasphemy (Mark 14:64, Matt. 26:65; Acts 6:11)
  5. High priest’s ask if accusations are true. (Mark 14:61; Matt. 26:63; Acts 7:1)
  6. Jesus commits his Spirit to the Father, Stephen commits his to Jesus (Luke 23:46; Acts 7:59)
  7. Both cry out with a loud voice (Mark 15:34, Matt. 27:46; Mark 15:37; Acts 7:60)
  8. Both pray for their enemies forgiveness (Luke 23:34; Acts 7:60)