Soccer goals

Fun Director rule: The first goal you score of the season earns you ice cream. 

Berkley played soccer this year, and even she admitted “soccer’s not really my thing.”

But she ran and made a few good dribbles and passes.

Soccer Fall 2017

Soccer Fall 2017

She’s not the most aggressive player on the field…Soccer Fall 2017 Soccer Fall 2017

But she enjoyed sitting the bench! Soccer Fall 2017  Soccer Fall 2017

But mostly she just followed the ball. And once, when it was coming her way, she shrunk away like this:

Except it bounced off of her and into the goal.

And a goal counts a goal no matter how the ball goes in.

So off to get ice cream!

We drove through McDonalds and saw they had dipped cones!! I LOVE DIPPED CONES! So dipped cones all around.

But before we even all have our ice cream I look back and see this:

So I’m not calmly telling Brian to pull into a spot cause I’m not excited about cleaning up the chocolate that is inevitably going to get all over the car, even on the short drive home.

I don’t even know how it’s possible to get this messy…


I wouldn’t let her back in, just handed her a wipee and told her to go at it.

Dynamo Day 2016

Some really great friends gifted us with tickets to the Houston Dynamo vs Sporting KC game that was in Kansas City this Fall. screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-9-00-45-am

With the exception of Berkley, we all had a great time. She despises fireworks. And the pre-game show is full of them. So her and I stayed way back inside the back of the stadium until a few minutes into the game (she was NOT going to risk going back and there being late fireworks.) I finally convinced her they wouldn’t play soccer and have fireworks at the same time. You can see the uncertainty in her smile here!

Dynamo game vs SKC

Walking around we saw a guy with an Aggie ring on and stopped and talked to him. This started the discussion from the kids of “Do you know him?”

Us: “No, but he’s an Aggie too, so we have that in common!”

Kids: “How did you know?”

Us: “He was wearing his Aggie ring”

Kids: “Do you have an Aggie ring?”

Us: “Yes, almost every Aggie does. It’s a big deal.”

Kids: “Why don’t you wear them?”

(and now you are starting to understand why we would could questions and get to well into the 100s in one day)

So then we had to explain that in Kansas it looks like we are wearing our high school ring. I know, I know, this makes us 2%-ers (for you non-Aggies, this is the very scientific and derogatory term Aggies call you when you are a part of the only 2% of Aggies who didn’t drink the Kool Aid and have school spirit. 98% of Aggies are die hards. The rest are 2 percent-ers. You never want to be a 2%er.

And that’s your Texas lesson for today.

SP was excited to get her picture taken “with” Beasley!  

Dynamo game vs SKC

I think we counted 5 other orange shirts at this game!

Dynamo game vs SKC

Here’s the last time we went to the Sporting v Dynamo game (with Boo sporting her homemade bangs!)


Soccer is back!


Berkley Soccer Spring 2015

There are few things more embarrassing that yelling your kid’s name at their soccer game.

If you named him “Beckham.”

Impact Soccer Spring 2015
Cause then you are automatically those parents that are OBSESSED with soccer so much so that you name you kid after the most famous player and force him to play (probably against his will!)

Impact Soccer Spring 2015

So then I stop calling his name. It’s just better that way! 🙂 
Impact Soccer Spring 2015

Beckham and Berkley are both playing soccer this spring. Beckham cause he loves it (so, not against his will! 🙂 ) and Berkley cause she’s the youngest and has watched her siblings get to play and couldn’t wait to be old enough! Impact Soccer Spring 2015

Josh is helping Brian coach, the kids love him!

Impact Soccer Spring 2015

Then there’s Berkley, who is a pretty good little player! Who also makes some great faces when she’s playing! 
Berkley Soccer Spring 2015

Plus, what could be cuter than watching six year old girls play soccer for the first time!?

Berkley Soccer Spring 2015

Gotta take a break to pick her nail…
Berkley Soccer Spring 2015

The big kids disappeared and were playing kick ball together! From where we sat we couldn’t hear them, so if they argued, ignorance was bliss and we just enjoyed them playing together! Berkley Soccer Spring 2015In true herd ball form, Berkley does a lot of running!

Berkley Soccer Spring 2015

Berkley Soccer Spring 2015

She was “captain” the first game! She looks so little out there! Berkley Soccer Spring 2015

Herd Ball season

This year was the first time any of the kids played organized soccer. Also known as “herd ball” at these ages! Such a great experience for the big kids and really fun to watch too!

Moray Eels - Beckham Soccer Spring 2014

Moray Eels - Beckham Soccer Spring 2014Moray Eels - Beckham Soccer Spring 2014
Moray Eels - Beckham Soccer Spring 2014

The refs at these games. Oh the patience! They were all so sweet and really used the opportunity to teach these kids the rules. I was really impressed with them!

Moray Eels - Beckham Soccer Spring 2014

The “concentrating tongue.”

Moray Eels - Beckham Soccer Spring 2014

Love her smile!

Love her smile while she plays #mhk

Sadie Piper scored her first goal tonight for The Beetles! #mhk


Beetles Soccer (Sadie Piper 2014)

Learning the throw in:

Beetles Soccer (Sadie Piper 2014)

I adore girls and their outfits. Even for playing soccer, there was a lot of thought put into this. When I asked Sadie what she needed for her soccer games she said, “Cleats. A soccer ball. And a hair do.” That’s my girl!

Beetles Soccer (Sadie Piper 2014)

Hat became a regular fixture at the games! She was master multi-tasker during the games though: watching and cheering for Becks or Sadie, and playing with the other two who wanted her attention too!

This picture is awesome cause it looks like Hat’s body slamming Boo! (They were really doing some fancy dancing!)

Moray Eels - Beckham Soccer Spring 2014

After the first game, we learned there’s a half time with, get this, NO entertainment. So Hat organized a half time show…to the tune of Frozen!

Best Halftime Show Ever at soccer game tonight.

Only one of these three can reach this high…

Moray Eels - Beckham Soccer Spring 2014

“Who me?”

Moray Eels - Beckham Soccer Spring 2014

Our cheering section!

Beetles Soccer (Sadie Piper 2014)

This is how they roll.

Beetles Soccer (Sadie Piper 2014)

I really even can’t remember what sparked this…

Beetles Soccer (Sadie Piper 2014)

Overall, a great season for both the kids! The worst part was having to cheer for “Beckham”…cause there’s no way to not look like psycho obsessed parents when you are cheering for your son Beckham playing soccer…

New York Cosmos Are Back

NewYorkCosmos Intro 4

When I was child I only knew the name of one soccer team. The New York Cosmos. When I learned about them, they didn’t even exist anymore (I was born in 1978). I remember hearing about how amazing they were, how many people came to watch them, how the greatest player in history, Pelé, had played for them. The team excited me to think what soccer could be in the United States and they saddened me since there was no soccer league in the states. You can watch a free documentary about the original Cosmos on YouTube.


In 2010 someone finally bought the rights to the name and rebooted the New York Cosmos. They hired Pelé to be a spokes person, they also hired two of my three favorite soccer players ever. Eric Cantona (left) and Cobi Jones (right). The third is Clint Mathis, if Berkley had been born a boy she would be Berkley Mathis Hough (what were we thinking?).

Eric Cantona was a legendary Frenchman who played for Manchester United. His biography is one of the best I’ve read. He is a brilliant man who did some truly stupid things. How the Cosmos got him to be their Director of Soccer I do not know, but  I love that he is part of the team.

Cobi Jones played college soccer at UCLA, when I was a child my brothers and I met him at some sort of olympics game. He stayed after the game and talked with us. Between his kindness and sweet dreadlocks I was a fan from that day forward. He has no historical ties to the Cosmos, but the fact that he’s involved is fantastic. Now if only they would sign up Clint Mathis.

This past August the NEW New York Cosmos played their first game in the NASL (North American Soccer League). It’s a second division league and they are dominating so far, the goal is to get into the MLS (first division league) eventually. Personally I kinda like them out of the MLS because they can control their players and who makes their uniforms and all sorts of other things that right now MLS dictates for their teams.

As I have watched a few games I’ve been impressed with the quality of soccer, it’s fast and skillful, it’s really fun to watch. Best of all you can watch them for free by going to or depending on away or home game.

The NASL is just a fun league that I hope to see grow as they add teams each year. Currently there are eight teams Tampa Bay Rowdies, Fort Lauderdale Strikers, San Antonio Scorpions, Atlanta Silverbacks, FC Edmonton, Carolina Railhawks and the Minnesota United. Next season they will add the Ottawa Fury, Virginia Cavalry and Indy Eleven. After that Jacksonville and Oklahoma City will both be getting teams.

NASL League Team Logos

If you like soccer keep an eye on the New York Cosmos who are currently an underdog, but have been called the Once and Future Kings of American Soccer. Below are a few more photos that represent this great team.

Here Pelé is carried off the field after a victory, I believe it is Giants Stadium.


This is Eric Cantona looking grumpy.


Cobi Jones after joining the Cosmos team.


Pelé being Pelé



New York Cosmos

Here is a shot of the current team scoring on the Tampa Bay Rowdies.