In Art class, Beckham’s class was assigned a sheet of the dictionary and told to draw a¬†word from it. Beckham hit the 6th grade humor jackpot cause he found a donkey on his…! In his defense, his shading is spot on! ūüôā

Art assignment by Beckham

Found this gem of a photo op on an adventure one day!! Cemetery


Becks, SP and Brian always leave Boo and I behind when we go through these kinds of tunnels…we aren’t the bravest of the bunch and I usually squeeze Boo’s hand too tight…it’s so DARK! And I can’t see what I’m stepping on!!!¬†Under road near sunset ave

“Get dressed for a hike:”¬†Inventure

“Get dressed for bed” (she has two outfits: footies, and school clothes. If she’s not going to school/church, she’s in footies)


Both girls got really good chops. There was so. much. hair. It’s been saving us a fortune in conditioner though! ūüôā

We had to take the stinking cat to the vet, and he was cuddling on SP. And her sweet smile… ¬†

This our routine most nights: reading and hair braiding!


After they shoveled snow, they wrote me a note! Snowy

Brian’s grandma used to make them mint chocolate chip milkshakes. He’s now introduced our kids to them and they are obsessed as well. ¬†¬†


Kids spend a lot of extra time at school during Book Fair week, they make themselves comfortable

Also, it’s cereal for dinner week during Book Fair. Berkley sorted every time before she ate…

Girls LOVES penguins. Brian’s mom got her this big one for her birthday and it goes most places with her

I want to buy this car sticker: 

Beckham dressed as Caution tape!  

I love it when they are sweet! ūüôā¬†Sunday

I can’t complete with this: ¬†

Berkley found the heater vent and camped out thereSunday

I saw these footlong Nathan’s hot dogs at the grocery store and was about to buy them, before¬†I saw they were $9!!! For only 6! I just couldn’t do it, for hotdogs. However, when they went on sale for $3, that’s when I’m in!¬†Sunday Sunday


Riding to school:

Ramming heads:

Spy lasers:

We are going to the track to run and play soccer. But you wouldn’t know that from looking at Berkley:


Beware of the kids:


Book worm at a soccer game:


DIY glasses:


Just some random-ness!

This was THE BEST!

July 2017

Kids made masks at Beach Art Museum craft class. Beckham was a gargoyle!

July 2017

All I wanted was a cute picture of her in her cute helmet…

July 2017

We’ve implemented “House Elves”…everyone has 2 nights a week that they are my dinner helper. And there’s a uniform (yep, real pillowcase!)!

 House elf

Kids notes from Brian’s sermon on Mary and Martha


July 2017

Sadie Piper’s:

July 2017


July 2017

Went to the grocery store this summer, but Berkley was ¬†clearly low in her love tank (aka “touch”) and hung on me the whole time

July 2017

Berkley made me a penguin bookmark! It’s my fav!

  July 2017

This just made us laugh!

Aug 2017

Snack time in the cemetery!

Aug 2017

Taught kids how to play “Kick the Can”…and then schooled them!

Aug 2017

Girls made trophies out of paper. We won best parents!

Aug 2017

Found a fun playground in a small town!

Don’t even remember taking this, but there are so few of just the two of us!

On Post MPC lunch at the Curry's

$1.50 scoop days at Baskin Robbins makes not having Blue Bell just a little easier!

Aug 2017


You can see the field our house backs up to in this picture. The field means endless possibilities…for Mr Nubbers to hunt. When he catches something he plays with it, throwing it up, swatting it around. It’s pretty entertaining. Hence why SP just went ahead and pulled up a chair for the show!

Feb 2017

His catch: a mole and a bird.

Feb 2017

Beckham’s school planner. Calling it like it is apparently:¬†Feb 2017

Went to the public library’s annual book sale. And girls came home and played…wait for it…BOOK SALE!¬†Feb 2017

Bottom braces: check!

Feb 2017

We are toilet paper snobs around here. Which is ironical cause I’m cheap and you are literally flushing this money down the toilet, but it is what it is. So in an effort to be cheaper, I bough Charmin…BASIC. Don’t let the name brand fool you like it did me. It’s one ply. Which didn’t go over well here.

Feb 2017

Berkley’s “If I were president…” interesting choices.

Feb 2017

Girls have commandeered this wall, so who knows what will be taped up there next, but this one was impressive!

Texas eggs just taste better.
Feb 2017

As does purple cauliflower!!

Feb 2017

SP and I need to discuss what pose we are doing…I feel like we missed each other.

Sunday School Spring 2017

Phone dump

Brian cleaned off the photos in his phone this week. Here are the highlights!

These are her crazy eyes

Baskin robins

The background of this looks fake!


Cemetery snack time riding bikes home from school. Why Boo, why?Random

When they picked me up from the airport SP was dressed like Pikachu!



What’s the difference between a locust and a cicada? We called them locusts growing up in Texas, but I feel like they call the same thing cicadas here. Hmm. I need to Google that. SP likes to collect the skins. It’s so stinking gross.


Brian has this app that makes pictures look like paintings!


Brian made the kids “Shrimp Boats” when I was gone. He’s so cool!

There’s a trail behind our house that has a tree that was made for a photo of lots of kids on it!¬†Jackson Shanahan over

She didn’t want a cake for her birthday, she wanted a clown cone!



Moving to Manhattan to plant Manhattan Pres we were prepared for the transience of the college students. We weren’t prepared for the transience of the military. I don’t know why, we should have been, but that’s beside the point. The point is we lose¬†friends. And that’s super depressing. Sarah reminded me (before she left also mind you) that we will all meet again in eternity and this just helps us have even more reason to look forward to that. And she’s right. But it’s still hard. This spring and summer we were hit hard with a lot of families moving all at once. One was Berkley’s best friend and his family. And his cool mom¬†and one of my good friends¬†Brandi who sent me a picture of this a year ago and told me I had to do this for crazy hair day this year:

Crazy hair day

Boozer crazy hair day.

Crazy hair day

“School” is played almost daily around here. Here’s Berkley reading to her class.¬†Boo reading to her class

Adventuring! upload

The moment he realized he was out of Poke balls… (also backwards day at school, but I can’t say that’s the only reason his shirt is on backwards, it happens more often than you would expect!!)The moment he realizes he's out of poke balls.

Cemetery snack time after schoolupload

This month Manhattan Pres voted to become a particular church. That means we have 3 local elders and are no longer a plant (after the service to install them). God has worked in bigger and better ways than we ever imagined when we came out here 3 years ago. God has answered every one of our prayers and met every single need. We are just along for the ride of watching God work in his people. We’ve lived in Kansas for exactly 10 years. God willing we will live out the rest of our days here as well. If you would have asked us¬†when we got married if we’d be more likely to live in Africa or Kansas, we most definitely¬†would have both answered Africa! (cause really, who lives in Kansas??)

Here’s the petition the members signed to send to Presbytery.Signing petition for particularization

Brian gets obsessed with random things every now and then (he called it “a desire to be educated” I call it “obsessed”). This month it was Soda. After reading books and watching documentaries, he now knows everything there is to know about soda. One day he was telling me all about root beer (and I’m a good wife and pretend to be super interested! ūüôā ) and I told him Mel has a recipe for homemade root beer. And that was the last I saw of him until this:
oct 2016

Beckham is playing soccer this Fall and loves it. It never gets less awkward yelling “Go Beckham!” and having parents think we are soccer obsessed, but¬†“if the cleat fits…”


Then these crazies just hang and watch

oct 2016

Brian said I could be the sweet little red headed girl!

Charlie and the sweet little redheaded girl


We want to instill a love of serving in our children (learned that from Sheri and have been blessed for years by Hat doing just that, but that’s a rabbit trail…) and as they are getting older, one way is by serving in the nursery at church when I’m scheduled. Beckham wanted to, and I told him it wasn’t play time, he was there for the kids. He agreed and was amazing with the littles¬†(except no one wanted to play with me, he was a hot commodity!). At one point the game was “dress Beckham up”…he was SUCH a good sport! He had 4 or 5 different “outfits” put on him! My mom heart was happy to see this…:)


Go play in the yard they said. It’ll be fun they said.¬†Spiders can't hurt you they said...
This picture makes me so uncomfortable!! It’s so awkward!! Yet still my favorite thing about life with Brian!

The Pikachu was such a good sport!…at least, I think he was. It’s not like he had much of a choice in the matter…¬†Pok√©mon day at Hyvee

Point for construction paper and tape. They made themselves animals! (Also, Dory is on the table in the background. 10 to 1 I freaked out after I took this as I lunged for her)


Some days just scream  for Varsity Donuts! Molly sleep over varsity
Ok, let’s talk Coke. Soda. Pop. Whatever you call it from wherever you are.

Brian and I¬†grew up drinking Dr Pepper. Exclusively. We haven’t had it in years and now when we try it it tastes like cherries. Weird. Anyways, I took Brian to the grocery store with me one day (which is like taking a child, he wanders around, pops back in now and then and puts stuff in the cart and messes with my budget!) and he came back with a Crystal Pepsi. Blast from the past! I remember this stuff from the 80s! We tried it and it was shockingly yummy!!

When I went ¬†back the next week I was gonna grab some more, but they were out. This started a mission to find more Crystal Pepsi.¬†I’m not going to stay how many stores we checked. cause that would make you think we are weird. But the mission ended by stalking¬†and¬†cornering¬†politely talking to a Pepsi stocker in a grocery store and begging for information on this stuff! Turns out Pepsi puts it out every summer, but for a very limited time. So we randomly had stumbled upon it at the VERY end of the run. He tipped us off to a store he was at that morning that had the last ones in town! And we stocked up!

This also started a taste test to see if we love Pepsi and just never knew it. For the record, we don’t. Just Crystal. In the process we both discovered we prefer RC Cola to the others (and also Brian read a history book on Sodas, so he’s an expert now. And a nerd.)
The result of Laura becoming obsessed with a limited time only drink. Every last bottle we could find in town. #crystalpepsi
Speaking of nerds…@mklesondak Beckham scored an art project today at school, decoration for church building. You in? Free reign to do whatever you'd like.

Kids’ art teacher gave them a rooster cause Becks told him his dad loves them! Melissa is painting it for us for church decoration!

Snap Shots

Took Brian to Hobby Lobby again…

Manhattan Pres

But we did score this at Hobby Lobby! A rooster basket for the kids’ crayons!!

This is our new basket where children will find crayons for the children's bulletin. #FtRiley #KState #ManhattanKS

Beckham randomly mentioned to his art teacher that his dad would love that rooster, and his art teacher told him he could have it! So he carried it home safely! @mklesondak Beckham scored an art project today at school, decoration for church building. You in? Free reign to do whatever you'd like.

Sign on lamp post in City Park. Sad story.

Keep an eye out for this guys dog, and hurry because reward is shrinking. #manhattanks

She’s just cute blowing bubbles!


National Root Beer day!

National Root Beer Float Day

I don’t even know how to caption this cause I don’t know what’s going on…


Mike Scott jersey give away day at the Astros, Brian had the game on TV and Berkley says, “That’s a lot of Mike Scott’s, Dad”6 Year Old Berkley, "That's a lot of Mike Scotts Dad" @juliamoralesclark #astros

He came home from Napa saying he met Chase Elliot…

Random Summer


Snapshots: Brian style

We pulled up to the bank drive thru last week and Brian asked me, “How do you do this?” I replied “What do you mean??” He proceeded to tell me that this was the FIRST time in his life he’d ever been in a bank drive thru!! He was super fascinated and kept talking about what a good design this was…oh my goodness that “technology” hasn’t changed in at least 30 years Brian!

May 2016

These are his favorite socks. That’s Nolan Ryan. I will only let him wear them with jeans (he’s usually wearing them Sundays)

Family May 2016

But one day he somehow got out the door looking like this:

I pretended I didn’t know him.

Brian: “The 3 sports I genuinely follow are: baseball, nascar and Bachelor.”

I’m pretty sure they aren’t allowed to do this. The middle child in me gets stressed out by the youngest child in him (he’s good for me…!)

June 2016

Who needs the box (or a glass), go straight for the bags after a long week! ūüôā (Classy.¬†Have I mentioned he’s a NASCAR fan??)

June 2016

This was the first year he hasn’t taken a Wiffle ball bat with him on the Katy Trail. ¬†So he improvised.

 June 2016

While Brian was gone riding Katy Trail, Berkley found this turtle after t- ball practice and insisted I send a picture to Dad.

June 2016

Brian replied with recreating the same picture with the turtle he caught.

June 2016

He’s helping coach SP’s softball team. They are the A’s and since we all know he only has Astros hats (and probably more of them than I have shoes…), he had to improvise. He printed that out and then duct taped it on there. I thought it was just a joke, but he wore it again this week to her game too!

 June 2016

I have no idea what he’s doing in these. Maybe one of the girls was teaching him a dance move?

May 2016

May 2016

May 2016